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  • bank-canada

    Banks in Canada: The Who and The Why

    Tweet Banks I’ve Used From age 7-15: TD Bank — child’s account, no fees. Age 16 – current: PC Financial — never any fees. My current credit cards are also from those two banks above: TD Visa and PC Financial Mastercard. Note: I am not […]

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  • mint-canada-canadian-household-money-dollars-spent-budget

    How does a Canadian household spend their money?

    Tweet Mint Canada ran this last year (July 1st 2011), and I thought it to be fitting to run it again this year as a look back. On average, in 2011 Canadians have about $50,734 to spend each year and here’s were it goes! Provided […]

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  • J-Crew-Jackie-Sweater-USA

    Shopping is cheaper in the U.S.: An excellent way for me to limit my shopping urges

    Tweet It all started while I was looking for a black sweater in a decent price range. Specifically, a pullover, perhaps with 3/4 length sleeves, in a nice fabric. I saw this lovely sweater online at J. Crew (love the blue too!), but the minute […]

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  • stock-child-feet-standing-parents

    Why save for retirement while you clear your debt?

    Tweet Reader Earin (obviously from Europe, as they wrote in using the € symbol ;)), asked why someone would save for retirement if they were clearing their debt. My question is, wouldn’t it be wiser to not save for retirement as long as one has […]

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  • green-onions

    Cost of living matters more than you think

    Tweet In Singapore, I had someone tell me that even making $100,000 a year, he couldn’t live in the country. To me, that was just.. crazy! How can you make $100k a year and not afford to live in Singapore? Note: $1 CAD/USD is approximately […]

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  • Houses-Guelph-ON-Canada

    Canada vs. U.S.: Comparing the cost of homes by city (Canada seems to be 100% more expensive on the whole)

    Tweet This won’t be super scientific, and I may even have apples thrown at me for this, but I’m going to put it out there that living in Canada doesn’t offer you a whole lot of options for staying in a truly urban city and […]

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  • Royal-Bank-Net-Worth-Calculator

    Finally! A Canadian Net Worth Comparison Tool

    Tweet I always find and use American ones, but it’s nice to find a Canadian one for a change. Read: Net worth by age or income: What should it be? This one is from Royal Bank Canada and it still doesn’t account for gender and/or […]

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  • Pure-and-Simple-Yorkville-Spa-Location

    Review: Pure and Simple Spa (Yorkville Location)

    Tweet In one word? AMAZING. I would definitely go back and if I could, I’d go every month! I contacted Pure and Simple to go in for a spa day but I had reservations not knowing what it would be like (never had a facial […]

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  • ebay-logo-white

    How to buy for cheaper on eBay or Amazon (from a former eBay seller)

    Tweet I am using makeup as an example, but buying for cheaper on eBay is applicable to almost anything. You just have to be willing to trust the seller, watch out for deals and bid accordingly and at the end, I will tell you how I […]

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  • Mint-Canadians-Money-Finances-Stats

    Canadians and Debt: A look into how we manage our money

    Tweet Mint launched in Canada and sent out this cute little infographic. We are somewhat satisfied with our finances It’s weird to me that you can make $100,000+ and less satisfied than other incomes* WTF? *Money really doesn’t buy happiness 😛 We don’t seem to […]

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