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  • frugal-divorcee-the-atlantic

    $88,000 and a family becomes debt-free after 3 years

    Tweet My favourite line of the whole video was Carole Caroll (a slightly difficult name for me to say) saying that they didn’t want to declare bankruptcy: “We made the debt, we should pay for it!” And Don Carroll — “You learn to live with what […]

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  • university-college

    Questioning Readers: What was/is the cost of tuition in your country?

    Tweet All this talk about student loans and tuition made me realize 2 things: We are all paying different amounts of tuition and getting different subsidies (if any) Outside of the States and even in Canada, tuition seems to be more affordable (seems being the […]

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  • google-phishing-email-gmail-attack

    Please be careful: Gmail Phishing Attacking going around

    Tweet Just got one today. If you get a similar email, please report it. This is what I received: This is what you should do to report it as a phishing attack. FAQ: What is a “Phishing Attack”? Pronounced as “Fishing”, Phishing it when scam […]

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  • angry man woman relationship

    Ranting: Is it different coming from a man or a woman?

    Tweet Methinks so. A ex-reader who wrote in a comment and told me that even though I warned everyone I would be ranting in a post, he was to become an ex-reader because one of my former rants from almost 2 years ago or more […]

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  • Godiva-Box-2-naming

    Godiva Chocolates, Shawarma Cravings and Other Observations

    Tweet HAVING A SEINFELD MOMENT Okay so my drycleaner around the corner (never used them before), seems to not be able to find my winter coat that I dropped off for pre-winter cleaning. Wassup with that? I feel like I’m having a Seinfeld moment, and […]

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  • Jersey-Shore

    I feel downright awkward sometimes.

    Tweet Inspired by Paranoid Asteroid’s “Getting Old” post, it made me realize that sometimes I feel downright awkward around people my age. (Jersey Shore morons.) Update: I think some people are getting really hung on up on my bashing of the show, but I am […]

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  • comic-vlad-how-the-internet-works

    How the Internet Works (super cute comic)

    Tweet Click on the image to make it larger if you are squinting. Courtesy and I found it via Labnol Speaking of awesomeness, Google just gave their employees a 10% raise and a $1000 bonus (tax free). Freaking. Awesome.

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  • man-stress-frustrated-work-career-job

    I don’t know enough about my parents’ finances

    Tweet Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but my parents have a history of being clueless about money. Recently, I’ve been slacking off in the Mom & Dad Money Monitoring department, and letting other siblings take over the reins of responsibility for that. It wasn’t until […]

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  • Christmas-Tree-Fire-Fireplace-Holiday-Cheer

    So, what do you want for Christmas? (Also, read on for how to make a cheap protective cover for your handheld devices)

    Tweet This question is BOUND to come up: What do you want for Christmas?* I know it’s only the start November, but I am seeing a lot of sparkly red, silver and green decorations going up in stores. (*Apologies to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. […]

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  • SATC

    Women on TV and the Industries they work in

    Tweet I was watching some of my favourite shows on video the other day and noticed something interesting: None of them work in Engineering or the Sciences, and only a few are in sort of very male dominated industries. Check it out: Sex and the […]

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