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  • Burberry-Regimental-Wool-Trench

    What I am currently eyeing

    Tweet Eying, not buying. 🙂 These are just on my Sort-of-Wish List, but I am not committed to buying anything. Yet. WOOL TRENCH COAT A lower-priced trench coat similar to this Burberry Regimental Wool Trench coat. It’s $1600, so I am not keen on spending […]

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  • cat-animal-surprised-surprise-caught-ashamed

    Flaws. Here are mine, what are some of yours?

    Tweet I have them, you have them, and Amy from Rainy Saturday has ’em. (She inspired me for this post) Credit So my flaws? Here goes! I’m tough on myself. Like really tough to where I randomly replay my foibles from Grade 2 in my […]

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  • Asia-2011-Heels

    Asia 2011 Fashion

    Tweet Just a collection of shots. This girl made me want a trench so very badly. A nice, ivory trench, belted in a bow in the back… and a pair of heels I cannot walk in. SQUEAL!!!! Another awesome trench, done as a bow in […]

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  • stock-diet-pear-tape-weight-cooking-food-cuisine-fruit

    The choices we make and the judgements we receive

    Tweet This post has no point. I’m just rambling. I guess I feel frustrated that it seems like we don’t make enough of a difference for the super green, but making too much of a difference to not be considered ‘normal’ by others, like being […]

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  • girl-frustrated-school-kid-math

    Fighting our own battles

    Tweet Helicopter parents are a big thing these days. What are Helicoper Parents, you ask? They are parents who hover over their children in all aspects of their life, always jumping in to fight their battles instead of letting them learn on their own. I […]

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  • clothes-beyond-closet

    Last links of Link Lovin’

    Tweet And thus ends my link lovin’ series of all the awesome articles I’ve been storing up since my trip to Asia. Ranger Dave and Bears This made me cry with laughter. Paper Man A super sweet fashion interview with Angie’s father I think her […]

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  • Travel-Essentials-Must-Have-Fly-Everyday-Minimalist-EM-Numbered

    Essentials I Must Have When I Travel

    Tweet I fly quite a bit and this year, I basically took the whole year off to fly and travel. Sure, this makes me a bad very un-ecofriendly minimalist, but it sure teaches me a good lesson on what I personally need for a 10+ […]

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  • Beijing-Taxi-cab

    Asia 2011 Life and People


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  • world-map-scratch-map-iwantoneofthose-france

    “No, it’s too late now.”

    Tweet BF told me this story the other day that his professor recounted to him many years ago: Credit In France, he went in to buy stamps for his business. Since it was a Saturday, he waited 30 minutes in line, and when he got […]

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  • lipstick-lips-woman-apply-makeup

    Wearing more natural makeup, and less of it!

    Tweet Did you know that our bodies absorb about 5lbs of makeup chemicals a YEAR through your skin? Via. That means in a lifetime, if you were to live until you are 80, assuming you started wearing makeup daily at 16, you would have absorbed […]

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