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  • Trulia-Rent-Or-Buy

    Why I don’t want to buy a home and will rent for as long as possible

    I get the distinct feeling from reading my own posts that I might be too strong on my point of not wanting to buy a home. So to clear the air, what I am really saying is: I want to rent for as long as...

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  • stock-zen-flipflops-bamboo

    How I got out of debt

    I think the question people ask me the most is: How did you get out of debt? These are the 7 steps I followed: 1. Deciding one day, to get out of debt & stay out of it 2. Tracking all my debts down to...

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  • 800px-Flag_of_Anguilla

    If my blog were a country..

    If my blog were a country, it’d be larger than Anguilla! Anguilla (pronounced /æŋˈɡwɪlə/ ang-GWIL-ə) is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Find out your own Blog’s Empire Stats here And...

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  • Godiva-Box-2-naming

    Godiva Chocolates, Shawarma Cravings and Other Observations

    HAVING A SEINFELD MOMENT Okay so my drycleaner around the corner (never used them before), seems to not be able to find my winter coat that I dropped off for pre-winter cleaning. Wassup with that? I feel like I’m having a Seinfeld moment, and this...

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  • hoard-collect-exhibition-nyc-bottles-clutter-stuff-2

    Update on clutter wrangling

    I managed to get rid of the following: - An old black computer chair from my brother that NO ONE WILL SIT IN. - Tons of hangers (I called ahead.. they told me as long as it wasn’t wire, to bring ‘em in) - Lots...

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  • waste=not-want-not-clutter-nyc-exhibition-art-moma-hoard-2

    Trying to get rid of things, is futile.

    It aggravates me when I try and clean out things from my home and especially from my old room at my parents’, because all that JUNK inevitably makes its way back into my room and it looks like a freaking mess again. It’s because my...

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  • A Minimalist’s Jewellery Box

    A Minimalist’s Jewellery Box

    Okay, that title is a bit misleading because it’s not like I have ONE necklace, or ONE pair of earrings and one fabulous bracelet that would complete any outfit no matter what I wear. I actually have QUITE a bit left in terms of jewellery...

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  • pen-write-writing-paper-college-learn-education-work-career-fountainpen

    FB’s personal list of 25 things she’d love to do

    1. Chop like a professional chef You know what I’m talking about. With their bent knuckles and insanely fast chopping skills…. *envious* *runs out to buy celery to practice* 2. Speak French I’m workin’ on it!! But I still need time to absorb and start...

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  • heels-shoes-shopping-women-woman-bags

    Personal Shopping Tips

    A couple of shopping tips that seem to work for me. I don’t really ascribe to other shopping tips given by people, because that doesn’t work for me. 1. Budget Everyone says this, so I try to set a general budget in my head. But...

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