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  • thomas edison quote

    When and Why Is It Okay to Give Up?

    Tweet I like this Thomas Edison quote. I believe he was right too. Sometimes we’re so close to see a dream come true or a goal achieved, except it looks so far and hard that we give up without really knowing. On the other hand, […]

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  • couple in rain

    Do You Invest in Your Relationship?

    Tweet I’m excited because tomorrow I’ll be going to a music show with Mr. My Husband. I discovered a song/music writer and singer a while ago but was surprised when Mr. My Husband liked him enough to propose we go see his show together (type […]

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  • last will

    Why Having a Will is A Smart Financial Move

    Tweet I made my will about four years ago, when I turned into a mom. I was aware of the importance of it before but you know how life is! 😉 Let’s admit it, making a will is a little boring, so I skipped that […]

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  • debt

    Remember These Four Things When Paying Off Debt

    Tweet If your credit score and debt are out of control, it can feel like your situation will never improve. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when creditors blow up your phone every five minutes. It’s a scary situation, […]

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  • broke ecard

    5 Reasons Why it’s Easy to Stay Broke

    Tweet Being broke is easy. Lots of people are really good at it. But most of these people, at least on a certain level, aspire to achieve some level of wealth and financial security. Even if broke folks don’t have illusions of private yachts and […]

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  • 10 years career

    10 Years After College: 10 Lessons Learned at Work

    Tweet Wow time flies! I cannot believe that it has been 10 years since I have graduated college. That sentence itself makes me sound like an old hand… What have I learned since graduating and how have I become a better professional?   1. There […]

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  • vitality age

    A New Type of Life Insurance to Help You Stay Fit and Support Your Budget?

    Tweet Author’s note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I hope you know this already, but staying fit is more than about putting on a bikini at the beach without being ashamed. Personally, I set my alarm on each morning for a […]

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  • cafe

    How to Cure Your Midlife Crisis With a Career Change

    Tweet Many people decide to switch careers mid-life, so here are some ways to do it seamlessly. In the end, you should find peace, and more fulfillment.   Start a Pub Start a pub, or open a brewery, or do both. Turn that hobby into […]

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  • I quit

    Living the Dream: Top Reasons to Quit Your Job and Set Out on Your Own

    Tweet A number of people would probably initially say that being self-employed is not something they would want to do with their career, but a number of them actually end up wishing they had done it sooner, when they take the plunge and quit their […]

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  • budget

    Your 10 Step Budget To Get Out Of Debt

    Tweet Debt is very common nowadays. Your house, car, furniture and even groceries can be bought with credit. If well managed, credit can be a very useful tool. Unfortunately, most of us will go through hard times during their life trying to reduce or eliminate […]

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