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  • What-Not-To-Wear-Season-7-4

    Invest in your appearance

    Tweet Yes, I said the dirty word we PF’ers are never supposed to say when we talk about looks and clothes: INVEST. To be clear, I don’t believe in investing in a good handbag or a pair of shoes because frankly, those shoes will never […]

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  • judge-penny-brown-reynolds

    Appearances do count for something, but not for everything

    Tweet When I dress in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I am treated differently than if I have makeup on and decent clothing. I find that if I dress up more, people are more likely to… hold the doors open for me (I do not take […]

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  • WP-Comments

    WordPress Under the Hood

    Tweet What WordPress looks like under the hood THEMES Not all of them are great, but they have such a wide array of choice, it’s amazing. EDIT POSTS When you edit comments, you can do a Quick Edit instead of having to go completely into […]

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  • lipstick-lips-woman-apply-makeup

    How much is your face worth?

    Tweet Rae and Ginger did this and I found it to be an interesting exercise. I am not actually using the whole bottle each and every day, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s not get into the dollars and cents of how many uses […]

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