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  • How your net worth is linked to your self worth

    Tweet I’ve been meaning to write about this article I read about how net worth is linked to your self worth. (NYT Article: Net Worth, Self-Worth and How We Look At Money.) Money certainly isn’t everything, but it can be difficult to see the forest […]

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  • Finally! A Canadian Net Worth Comparison Tool

    Tweet I always find and use American ones, but it’s nice to find a Canadian one for a change. Read: Net worth by age or income: What should it be? This one is from Royal Bank Canada and it still doesn’t account for gender and/or […]

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  • What should your Net Worth be? Net worth by age and by income.

    Tweet I’ve been re-reading The Millionaire Next Door lately (what!? it’s an annual tradition), and I’ve been revisiting the idea of net worth benchmarks. To read the Wikipedia Notes on the book, check out their “The Millionaire Next Door” summary here. WHAT IS “NET WORTH” […]

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  • October 2009 Budget Recap

    Tweet Let’s see how I did! INCOME: $1653.19 $1000 — Taken from Savings $500 — Side Job editing $120 — Sold 2 statues $15 — Swagbucks (read about it here) $18.19 — Google Adsense (WOO HOO!) EXPENSES: $1579.91 $371 — Rent $207.79 — Groceries $57.36 […]

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  • Positive Net worth is just so close I can smell it

    Tweet Just because I’m a geek.. I calculated my networth from when I graduated University. …up until today 🙂 I’m still in the negative as of today, but by next month I should be in the black just by an eensie weensie bit. If I […]

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