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  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

    10 Frugal Habits That Don’t Bother Me At All

    Tweet With an endless supply of money, I’d never have to plan meals, clip coupons, or worry about gas prices. Unfortunately, like every other person on the planet, my desires are unlimited, but my cash reserves are not. So, a long time ago, I accepted […]

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  • How to make old clothing feel like new again

    Tweet You know how when you open your closet you think: I have nothing to wear!? Well I get that way sometimes. Yes this can be hard to believe coming from a girl who owns 20+ dresses but it’s true. So what do I do? […]

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  • Who doesn’t love a penny necklace?

    Tweet This rocks!!! If I had a drill and a bit, I’d make a penny necklace. Just maybe not as elaborate. Via Dollar Store Crafts. It was referred to me via Mama Bear off Gotta Little Space to Fill in my Google Reader Shared Items, which […]

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