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  • October 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(3361.53)

    Tweet Google Reader Changes WHY OH WHY did Google change Google Reader to not allow me to share items any more? Now I have to use this Google+ thing? I hated Facebook and this Google+ thing sounds a lot like Facebook, just with a sexier […]

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  • September 2011 Budget Roundup -($15,277.09)

    Tweet Truer words were never said: what teachers really want to tell parents, a nice follow-up article to my earlier post: fighting our own battles. EUROPE: THE SECOND ROUND Getting excited about my upcoming trip to Europe!!! That’s all I can think about right now. […]

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  • August 2011 Budget Roundup -($2089.15)

    Tweet WHAT I BOUGHT IN EUROPE Ahh shopping. Is there anything cooler than finding stuff you’d never find in your own home country, let alone continent? 🙂 Okay perhaps saving money is a better option but .. these are wearable souvenirs, folks! I’ll actually use […]

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  • http://monicarosestylist.blogspot.com/2011/07/paris.html

    July 2011 Budget Roundup -($1853.29)

    Tweet For inspiration to look chic and effortless in my life, check out these two photos:   Okay so maybe I wouldn’t wear such an open, blousy white top without something underneath, but it’s still pretty. I also wouldn’t wear shoes that high, but I […]

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  • June 2011 Budget Roundup -$(818.66)

    Tweet Just came back from 5 weeks in Asia I had a pretty good trip overall. No bug bites for either of us until we hit Singapore, which is a miracle. My favourite cities in order, and the ones in blue are the only ones […]

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