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  • The Cost of Being a Woman

    Tweet I had some excellent comments on my “Why the hell do guys pay for everything? 🙂” post from a long while back, and thank you all for being civil, and sharing incredibly insightful comments. I was so pleased with the response, that I even […]

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  • New Budgeting Method: Minimum expenses for a comfortable lifestyle

    Tweet Most people start budgeting by looking at how much they earn, and then allocating that money into categories. They take their net paycheque and decide: Hey, let’s … spend $100 on miscellaneous. Why not do it the other way around? Find a comfortable minimum […]

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  • What can you do with $100?

    Tweet How much is $100? Just the other day, my friend told me that even if she cut $100 in her budget, she wouldn’t be able to cover the deficit in her budget (around $1500), because her husband isn’t working at the moment. I told […]

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  • How to buy happiness

    Tweet Everyone says you can’t buy happiness, and I am here to flash a study in your face that says you can. The catch? You can only buy happiness if you spend it on others, not yourself. 😉 “Just because money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t […]

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  • Tipping etiquette around the world

    Tweet I normally tip anywhere from 15% – 20%, but if I’ve received seriously bad service then it’s 0% – 10% depending on how horrific it was. Seriously? Let’s be honest… I’ve never went down to a 0% tip. At times, it would have been […]

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