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    Asia 2011 Shopping


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    Freegans: I love and hate the idea

    Tweet I just saw a documentary the other day on Freegans, in case you don’t know who they are, from Wikipedia: Freeganism is an anti-consumerist lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. […]

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    Makeup: Where should you splurge or save?

    Tweet’s 2010 Beauty Study: The study revealed that beauty products are considered a necessity, with over two-thirds of respondents willing to purchase products even while watching their budgets. The study revealed that beauty products are non-negotiable, regardless of budget, because consumers view them as […]

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    July 2011 Budget Roundup -($1853.29)

    Tweet For inspiration to look chic and effortless in my life, check out these two photos:   Okay so maybe I wouldn’t wear such an open, blousy white top without something underneath, but it’s still pretty. I also wouldn’t wear shoes that high, but I […]

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    My Goal: What I am really Working and Saving Towards

    Tweet Sometimes I ask myself why working all the time to make all this money. What is my purpose? I don’t really care about reaching a million Yes, I put it as my goal to reach financial milestones, but I couldn’t care less about the […]

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  • Toronto-Pride-2011-Flags

    Toronto Gay Pride Parade 2011 – Part 2

    Tweet Disclaimer: Please note that some images might bother people because there might be a little too much nudity for your liking. Continue at your own discretion. Even Jack Layton of the NDP (New Democratic Party) showed up in support. (He has a bum leg, […]

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  • Toronto-Pride-Parade-2011-Dancers-5

    Toronto Pride Parade 2011 – Part 1

    Tweet Let’s take a little break from photos of Asia and concentrate on an event that just happened July 3rd 2011 in Toronto. THE GAY PRIDE PARADE OF 2011! 🙂 Disclaimer: Please note that some images might bother people because there might be a little […]

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    Back on vacation again: Portugal and Spain

    Tweet I am back on vacation again, folks! I’m in Portugal and Spain this time around until the end of August, so please be patient if anything goes wrong 🙂 I may not have internet connections at all either… so .. er.. yeah. 🙂 Here […]

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    Traveling as a Mobile, Minimalist and Well-Connected Person

    Tweet A little history As someone who has moved apartments at least once a year (sometimes two or three times in a year) for the past 8 years, on top of having traveled a lot within those last 8 years to different client sites by car, […]

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    Just a few more interesting links

    Tweet Money Rabbit — The end of my relationship with RBC I feel this way a lot with bad customer service and banks. Royal Bank of Canada, it’s over.  Today, you lost a multimillion dollar client. And believe me …  it’s you, not me. Emotions […]

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