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    Modern Nomadism

    Just read a rather interesting link: Does moving a lot as a child create adult baggage? “My original interest was in cultural differences and well-being,” said Shigehiro Oishi, the lead author, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan, where...

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    10 Frugal Habits That Don’t Bother Me At All

    With an endless supply of money, I’d never have to plan meals, clip coupons, or worry about gas prices. Unfortunately, like every other person on the planet, my desires are unlimited, but my cash reserves are not. So, a long time ago, I accepted the...

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    How I decluttered my closet

    Everyone seems to want to know the secret to decluttering my closet, so here’s my behemoth overview. How I decided to take action one day How did you get rid of all your sentimental items? How did I cut down my wardrobe by more than...

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    Purging your Wardrobe

    SELL EVERYTHING YOU CAN. Then… 1. Sort everything by it being worn out, tired, torn, pill-y, or faded. Toss. No one should be (or will want to be) wearing those clothes. Even on sale for $2. 2. Now sort by what fits and what doesn’t...

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    Collecting: Hobby or Money Pit?

    I used to collect unicorns as a kid. No, not REAL unicorns, but anything with a unicorn on it. I didn’t want a normal real-live animal to collect likenesses of. No no. I wanted a UNICORN. Especially if it was purple. I had a unicorn...

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    Living the Dream

    There is a family we met in Portugal who are blue collar workers – a mechanic and a school assistant. They have a small farm on the side with 600 olive trees to import to the States, and a smaller home farm. They make about...

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    The choices we make and the judgements we receive

    This post has no point. I’m just rambling. I guess I feel frustrated that it seems like we don’t make enough of a difference for the super green, but making too much of a difference to not be considered ‘normal’ by others, like being caught...

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    Traveling as a Mobile, Minimalist and Well-Connected Person

    A little history As someone who has moved apartments at least once a year (sometimes two or three times in a year) for the past 8 years, on top of having traveled a lot within those last 8 years to different client sites by car, train,...

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    Luxury or Necessity? (Take the Survey on my Blog!)

    Came across this interesting visual on the web, as part of the article: The Fading Glory of the Television and Telephone. Via but props go out to Musings of an Adbstract Aucklander for leading me to Living Well on Less. Go to my blog and...

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    Packing Electronics and Other things for any Trip

    In case you missed the previous posts: Packing for a long weekend getaway Packing for a weeklong business casual trip Packing for 3+ weeks or for the long-term What to pack for makeup & Toiletries ——————————————————————- HOLY #$&@* THAT IS A LOT OF STUFF! All...

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