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    If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it: Why I feel like an outsider in my family

    Tweet Everyone in my family owns a home, of at least 1500 square feet. No, they’re not all paid off, and yes, I’m an outsider for not owning one, and more importantly, not wanting to own one. They all understand in my mother’s words, that […]

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    Generational Poverty: What is your motivation to save?

    Tweet Stellar post by Revanche: Generational Poverty, and how she manages to ‘keep going’ in terms of saving money. Personally, I never want to go back to my college days. Working 80-100 hour weeks, school 40 hours a week, sleeping a few hours a night, […]

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  • Hands of Time

    Would you let your parents move in with you?

    Tweet Revanche of A Gai Shan Life wrote a great post recently called Parents: The Top Bread Slice. Basically, it’s talking about letting your elderly parents move back in with you if they’re unable to live alone. Full o’ good stuff, that girl. Revanche is […]

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    $88,000 and a family becomes debt-free after 3 years

    Tweet My favourite line of the whole video was Carole Caroll (a slightly difficult name for me to say) saying that they didn’t want to declare bankruptcy: “We made the debt, we should pay for it!” And Don Carroll — “You learn to live with what […]

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    I don’t know enough about my parents’ finances

    Tweet Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but my parents have a history of being clueless about money. Recently, I’ve been slacking off in the Mom & Dad Money Monitoring department, and letting other siblings take over the reins of responsibility for that. It wasn’t until […]

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    Very proud of my family

    Tweet I don’t normally talk about my family in glowing terms, but this time I’m doing it. My brother cleared his student loans last week!!! Extremely proud. Naturally, I pushed him to budget (I must have been a really nagging, annoying sister waving my budget […]

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    Why can’t it ever be easy?

    Tweet …to visit my family? I get here, and already there’s drama with my mom rushing to go and help out my brother and his family yet AGAIN. They’re like slaves, at the beck and call of a king. I know it’s not entirely like […]

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  • waste=not-want-not-clutter-nyc-exhibition-art-moma-hoard-2

    Trying to get rid of things, is futile.

    Tweet It aggravates me when I try and clean out things from my home and especially from my old room at my parents’, because all that JUNK inevitably makes its way back into my room and it looks like a freaking mess again. It’s because […]

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  • cup-of-tea-mint-drink

    Looking into a hypothetical Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Pay

    Tweet FB Note: Don’t get all up in arms about this topic, okay? This post is NOT MEANT TO MAKE ANYONE ANGRY or disrespect anyone. It is meant to generate discussion. If you can’t handle it, step away from the post and drink some tea. […]

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    A morning in the life of FB

    Tweet 7 a.m.: Wake up. Check to see if it’s snowing AGAIN. No? Good. Head into shower. 7.30 a.m.: Start kettle for tea. Realize I have no morning fruit left to eat (clementines and the like). Contemplate eating BF’s beloved yogurt but decide against it. […]

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