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  • It sure doesn’t pay to be ethical sometimes, but I sleep better at night

    Tweet Via a tax re-assessment, I was supposed to get back a chunk of money from my taxes, around $1000. “Woo hoo!”, I thought. But reading the explanation sort of made my scratch my head, because it didn’t make sense. I had a feeling they […]

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  • Going completely Paperless

    Tweet I’ve written briefly about it before, but I think it’s time to go into detail on how I lead a 95% paperless life. 1. Ask for everything to be changed into an e-bill Stop the problem at the source. Every time a statement floats […]

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  • How long should you keep your records?

    Tweet Tax returns (state and federal): I am not sure about the U.S. as I’ve heard the IRS says you should keep everything you’ve ever filed, FOREVER.. but in Canada, I’ve heard from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) that we should keep up to 7 […]

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  • Organized: How to keep your taxes clean and simple

    Tweet Speaking of taxes… time is always a burden on everyone especially if you aren’t careful and neat with your receipts. Bookkeeping is definitely an underrated task. And you can certainly send it out to a bookkeeper and just submit a shoebox of ALL your […]

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  • Paper Reducing Strategies

    Paper Reducing Strategies

    Tweet This is how I reduce using a lot of paper. Or at least, how I try to. A reader asked me to blog more about it – so here it is so far! SCANNING EVERYTHING   I went on this huge Scan-a-thon a while […]

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