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  • What you achieve in your lifetime may not necessarily be achievable for your kids

    Tweet I find it interesting when I hear amazing stories about people arriving in a new country with only $10 or $50 bucks in their pocket, no job and no prospects for the future, only to make it to millionaire status by the time they’re […]

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  • What Americans are Buying Now

    Tweet Ever wonder where everyone else spends their money? Well I do 🙂 I mean, c’mon now! I like reading about where people spend, why, and so on. What’s even more interesting is how it’s evolved over the years. Chart terms: nominal value refers to […]

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  • Can you really afford to tithe?

    Tweet This is inspired by Financial Uproar’s post: “God wouldn’t approve of this post.” He wrote: Giving away 10% of your income is a pretty poor way to get rich. It doesn’t matter who you give it to, it’s gone. It can’t be invested for […]

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  • Aspirations & Dreams of Generations

    Tweet I was just thinking the other day about kids and their parents. More specifically, what jobs their parents held and their kids took afterwards. Using my brother as an example, he’s a freelancer of sorts, and my sister-in-law has a PhD. When I asked […]

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  • Living like poor millionaires

    Tweet Note: Leah in the comments says she felt uncomfortable reading this (and 2 people agreed, because they “Liked” her comment). I can see what she means to some extent, but I should note that if you don’t want to read personal articles about me, […]

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