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  • colder days active

    How To Stay Active In Colder Days

    Tweet Leaves are falling a bit more each day here, and days are getting cooler. I like the feeling of autumn and enjoy the introspection it brings. There is something reassuring about spending more time inside doing some cooking and cocooning. That doesn’t mean it’s […]

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  • spend money

    3 Ways Regular People Lose Money Without Realizing It

    Tweet Managing your money is a chore. But it’s a chore that all people have to do if they want to stop living hand to mouth, get out of debt, and/or grow wealth. When most people start out on the path of personal finance, they […]

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  • right house for you

    How to Save Money for a House While Paying Rent

    Tweet       If your ultimate goal is to save for a house while paying for your monthly rent, the key is to stick to your budget. By focusing on your goal and practicing proper money management, any renter can turn into a buyer. […]

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  • debt2

    Break-Up with Bad Debt

    Tweet   Canadians love debt! We are so comfortable with using credit to make ends-meet that we now owe approximately $1.65 for every dollar we earn. With numbers like these, it’s pretty obvious that many Canadians have found themselves in a bad relationship with debt. […]

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  • thomas edison quote

    When and Why Is It Okay to Give Up?

    Tweet I like this Thomas Edison quote. I believe he was right too. Sometimes we’re so close to see a dream come true or a goal achieved, except it looks so far and hard that we give up without really knowing. On the other hand, […]

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  • couple in rain

    Do You Invest in Your Relationship?

    Tweet I’m excited because tomorrow I’ll be going to a music show with Mr. My Husband. I discovered a song/music writer and singer a while ago but was surprised when Mr. My Husband liked him enough to propose we go see his show together (type […]

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  • last will

    Why Having a Will is A Smart Financial Move

    Tweet I made my will about four years ago, when I turned into a mom. I was aware of the importance of it before but you know how life is! 😉 Let’s admit it, making a will is a little boring, so I skipped that […]

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  • debt

    Remember These Four Things When Paying Off Debt

    Tweet If your credit score and debt are out of control, it can feel like your situation will never improve. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when creditors blow up your phone every five minutes. It’s a scary situation, […]

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  • broke ecard

    5 Reasons Why it’s Easy to Stay Broke

    Tweet Being broke is easy. Lots of people are really good at it. But most of these people, at least on a certain level, aspire to achieve some level of wealth and financial security. Even if broke folks don’t have illusions of private yachts and […]

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  • 10 years career

    10 Years After College: 10 Lessons Learned at Work

    Tweet Wow time flies! I cannot believe that it has been 10 years since I have graduated college. That sentence itself makes me sound like an old hand… What have I learned since graduating and how have I become a better professional?   1. There […]

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