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  • Best 15 Moments of My Life

    Tweet I might not be that old, but I’m the type of person who likes doing some introspection at times. To me, lists are perfect for this because it clearly highlights some traits of your personality or important moments in your life. For some reason, […]

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  • When All You Need is a Nap!

    Tweet In a society based on performance and productivity, energy boosts have never been more in demand. Caffeine, energy bars, energy drinks, you name it! But maybe humans forgot about a more natural yet efficient way to gain energy. Napping. Alright, I hear you! You […]

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  • Yes You Can: Buy Your First Home Without Going Broke

    Tweet Buying your first home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Unsurprisingly, it can be a stressful time – but it is also very exciting. Many people feel that they are unable to get onto the property ladder due to […]

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  • Stress Relievers: Find Your Exit Sign

    Tweet I know of many people being stressed out. So stressed out that they are incapable of seeing the positive side of things anymore. I’ve been there, too, but I’m trying to be done with it. In fact, it is simple enough. Not easy. Simple. […]

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  • Why Selling Your Car Might be The Best Decision Ever

    Tweet About a year ago, Mr. My Husband and I decided to sell our second car. Basically, it was financially demanding on for us to have two cars while I worked from home. Let me tell you this right away: I surely don’t regret it! […]

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