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  • Keeping my “Eating Out” monster in check

    Tweet I actually don’t enjoy eating out. I’ve done it so much as a consultant when I was on contracts, that the idea of going to a restaurant every breakfast, lunch and dinner makes me slightly nauseous. See, as a consultant, you end up excitedly […]

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  • Cook at home or Eat out?

    Tweet Debt Hater was debating between eating at home all the time or eating out. She wanted to know how to figure out a way to see if eating at home was cheaper or not. For me, it is cheaper to eat at home. Without […]

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  • Does eating out make it taste better?

    Tweet I just went out for breakfast the other day, and it was just a simple banana, whipped cream, crepe and chocolate kind of deal. The kind of thing I could make at home and for a lot cheaper than what I paid.. But at […]

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  • Chili Salmon

    Tweet Someone asked for my Chili Salmon recipe, and to be honest there’s nothing to it 🙂 INGREDIENTS Salmon (skin on, scaled) Sesame Oil Soy sauce Pepper Minced garlic (I have a little mincing tool) Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste (the yummiest ever and is […]

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  • Had to come clean…

    Had to come clean…

    Tweet I had a perfectly tasty, amazing lunch in the fridge at work today, but I went out for chicken shwarma (shish taouk) instead, with a small piece of baklava and a fruity drink. Bad, bad FB. Granted, although I spent $8.18, this is the […]

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