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  • The Meaning of Values: Resale versus Retail

    Tweet Retail = The cost of what it is on the shelf in stores today. This is also what I consider as “Replacement Value”. Resale = The amount of money you can get if you sell it today The difference between the two can be […]

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  • What’s In FB’s Bag?

    Tweet Inspired by Well-Heeled Blog’s contest (of which I cannot enter, as I am Canadian and those gift cards to T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s would be meaningless for me), here is what’s in MY bag! I just found it to be a fun exercise. I’ve […]

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  • A morning in the life of FB

    Tweet 7 a.m.: Wake up. Check to see if it’s snowing AGAIN. No? Good. Head into shower. 7.30 a.m.: Start kettle for tea. Realize I have no morning fruit left to eat (clementines and the like). Contemplate eating BF’s beloved yogurt but decide against it. […]

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