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  • Friends of a feather, flock together

    Tweet I’m going to probably catch a lot of flack for this, but have you ever noticed a problem with making friends? Specifically, making friends of the same social status as you are in. Credit I have a friend who is a doctor, and she […]

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  • Brand Loyalty and The People Who Identify with One or the Other

    Tweet Ever feel like sometimes there are camps of loyal brand followers? I’ll readily admit that I only drink hot drinks from Starbucks and not from Tim Horton’s. Note to all non-Canadians: I believe that Tim Horton’s is the brand equivalent to Dunkin’ Donuts in […]

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  • I feel downright awkward sometimes.

    Tweet Inspired by Paranoid Asteroid’s “Getting Old” post, it made me realize that sometimes I feel downright awkward around people my age. (Jersey Shore morons.) Update: I think some people are getting really hung on up on my bashing of the show, but I am […]

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