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  • Christmas: Time to Change Unwanted Traditions

    Christmas: Time to Change Unwanted Traditions

    Tweet Last year, I wrote a post on Christmas Financial Stress. Among my in-laws traditions, one of the most important is… buying. Buying gifts I should say. The more of them, the better. Can’t count them? Even better!! I never really liked this tradition as […]

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  • Give Yourself a Mental Jolt

    Tweet Sometimes, whether you are feeling a little down in the dumps, or whether you just can’t seem to focus, you need a mental jolt. A mental jolt can help you wake up, clear your mind, and make better decisions. Studies indicate that we make […]

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  • The biggest benefit to going makeup-free

    Tweet I am not one of those girls who has to have her full face on before she leaves the house, mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I don’t care about people seeing my ‘real face’. Sometimes, I also have my hair tied back […]

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  • Everything is relative to your situation or you

    Tweet Years ago, Asian Pear posted a striking shot of three beautiful women pictured here: I looked at the photo and felt the girl in the middle to be the prettiest (as in healthy weight and figure). Asian Pear, felt the girl on the far […]

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  • Do You Really Need to Avoid ALL Unnecessary Spending to be “Smart” with Your Money?

    Tweet Recently, I saw an interesting ad on a local Classifieds site. The ad is for a $200 amp, and it is titled, “Dave Ramsey Has Ruined My Life — So Please — Buy My Amp.” Among the gems in the ad, the poster offered […]

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