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  • If you don’t ask for a discount, you won’t get it

    Tweet Big thanks to FruGal for letting me guest post: How minimalism improved my finances. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations on the redesign! —————————————————————- Went to buy some knives the other day. I want to point out that we aren’t delusional chef-like people here, […]

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  • Haggling: Part Two – When I do it and when I don’t

    Tweet Some great points were brought up in my earlier post about Haggling: Who does it? To be clear, I don’t haggle every time I shop, but I also don’t think it’s shameful to just ask. I only do it if I don’t think the […]

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  • Haggling. Who does it?

    Tweet I’ve grown up with haggling (my parents mostly)… and it’s interesting to see people’s reactions when you talk about asking for a discount or haggling. Big Retail Chain Stores are not haggle-friendly I always sort of assumed that in big retail stores, chains like […]

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