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  • Handyman

    How I Almost Got Ripped Off

    Tweet Last week, I somehow managed to knock a sizable hole in a friend’s wall who was away on business. So I did what any sensible person in my position would do, I set out to cover up my mistake. Immediately, I raced to the nearest […]

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  • Not planning for retirement is like cramming for an exam

    Tweet Remember the good ol’ days in college where you’d stay up to pull an all-nighter, drink 15 cups of coffee* and type in a frenzied haze of caffeine? Then after you stalk a Kinko’s (printing shop) that opens at 7 a.m. to print your […]

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  • Fatigued Shopper

    18 Free and (Too Often) Forgotten Ways to Beat Boredom

    Tweet How do you put the breaks on boredom? Do you keep an arsenal of no-cost activities at the ready? Or do you rely on your wallet to snap you out of a funk? Clever marketers have duped us into believing life is a snore […]

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  • Reaching “financial independence”

    Tweet Everyone (including myself) stresses the importance of financial independence, but what does that really mean? For some, it’s a feeling. For others, it’s concrete. For me, it’s both. I think I finally felt like I reached “financial independence” when I hit these major milestones: […]

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  • What you achieve in your lifetime may not necessarily be achievable for your kids

    Tweet I find it interesting when I hear amazing stories about people arriving in a new country with only $10 or $50 bucks in their pocket, no job and no prospects for the future, only to make it to millionaire status by the time they’re […]

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