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  • What are Your Summertime Travel Plans?

    Tweet My son will be out of school in a little more than two weeks, and we’re talking about what we want to do. We had a great trip to San Diego for Spring Break, and my son is excited to plan the next adventure. […]

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  • Working While on Vacation

    Tweet One of the realities of my situation is that sometimes I have to work while on vacation. Right now, I’m on spring break with my son. We are visiting my grandfather in southern Arizona, as well as spending time in San Diego. I’ve had […]

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  • A Frugal Adventure: I’m Saving More Than 50 Percent on Spring Break

    Tweet Normally, when I travel, I don’t get too into saving a bunch of money. While I like to take tax deductible trips when I can, and I try not to get completely fleeced, I don’t usually take active steps to be especially frugal when […]

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  • Traveling for the Holidays? It’ll Cost You Extra

    Tweet Many people choose to travel for the holidays. It’s a time to be with family, and if you don’t live close to family, it’s only natural that you want to find a way to bridge the distance. My small family doesn’t travel in time […]

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  • Downside of Travelling: Missing Out on Your Real Life?

    Tweet These days in Québec, we hear a lot about Mylène Paquette, the first North American woman who has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a paddle boat. No one, including myself, can deny her determination. Ms. Paquette truly has surpassed herself in the venture and […]

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