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  • Save Money on Your Summer Vacation With These Tips

    Tweet Whether you’re planning a beach vacation in the states or traveling abroad, there are several ways to cut your budget during your summertime trip. Follow these tips for saving money on travel. 1. If you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Hawaii, don’t fly direct. […]

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  • Small Group Vacations: Win-Win Situation?

    Tweet   My husband and I were planning to go back to the East Coast this summer. It’s not too far from home, considering the idea is to enjoy the beach and oceanfront views. My brother-in-law and his wife suggested we go together. We were […]

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  • Do You Like to Travel Alone?

    Do You Like to Travel Alone?

    Tweet I like to travel. Whether I’m looking for something a little new in my own hometown, or whether I go on a bigger trip, I love to try new things and see new places. And, while it is pleasant to have a companion when […]

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  • 5 Tips for Taking First-Class Vacations that Don’t Break the Bank

    Tweet Recently, my husband and I put together a trip to Utah and Idaho to see my family and participate in my brother’s wedding. As we began trying to figure out what it would cost, my husband began to get discouraged. The cost seemed insurmountable. […]

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  • Local Travel: Learn to Love Your Hometown

    Tweet I love to travel. However, my obligations as a wife, mother, and breadwinner mean that I can’t just spend weeks and weeks on the road. The fact that I’ve chosen a specific lifestyle means that I need to tweak the way I travel. I […]

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