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  • Insurance Metrics: Is It Possible to Put a Price on Human Life?

    Tweet Do you have a life insurance policy? If not, how do you know you need one? Buying one more insurance policy seems like an expensive hassle, especially when it addresses an uncomfortably dark topic for many. Today, we’ll take a quick look at who […]

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  • Latest research reveals UK Millennials Opting for fast fashion over investment purchases

    Tweet   UK millennials make up a large part of the consumer population in the fast fashion industry. From 19 year olds looking for really expensive designer shoes (for prom) to buy at cheaper rates to 32 year olds attending events wearing bespoke gowns bought […]

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  • 10 Tips to Pay Off Your Debt Fast!

    Tweet If you are struggling to make ends meet and keep drowning in debt, you are not alone! Latest analysis show that the average UK debt is an estimated £8,000 per person. But you don’t have to keep wallowing in much debt when there are […]

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  • Knowing Your Limits: 5 Things to Consider When Determining How Much Loan You Can Really Afford

    Tweet Are you ready? Taking out a loan can be a big decision. The necessity of whatever you are borrowing funds for (car, home, studies, etc.) shouldn’t leave you with insurmountable debt in the future. Use these five points to help you stay within your […]

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  • Urgent Reasons Why You Need To Budget

    Tweet Some people think they don’t need a budget. Then again, some people also think socks and sandals look good together. Don’t be one of those people. There can be significant financial risks when you manage your money without this financial document. If you aren’t […]

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