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    Women who save are sexy

    Tweet According to an ING survey, women who save and are frugal are seen as sexy, but not so for men. ING STATS: 61% of men think frugal women are both smart and sexy compared to 44% of women 33% of women think frugal = […]

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  • mochi-fb-character-paint-eat-me-devil

    November 2010 Budget Roundup +$18,933.63

    Tweet You know how when you buy one item, it opens the floodgates of spending, and suddenly you’re spending like a rockstar? Then at the end of the month your eyes pop when you see your spending and you say: HOLY MOTHER OF#$*@&! What the […]

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  • anthropologie-facile-camp-shirt-green-shopping-blouse

    The Almost Purchase of the Facile Camp Shirt(s) a.k.a How I Curbed My Shopping Temptation!

    Tweet Just the other day I was reminded how far I’d come as a former shopaholic. I was (naturally) lusting after something I couldn’t have: a piece of clothing. Specifically, THIS piece of clothing from Anthropologie: The Facile Camp Shirt And it even comes in […]

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  • Holiday-Gift-Guide-Man-Men-100

    Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Gifts under $100

    Tweet By popular demand, I am making a gift guide for guys. Not being a guy and dating a guy who isn’t really into STUFF makes it sort of difficult. That being said, I ended up finding a lot of interesting things I’d want, as […]

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  • Gifts-For-Her-2010-Holiday-Guide-FB

    Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Gifts under $100

    Tweet Don’t worry, I threw a nice mix of geek and chic in there with some of my own favourite items. I have a lot of things on the list that are under $50, so don’t be fooled by the title. 2010 LIST OF GIFTS […]

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  • lifehacker-paris-desktop-makeover

    A Parisian Office Makeover

    Tweet I know some of you *cough* Carolyn of hang on little tomato *cough* are obsessed with France and all things French, so when I came across this office makeover on LifeHacker, I just had to share. I think it’s chic and beautiful. It looks lovely. […]

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    Blogging Series: “If I Were a Boy”

    Tweet A common complaint among working women, particularly in very male-dominated industries is: Would I make more as a man? BACKGROUND Age: Late 20s Industry: Consulting – Male-dominated Role: Consultant (Freelance) Years of Experience: 5 Country: Canada — No specific place; I’ve been all over […]

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  • 800px-Flag_of_Anguilla

    If my blog were a country..

    Tweet If my blog were a country, it’d be larger than Anguilla! Anguilla (pronounced /æŋˈɡwɪlə/ ang-GWIL-ə) is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Find out your own Blog’s Empire Stats here […]

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  • 1964-generational-quiz

    I was born in 1964!

    Tweet Okay not really, but this generational quiz says so. To be fair to the quiz, I didn’t really recognize a lot of the famous singers or athletes, and for the toys, I might have picked very ‘old’ toys seeing as I picked the little […]

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  • couple-happy-relationship

    The secret to a happy relationship is in the sharing

    Tweet You know how there are parts of meals that someone likes but another doesn’t? For example, I like to eat only the stuffing in turkey, but not the turkey itself, whereas my mom hates the stuffing but likes the turkey. Or take dark or […]

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