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  • Lesson learned from “Madame Bovary”

    Tweet “Madame Bovary” written by Gustave Flaubert is a wonderful example of what happens to us when we get consumeritis. To get money she began selling her old gloves, her old hats, the old odds and ends, and she bargained rapaciously, her peasant blood standing […]

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  • Credit is like Oxygen

    Tweet Credit is a lot like oxygen: When you have a lot of it, you can get a little high off it and you never worry about it running out, nor do you think about using it. When you don’t have it but you’re used […]

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  • Calculate how long it’ll take to save double (Rule of 72)

    Tweet A lot of you die-hard PF’ers will have already known this, but The Rule of 72 bears mentioning. Whatever number you are looking at, and divide the number ’72’ by the interest rate. The number you get at the end, will be how long […]

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  • How is anybody affording this?

    Tweet Do you ever find yourself listening to a situation and asking: How are you affording this? I do this out of total PF curiousity because I just want to know so I can do it too! 😛 HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THAT? Carrie Bradshaw’s […]

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  • “Poor” is not a standard definition

    Tweet If you have a million dollar income but you borrow money from someone who makes less than you do, you’re poor. I know it sounds offbeat and not quite right but think about it: Who borrows? Those who don’t have any money. And who […]

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