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  • Use This Pyramid to Find Self-Actualization with Your Finances

    Tweet One of the coolest things I’ve run across recently in the world of personal finance is a recent post from Mister Squirrel. This post takes the well-known Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and adapts it to personal finance. Since I’m married to a guy with […]

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  • The End of the World I Used to Know

    Tweet I recently gave birth to my second child, a charming little boy. Now, almost five weeks later, I realize it is yet again the end of the world as I used to know it. I first heard this sentence (or similar one) in the […]

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  • 3 Ways I’m Putting Myself First — And Feeling Better as a Result

    Tweet We’re often told that we should put others first, and be less selfish. While I believe that we should help others when we can, I have learned that sometimes it’s important to put yourself first. You can’t truly care for others if you run […]

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  • The Fears that I Want to Get Rid Of

    Tweet Last week, I wrote about What Would I Say to My 18 Self. This week’s post could be seen as a follow-up. While writing the above piece, I also realised some of my daily reactions or impressions are influenced by fears I have. I […]

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  • What Would I Say to My 18 Self?

    Tweet The beginning of the year is often a period of time where we look back at what we’ve accomplished, the path we chose to follow and the decisions we made. This year, it hit me a little harder. The only grandfather I’ve known in […]

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