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    The biggest benefit to going makeup-free

    Tweet I am not one of those girls who has to have her full face on before she leaves the house, mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I don’t care about people seeing my ‘real face’. Sometimes, I also have my hair tied back […]

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  • travel

    How DO They Afford Travel?

    Tweet Not too long ago, my husband wondered how my parents were able to afford some of the travel they have been doing in recent years. Part of the secret is that my mom started a career as a teach in her 50s, after all […]

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  • 78548

    You Can Be a Smart Shopaholic!

    Tweet     Life is best lived in moderation, as too much of a good thing will merely lead to addiction and hardship for some people. In the case of compulsive shopping, there is even a dedicated term for that addiction: oniomania. The closest comparison […]

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    Keep it professional at work

    Tweet When I was single, I had a rule that I would never date anyone at work. It was too messy, kind of awkward if you broke up and it’s like showing your underwear to the whole company, because they can CLEARLY see how into […]

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  • Fridge

    All the Things You Buy When You Move

    Tweet As part of our move across the country, we downsized quite a bit. Now that we are settling in to our new apartment home, we are realizing that, even though we have most of what we need (arriving today), the reality is that there […]

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  • Multipoint, Meeting Recording, and Content Sharing

    Multipoint, Meeting Recording, and Content Sharing

    Tweet As a form of communication and visual collaboration between people located in different areas, advancements in video conferencing have made the service invaluable in the business world. Long inaccessible to the public due to high costs of infrastructure and the technology required, it is […]

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  • stock-girl-work-concentrate-office-job-career

    10 Pieces of Career and Life Advice

    Tweet I received some advice when I graduated, and here’s the amalgamation of it: (I’m pretty sure these wise sages are just passing on advice read on the internet ;P) Life is short. Don’t waste it working like a dog for a corporation who won’t […]

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  • Food while traveling

    My Cooler of Food for the Road

    Tweet I’m in the midst of a cross-country adventure. After almost a decade in Utah, my family is moving to Pennsylvania. It promises to be an interesting experience all around. But right now, I’m more worried about actually getting to Pennsylvania, since it involves a […]

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  • Singapore-Mao-Zedong-Rebel-Shoppers

    When to buy clothes when they are most likely to be discounted

    Tweet The best sales for wardrobe items are usually in the following months: January = Coats, outerwear and anything winter-y like scarves, gloves and hats February = Boots, High-end jewellery, Cashmere sweaters March = Handbags and Spring raincoats April = Spring Raincoats, All kinds of […]

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  • choose a job

    How to Choose Between Two Good Jobs

    Tweet One of the nicest conundrums to have is the requirement to choose between two good job opportunities. My husband began looking for a job in earnest a couple months ago. The job search paid off when he received to good job offers. Both were […]

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