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  • Everything is impossible until you try it

    Tweet We are all scared of what we don’t know or understand. In fact, it’s a common belief! Look at when sushi first debuted. I was the first one in my school to even talk about it, much less bring it in my lunch. I […]

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  • How to make old clothing feel like new again

    Tweet You know how when you open your closet you think: I have nothing to wear!? Well I get that way sometimes. Yes this can be hard to believe coming from a girl who owns 20+ dresses but it’s true. So what do I do? […]

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  • Two new additions to the fruit household

    Two new additions to the fruit household

    Tweet Introducing 2 new fruits to the FB household to try out. The Rambutan I LOVE Rambutan. And finding them fresh here in Montreal is a treat. Their litchi’s (lychees) or their other exotic fruits always look so sad, grey and disgusting. These were the […]

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