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    It sure doesn’t pay to be ethical sometimes, but I sleep better at night

    Via a tax re-assessment, I was supposed to get back a chunk of money from my taxes, around $1000. “Woo hoo!”, I thought. But reading the explanation sort of made my scratch my head, because it didn’t make sense. I had a feeling they made...

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  • Paper Reducing Strategies

    Paper Reducing Strategies

    This is how I reduce using a lot of paper. Or at least, how I try to. A reader asked me to blog more about it – so here it is so far! SCANNING EVERYTHING   I went on this huge Scan-a-thon a while back,...

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  • Organizing your files with a visual tab

    Organizing your files with a visual tab

    …so..soo… sexy. I’m twitching over here. Basically takes the icon or logo from the actual bill, and pops it into the tab of where the bill sits. So, instead of squinting at your neat-sliding-into-messy-as-your-hand-got-tired writing on your file folders, you can have a logo on...

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