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  • The Fabulously Broke in the City Year 2011 in Review = – ($30,138.59)

    Tweet I shall name this year: THE YEAR OF SPENDING (Because let’s face it, that’s pretty much all I did this year.) Past Years in Review 2009 Year in Review = – ($22,484) 2010 Year in Review = +130,101 2011 GROWTH IN REVIEW Worked 3 […]

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  • December 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(1872.06)

    Tweet More than a little awesome David Beckham action for you Yes, it’s a shill for Pepsi, but frankly I am both surprised and not at all cynical that it is a fake and all this other BS. He is that good, period. He may […]

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  • Moving to the U.S.A. — How to budget for it (round two)

    Tweet Thank you all for putting in your comments and VERY helpful notes in my plea post here: Moving to a new country with a new budget. I know that Canada and the U.S. are similar in many ways, but hey… it never hurts to […]

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  • New budget in a new country

    Tweet Today we’re talking about budgets and more specifically, the slight struggle I’m going through with estimating how to budget for a new life in a new country. I know Canada and the U.S. are similar, but they aren’t the same, which means things can […]

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  • November 2011 Budget Roundup + $3921.00

    Tweet JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT “Today, of Americans officially designated as ‘poor,’ 99 percent have electricity, running water, flush toilets, and a refrigerator; 95 percent have a television, 88 percent a telephone, 71 percent a car and 70 percent air conditioning. Cornelius Vanderbilt had […]

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