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    What is your college education worth?

    Tweet Georgetown did a study and came up with this: A college degree in general boosts your lifetime earnings by 84%. A closer look at 171 majors shows that there can be a difference of about 300% between the highest-paying majors and the lowest-paying ones. […]

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    What Should you Study in School / Should you Go back for More Education?

    Tweet The simplest answer is calculate your return on investment. Education is an investment in yourself It’s “good” debt right? So treat it as such. Note: I don’t believe any debt is good debt any longer, including buying a home, car or even higher education. […]

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    Judging intellectual and non-intellectual expenses

    Tweet There are always expenses that are deemed more intellectual and better than others, examples: Intellectual: Books Travel Higher Education (MBA) Not-Intellectual: Clothing Cars Electronics What’s funny is I buy/bought in every category, and while people are okay with me spending $$$$$ on traveling for […]

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    Earning a high income and having a great education doesn’t make you automatically rich

    Tweet I used to believe that if I earned a lot of money, at least $75,000 – $100,00 I’d be set for life financially. It wasn’t until I was in $60,000 debt from my fancy degree, earning $65,000 a year (a very good salary in […]

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    What you achieve in your lifetime may not necessarily be achievable for your kids

    Tweet I find it interesting when I hear amazing stories about people arriving in a new country with only $10 or $50 bucks in their pocket, no job and no prospects for the future, only to make it to millionaire status by the time they’re […]

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    Why you should pay for your own retirement instead of your child’s tuition

    Tweet Ideally, I’d love a situation where you can do both — cover your own retirement comfortably AND fund all of your children’s education. Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes, there simply isn’t enough money to go around. Retiring in Singapore? I met […]

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    5 No Cost (or Low Cost) Ways to Update Your Skills

    Tweet Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. ~ John Rohn Is there anything funner than earning money? Well, I can think of one thing: Learning. Fortunately, the enjoyable activity of educating yourself often leads to an increase in […]

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    Questioning Readers: What was/is the cost of tuition in your country?

    Tweet All this talk about student loans and tuition made me realize 2 things: We are all paying different amounts of tuition and getting different subsidies (if any) Outside of the States and even in Canada, tuition seems to be more affordable (seems being the […]

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    Is all that higher education worth it?

    Tweet Out of curiousity, I asked my family member if going to school, getting her PhD and all that education was worth it in the end. She hesitated (not a good sign). Then she replied: Well I make $110k/year.I also have a flexible schedule and […]

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    Link Love: The Education Edition

    Tweet I really loved J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Address. She is so witty & down to earth :), and she nailed it with “The Fringe Benefits of Failure“. J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo. SCHOOLED Want to learn how shoes […]

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