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  • souris mini

    Shopping Off Season to Save Big

    Tweet A couple days ago, I looked at my son’s pants and realised he has grown a lot…again! I didn’t think we were due to buy new clothes yet. No choice but to face the truth though, my son needs them. At first, I was […]

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  • online couponing

    Different Types of Online Coupons You Can Use For Shopping

    Tweet This is a guest post Some bargain-hunting shoppers may be more accustomed to the printed coupons that are stuffed into the Sunday newspaper or mailbox. The new trend is to find coupons online, paste the coupon code, and apply it to a purchase. These […]

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  • peanut butter toast

    What Would I Say to My 18 Self?

    Tweet The beginning of the year is often a period of time where we look back at what we’ve accomplished, the path we chose to follow and the decisions we made. This year, it hit me a little harder. The only grandfather I’ve known in […]

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  • financial excuses

    Are You Making Excuses About Your Financial Situation?

    Tweet When my husband and I first married, we were struggling college students, living off student loans and the money gifts received at our wedding. We were sure that we were living prudently with our money, proclaiming that we couldn’t cut anything from our budget, […]

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  • cents

    An Online Business Accounting System That Makes Things Simple For You

    Tweet This is a guest post. For many business owners, the thought of taxes, accounting, and numbers can be overwhelming, boring, and difficult to comprehend. Most business owners have a big picture mentally as they are innovative, decision makers who want to change the world […]

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  • money box

    How to Spend Money or Gifts Cards Received?

    Tweet If you’re a lucky one like me, you received some money or gift cards for Christmas. Not that I really need them, but might as well take some time to really think about the best ways to use them. When I was younger, I’d […]

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  • New Year 2014

    Ringing in a New Year with Goals to Improve Myself

    Tweet At the end of last week, Vero posted her goals for 2014. Like her, I like to keep my resolutions few in number, relatively simple, and aimed at improving my life. In the past, it was common for me to create a whole list […]

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  • Luxury_HungryForLogos

    The Insatiable Lust for Logos not Luxury

    Tweet We can all agree, that the true sense of the word “luxury” is not the same today, as it was in the past. In the end, if anyone and everyone can just walk in with enough money and buy whatever they want, is it […]

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  • 2014 resolutions

    New Year’s Resolutions… to Win!

    Tweet Every time a year is ending, I think about what I could do better for the year coming. I’m surely not the only one! About 45% of Americans usually make resolutions. I’m quite sure statistics are similar for Canadians. According to a researchers group […]

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  • Christmas Tradition

    What is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

    Tweet If you celebrate Christmas, chances are that you have some sort of tradition. The holiday season comes with a number of things that many of us have enjoyed since we were kids. I enjoy the tradition of sending Christmas cards. I think it offers […]

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