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  • new years resolution

    Top ways to Destress in 2014

    Tweet   Many of us have made resolutions which we desire to fulfil in the coming year. Most of these resolutions aren’t grand schemes or ways to make our fortune, the most practical New Year’s resolutions involve ways of de-cluttering our lives and essentially giving […]

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  • for sale

    5 Tricks for Home Buyers

    Tweet     Starting in February, Real Estate activities are again beginning to flourish. People think about moving in the spring or early summer in order to enjoy their new house. This is why we see so many FOR SALE signs popping up faster than […]

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  • Bitcoin

    Would You Use Bitcoin?

    Tweet One of the recent trends in money is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is created out of computing power. It’s pretty much the definition of a fiat currency, since it isn’t backed by anything — not even the word of a government. Bitcoin […]

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  • home extension

    Financing a Home Extension Project

    Tweet There are times in life when you benefit from perfect timing. That was the case when we built our house about six years ago. We’ve been lucky enough to own a rather big house for a rather small price. Our goal was to raise […]

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  • taking control

    The Day I Took Control Over Our Couple Finances

    Tweet Not long ago, I discussed The Fears that I Want to Get Rid Of. One of them was lacking money. I mentioned how I believed we were missing organization for our couple finances. I am very proud of us today, as we managed to […]

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  • buying shares

    Investing 101: Buying Shares

    Tweet One of the essentials of building wealth over time is investing. There just isn’t another way that is as effective at creating a nice chunk of wealth over time. You can put your money in a savings account, but your returns are going to […]

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  • tamer

    Top 10 Dangerous Jobs According to… Me!

    Tweet As a freelancer, I am the owner, president, secretary, creator, chief cook and bottle washer along with all the other positions you might think of! If something should happen to me, the whole business closes down! Alright, it’s a rather small business and since […]

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  • Side gig

    3 Good Reasons to Start a Side Gig

    Tweet Recently, I read the book The Economy of You by Kimberly Palmer. This is a book that’s all about starting a side gig, and providing practical advice to get it done. As I read the book, it occurred to me that just about everyone […]

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  • fear quote

    The Fears that I Want to Get Rid Of

    Tweet Last week, I wrote about What Would I Say to My 18 Self. This week’s post could be seen as a follow-up. While writing the above piece, I also realised some of my daily reactions or impressions are influenced by fears I have. I […]

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  • Kids and Money

    Tips for Teaching Financial Literacy to Your Kids

    Tweet One of the best things you can do for your children is to teach the basics of financial literacy. Right now, financial literacy rates are fairly well, with many Americans unable to answer even basic questions about how money works. Additionally, there are concerns […]

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