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    Could you, would you want to be a stay at home parent?

    Tweet Background into my own immediate family My dad was the stay at home father for the most part. Granted, he worked part time and my mother didn’t work at all, but she was a struggling, more-than-full-time adult student who had a lot of learning […]

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    What was your money situation like when you were growing up and how did it affect you?

    Tweet When I was growing up, our money situation was strange. My dad worked part-time and my mom didn’t work, but we were squarely middle-class. See, my father won the lottery when I was very young, before the age of 3, and then he semi-retired […]

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  • Hands of Time

    Would you let your parents move in with you?

    Tweet Revanche of A Gai Shan Life wrote a great post recently called Parents: The Top Bread Slice. Basically, it’s talking about letting your elderly parents move back in with you if they’re unable to live alone. Full o’ good stuff, that girl. Revanche is […]

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    I don’t know enough about my parents’ finances

    Tweet Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but my parents have a history of being clueless about money. Recently, I’ve been slacking off in the Mom & Dad Money Monitoring department, and letting other siblings take over the reins of responsibility for that. It wasn’t until […]

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