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  • GIVEAWAY: You know you want to be a ninja. (Contest Closed)

    Tweet Like this dog here. But the next best thing is just looking like you’ve been attacked by one. What the hell am I talking about? NINJA COAT HOOKS OF COURSE! And the best part is that they’re FREE. That’s right, I said FREE. Courtesy […]

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  • Interview: ASTERrisk, an Etsy jewelry designer

    Tweet Today I’ll be interviewing Alisa a jewelery designer who has a shop called ASTERrisk on Etsy. She has an organic feel to her jewelery, and the designs are really inspired by nature. WHO I AM AND WHERE I GREW UP My name is Alisa […]

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  • My Life As I Know It

    Tweet So what’s been going on lately? I feel like I haven’t updated everyone on what’s been happening. I miss writing my random life posts. (ME + BF) BAD BACK & DIZZINESS. GREAT. So.. I basically have been bedridden for two weeks. Why? Because I […]

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  • Book Giveaway: Psych yourself Rich!

    Tweet I’m doing a book giveaway for “Psych yourself Rich!” I haven’t read it, but then again, I don’t really read personal finance how-to books any more. So instead of taking away a free book from someone who actually really needs it out there, they’re […]

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  • Sooo yeah. I think I’m stupid at WordPress

    Tweet meee brought up a great point: FB, where the hell is your blogroll on both of your blogs!??! My sheepish answer to that is I don’t know. Something happened to them (I use the same theme on both, along with the same plugins and […]

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