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  • Keep it professional at work

    Tweet When I was single, I had a rule that I would never date anyone at work. It was too messy, kind of awkward if you broke up and it’s like showing your underwear to the whole company, because they can CLEARLY see how into […]

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  • Are you teaching others to be mean to you?

    Tweet There’s an article via Psychology Today that highlights something I have thought for years — there is such a thing as being too nice sometimes. The events that follow an action will weaken or strengthen the likelihood it will occur again. In behavioral psychology, […]

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  • The Money Gap in Relationships: Where one partner earns more than the other

    Tweet The “Money Gap” refers to the gap between the earning income between two partners. Generally (stereotypical but true), it is the man that earns more than the woman, sometimes it’s just a little bit more (no more than $5000 – $10,000) but other times […]

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  • Dating: Why is it so hard?

    Tweet Warning: This is a personal post, and a mini rant on dating in general. This has nothing to do with finance. Why is dating so tricky? Is it because they really are tricky, or are we just over analyzing and making it trickier than […]

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  • The secret to a happy relationship is in the sharing

    Tweet You know how there are parts of meals that someone likes but another doesn’t? For example, I like to eat only the stuffing in turkey, but not the turkey itself, whereas my mom hates the stuffing but likes the turkey. Or take dark or […]

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