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  • Banks in Canada: The Who and The Why

    Tweet Banks I’ve Used From age 7-15: TD Bank — child’s account, no fees. Age 16 – current: PC Financial — never any fees. My current credit cards are also from those two banks above: TD Visa and PC Financial Mastercard. Note: I am not […]

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  • How does a Canadian household spend their money?

    Tweet Mint Canada ran this last year (July 1st 2011), and I thought it to be fitting to run it again this year as a look back. On average, in 2011 Canadians have about $50,734 to spend each year and here’s were it goes! Provided […]

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  • Shopping is cheaper in the U.S.: An excellent way for me to limit my shopping urges

    Tweet It all started while I was looking for a black sweater in a decent price range. Specifically, a pullover, perhaps with 3/4 length sleeves, in a nice fabric. I saw this lovely sweater online at J. Crew (love the blue too!), but the minute […]

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  • Why save for retirement while you clear your debt?

    Tweet Reader Earin (obviously from Europe, as they wrote in using the € symbol ;)), asked why someone would save for retirement if they were clearing their debt. My question is, wouldn’t it be wiser to not save for retirement as long as one has […]

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  • Cost of living matters more than you think

    Tweet In Singapore, I had someone tell me that even making $100,000 a year, he couldn’t live in the country. To me, that was just.. crazy! How can you make $100k a year and not afford to live in Singapore? Note: $1 CAD/USD is approximately […]

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