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  • How to break up with a friend, and reasons why you would

    Tweet If any of you watch Being Erica (love that show by the way!), you will know what I mean when I talk about breaking up with friends. The heroine of the show Erica, broke up with her long-time friend Jenny because she just kept […]

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  • "Money can make or break a relationship…"..A true story from a reader

    Tweet In response to my post about Paying more than your fair share a lovely regular reader of my blog wrote this thoughtful, heartfelt response. I’ve asked her permission to print it in its entirety, but she wishes to remain Anonymous, which I will respect. […]

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  • Paying more than your fair share

    Paying more than your fair share

    Tweet Lilli: Hi. The point with splitting bothers me enormously. I earn about twice what my boyfriend does and have been paying always about twice as he does on any activity, we do together. But it botheres me. I makes difficult for me to see […]

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  • Changes for 2008

    Tweet Got me thinking… I have so many random thoughts going through my head right now, I need to get them listed to really see where my life is going for 2008. 1. Starting to save for retirement again in 2008. Stopped the payments because […]

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  • Finances and Marriage

    Tweet BEFORE you get married, here are a couple of things to discuss with your soon-to-be love: Tell each other about purchases…BEFORE you buy them If you can’t do this then you aren’t ready to be married. I wish I had read this before. But […]

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  • Craigslist: Missed Connections = Quite addictive

    Tweet If you’ve never been, search up your city, and look for “Missed Connections” Most of the posts are really sweet, and it makes you change your perspective and wonder what people are thinking on the subways/buses. Makes the trip go by a lot faster, […]

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