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  • Dealing with Holiday Stress

    Tweet Now that we’ve gone through all of the major holiday budget busters, let’s deal with the last problem: dealing with upcoming holiday stress. Eat Right The simplest advice is the best. Don’t neglect your breakfast, and don’t stuff your body with greasy, heavy foods, […]

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  • Major Holiday Busters Part 2

    Tweet Re-Gifting Slip Ups You decide this year, that you are set for gifts. You have a whole closet full of nice, but not-for-you gifts that other people are sure to love. So you package up that beautiful distinctly ruffled cream button-up too-preppy-for-you J.Crew top, […]

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  • Major Holiday Busters Part 1

    Tweet Now that the holiday season is approaching, it’s time to break out some posts about how to keep your spending this holiday on track. Every holiday is special in its own way, but the trend seems to be: GUILT. Even armed with the best […]

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  • Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Tweet HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope this year brings you everything you could have imagined and more, in love, life, family and career. Please be safe and don’t drink and drive, and don’t forget to remove all your makeup before you sleep, floss regularly and […]

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  • Debt-proofing your holiday

    Tweet I know everyone’s excited about Christmas coming up (me too!!!) but don’t forget that with spending money on others (and yourself 😉 ) for Christmas also means making a budget and making sure you don’t blow it for one day (much like a wedding […]

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