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  • cheat on your bank

    Is It Time to Find a New Bank?

    Tweet When you think about it, your bank is likely one of the more important relationships you have. Your money is kept at the bank. You use the bank to make payments. You might even borrow money from the bank. The way your bank treats […]

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  • Three Girls women size skinny weight fat women girl woman

    Everything is relative to your situation or you

    Tweet Years ago, Asian Pear posted a striking shot of three beautiful women pictured here: I looked at the photo and felt the girl in the middle to be the prettiest (as in healthy weight and figure). Asian Pear, felt the girl on the far […]

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  • use credit cards

    Why I Like to Use Credit Cards

    Tweet It seems a little “off” to some people that I like to use credit cards. After all, shouldn’t a personal finance writer be against credit? The reality is that the use of credit cards doesn’t have to equal debt. In fact, it’s possible to […]

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  • bird-fly-freedom

    Too cool to save

    Tweet Remember how in high school, if you were really into studying and getting good grades, you were somewhat of a pariah among the cool kids? If you were really into math or if you weren’t interested in going to underage keggers every weekend, you […]

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  • spending money

    Do You Really Need to Avoid ALL Unnecessary Spending to be “Smart” with Your Money?

    Tweet Recently, I saw an interesting ad on a local Classifieds site. The ad is for a $200 amp, and it is titled, “Dave Ramsey Has Ruined My Life — So Please — Buy My Amp.” Among the gems in the ad, the poster offered […]

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  • Catering to Millennials: How They Want to Shop

    Catering to Millennials: How They Want to Shop

    Tweet   Just having an online business presence isn’t enough anymore. The Millennial generation is becoming more and more of a force in business and they won’t be satisfied if you just have “a website.” If you want to boost your sales in the short […]

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  • stock-fashion-style-shoes-heels

    How is anybody affording this?

    Tweet Do you ever find yourself listening to a situation and asking: How are you affording this? I do this out of total PF curiousity because I just want to know so I can do it too! HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THAT? Carrie Bradshaw’s meager […]

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  • gender investing

    Learn About Investing from the Opposite Gender

    Tweet In recent years, there have been a number of studies that focus on the way men and women invest. These studies conclude that men and women do, in fact, invest differently from each other. Whether these differences are inherent because of gender, or whether […]

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  • sony-cyber-shot-w150-digital-camera

    The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of our Shot

    Tweet I’ve never really talked about The Idiot’s Wife have I? She got her degree in Photography where she lived in Mexico City and considers herself to be a professional photographer. The camera she uses is a Sony digital camera that they traveled ESPECIALLY to New […]

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  • right house for you

    How to Choose the Right Home for You

    Tweet Even though buying a home is no longer considered the most important part of the American Dream, it still remains a very important part of many people’s financial ambitions. I currently have a mortgage (although I’m not sure I will ever buy again), and […]

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