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  • car for sale sign

    Why Selling Your Car Might be The Best Decision Ever

    Tweet About a year ago, Mr. My Husband and I decided to sell our second car. Basically, it was financially demanding on for us to have two cars while I worked from home. Let me tell you this right away: I surely don’t regret it! […]

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  • frugaa

    Yet Another Coupon Site!

    Tweet A few days ago, I wrote about a coupon site that attracted me. Well, someone wrote me to share his and I thought of sharing in return. I promise you I won’t write about coupon sites on a regular basis! 😉 But it is […]

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  • coupon cactus

    Coupon Cactus: My Place for Cash back and Coupons!

    Tweet It has been a while that I started shopping online. I have to admit I’ve been doing so even more since I have the kids. It might be because I have less time to actually go shopping, but I also soon discovered things tend […]

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  • hawaii

    Save Money on Your Summer Vacation With These Tips

    Tweet Whether you’re planning a beach vacation in the states or traveling abroad, there are several ways to cut your budget during your summertime trip. Follow these tips for saving money on travel. 1. If you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Hawaii, don’t fly direct. […]

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  • still fabulous

    What is Fabulous?

    Tweet Fabulously Broke has been up for quite a few years already! Yay! 😉 I was thinking of what fabulous meant to me 10 years ago versus what it means now. And I realized my perception has changed a lot. I used to think of […]

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  • chase your passions

    Do Passions Lead to Financial Success?

    Tweet Family reunions often lead to all sorts of discussions for us. During the last one, it was my nephew who brought up something to think about. A well-intentioned woman came to his school to present them “Professional Studies,” as we call them here. These […]

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  • cape cod

    Summer Bucket List

    Tweet Since I learned that a friend of mine has cancer, I feel the rush to live. I don’t mean to do it on the big scale format! I’m satisfied with the life I have, but I want to make sure I maximise my happiness […]

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  • we still do

    The Anniversaries that Bond

    Tweet In May, Mr. My Husband and I will be celebrating 8 years since we first dated. So much has come our way since then: new jobs, a house built, a wedding, another new job and two sons. Every year, no matter what is going […]

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  • retirement quote

    All About That Retirement

    Tweet This blog has gone through personal finance topics quite often since it started. Retirement is, therefore; part of it. In the past we’ve discussed:   Why you should save for your own retirement instead of you child’s tuition What type of benefits you can […]

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  • proactive or reactive

    Proactive Vs. Reactive: Common Preventative Measures That Can Save You Money

    Tweet “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…” Chances are you’ve either heard that statement before or have said it yourself. While the idea is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, it is a pretty safe assumption that very […]

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