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  • cute-ninja-white-puppy-dog

    GIVEAWAY: You know you want to be a ninja. (Contest Closed)

    Tweet Like this dog here. But the next best thing is just looking like you’ve been attacked by one. What the hell am I talking about? NINJA COAT HOOKS OF COURSE! And the best part is that they’re FREE. That’s right, I said FREE. Courtesy […]

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  • negotiation-men-man-heads-fight-argue-money-cash-negotiate

    Negotiating: Why you can only win when you ask for money

    Tweet If you have a job offer in hand, and you’re in negotiation stages of what the offer will be, it is fairly safe to say “you have it in the bag”. Now whether or not you let it out of the bag by screwing […]

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  • chicken-wings-and-rice

    What love looks like and what I bought today

    Tweet Love looked like this last night: (Chicken Wings and Rice) No you aren’t seeing things. So how does that equal love? Well it’s because I was absolutely STARVING on Friday, and my belly was growling for a good 3 hours on the futon couch. […]

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  • cat-cats-friends-happy-couple-smile

    Women who save are sexy

    Tweet According to an ING survey, women who save and are frugal are seen as sexy, but not so for men. ING STATS: 61% of men think frugal women are both smart and sexy compared to 44% of women 33% of women think frugal = […]

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  • mochi-fb-character-paint-eat-me-devil

    November 2010 Budget Roundup +$18,933.63

    Tweet You know how when you buy one item, it opens the floodgates of spending, and suddenly you’re spending like a rockstar? Then at the end of the month your eyes pop when you see your spending and you say: HOLY MOTHER OF#$*@&! What the […]

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  • anthropologie-facile-camp-shirt-green-shopping-blouse

    The Almost Purchase of the Facile Camp Shirt(s) a.k.a How I Curbed My Shopping Temptation!

    Tweet Just the other day I was reminded how far I’d come as a former shopaholic. I was (naturally) lusting after something I couldn’t have: a piece of clothing. Specifically, THIS piece of clothing from Anthropologie: The Facile Camp Shirt And it even comes in […]

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  • Holiday-Gift-Guide-Man-Men-100

    Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Gifts under $100

    Tweet By popular demand, I am making a gift guide for guys. Not being a guy and dating a guy who isn’t really into STUFF makes it sort of difficult. That being said, I ended up finding a lot of interesting things I’d want, as […]

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  • Gifts-For-Her-2010-Holiday-Guide-FB

    Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Gifts under $100

    Tweet Don’t worry, I threw a nice mix of geek and chic in there with some of my own favourite items. I have a lot of things on the list that are under $50, so don’t be fooled by the title. 2010 LIST OF GIFTS […]

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  • lifehacker-paris-desktop-makeover

    A Parisian Office Makeover

    Tweet I know some of you *cough* Carolyn of hang on little tomato *cough* are obsessed with France and all things French, so when I came across this office makeover on LifeHacker, I just had to share. I think it’s chic and beautiful. It looks lovely. […]

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  • office-worker-woman-desk-laptop-business-job-career

    Blogging Series: “If I Were a Boy”

    Tweet A common complaint among working women, particularly in very male-dominated industries is: Would I make more as a man? BACKGROUND Age: Late 20s Industry: Consulting – Male-dominated Role: Consultant (Freelance) Years of Experience: 5 Country: Canada — No specific place; I’ve been all over […]

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