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    How to Make Money Online: Part Two (Blogging)

    Tweet Previous: How to Make Money Online Part One So this is something I have a little experience with, with this blog and The Everyday Minimalist. With a blog you can make money quite a number of ways. Blogging is more time intensive than searching […]

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    Unemployment in the United States


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    How to Make Money Online: Part One

    Tweet Everyone always wants to know how you can make money online, especially if you’re in debt and trying to clear it. Every penny counts, so here goes: my mini guide, complete with notes and personal experiences. MAIN WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE Surveys Swagbucks […]

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    The Million Dollar Idea: Different ways of making money by This American Life

    Tweet Before we start, I really want to draw your attention to one of my favourite blogs: Must Read: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules. I couldn’t have said it better than the Girl with the Red Balloon. She is inspirational and absolutely right. […]

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    En Masse Enabling: Did you know that Starbucks has tea lattes for 50% off?

    Tweet In Canada between 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. until January 16th 2011, Starbucks has tea lattes for 50% off. Update: Cassie of Digging up and Out says that Some locations are only discounting the bagged tea lattes. They’ll do the Earl Grey latte for […]

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  • confessions-of-a-bay-street-hooker

    Confessions of an Escort: A Look into the Life

    Tweet This was a fascinating article for me called: The Secret Life of a Bay Street Hooker (Toronto Life)* *The article is incredibly long and detailed, so while my excerpts from there are going to look like a lot, it is puny compared to the […]

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    You can’t just up and quit, conflict is a part of life

    Tweet When I wrote about my bad work day last week, a lot of commenters wondered a couple of things: Why didn’t I just quit the project Why didn’t I fight back If I could have talked to the boss aside and told her how […]

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  • Entrepreneur

    An Entrepreneur in a Nutshell

    Tweet Note: This is not a “Hey you should be a business-owner or else you’re a loser” post. Just reading through and finding a lot of themes I thought would make a fine post for those of you who think you might like to become […]

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    The Fabulously Broke in the City Year 2010 in Review = +$130,101

    Tweet Pic of the day from The Telegraph THE BLOG: FABULOUSLY BROKE IN THE CITY 2010 (A little Wordle action going on up there) I feel like I’ve grown so much as a blogger this year. Thanks to everyone out there for making this blog what […]

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    Had a rough work day, and what did I learn from it?

    Tweet I don’t know if I did. You tell me. I had such a rough work day today. I got GRILLED, y’all. GRILLED like this piece of corn: I still I have the grill marks on my back to prove it too. It isn’t all […]

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