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  • Superior Parenting: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior — Are they really?

    Tweet You are in for a long, intense article today. I hope you’re up for it. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve all read that controversial article on WSJ by Amy Chua — Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior. Few of things first: If you haven’t read it, […]

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  • 1000 hours to a slimmer, more financially fit you

    Tweet I was really struck by “How did I get here“‘s post on wanting to lose weight, and setting out a plan to do so. It’s so strongly related to the same discipline and habit-forming required to get out of debt, I’d thought I’d list […]

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  • What IS the American Dream Exactly?

    Tweet To earn lots of money, do what you love, or both? Or perhaps to get a cushy job without the degrees & experience and thinking that showing up to work long enough, is enough to get you promoted. This totally reminds me of a […]

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