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  • unemployment-rate-statistics-usa-august-2009-september-2010

    Unemployment rates over the past year or so: August 2009 – September 2010

    FOR THE UNITED STATES Is it wrong for me to quickly mention how pretty this graph is? I know it’s dealing with unemployment (boo!), but they did a great job. Via Flowing Data AS FOR CANADIAN DATA This just released on The Globe & Mail:...

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  • bachelor-of-science-phd-postsecret-secret-postcard

    Is all that higher education worth it?

    Out of curiousity, I asked my family member if going to school, getting her PhD and all that education was worth it in the end. She hesitated (not a good sign). Then she replied: Well I make $110k/year.I also have a flexible schedule and I...

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  • mixed-metal-ring-asterrisk-

    Interview: ASTERrisk, an Etsy jewelry designer

    Today I’ll be interviewing Alisa a jewelery designer who has a shop called ASTERrisk on Etsy. She has an organic feel to her jewelery, and the designs are really inspired by nature. WHO I AM AND WHERE I GREW UP My name is Alisa Webster,...

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  • October-2010-FB-Personal-Expenses-Pie

    October 2010 Budget Roundup +$18,136

    INSPIRATIONAL PIECES OF ADVICE Beyond Norms featured my other blog (The Everyday Minimalist) as one of the 15 bloggers which includes some pretty big names (not referring to my blog of course) to answer: ‘What’s the wisest and most inspirational piece of advice you’ve come...

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  • my-milk-toof-ihae-happy-halloween-costumes-dress-up

    Happy Halloween!

    Does everyone know My Milk Toof? I love this blog. She just posted this image, SO CUTE! I bought her book with the ickle and lardee stories and I will treasure it forever. That is something you just can’t buy for an e-book reader.

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  • chun-li-nerd-baby-laugh

    To my future offspring: Prepare yourselves!!!

    After 9 months of carrying you and popping you out after hours of intense labour, you will be at my mercy for the first 5 years to dress up in cute little costumes. I know some of you will find it creepy, but I’d probably...

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  • Three Girls women size skinny weight fat women girl woman

    Is your weight affecting your salary?

    Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal reports on the study out of the University of Florida, which found that women who weighed 25 pounds less than the norm made about $15,572 more than average-weight women. Women who weighed 25 pounds more than average made...

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  • fabulously-broke-in-the-city-blog-2010-october-new-design

    Businesses I’ve Owned: Past & Present

    From Debt Sucks’ blog post about his business ventures, it got me to thinking about the ones I’ve had, and the number surprised me. If we’re counting blogs as businesses, then my grand total so far is 8*! MY PAST: *BUSINESS #??: Paper Girl I...

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  • cat-cats-friends-happy-couple

    My Life As I Know It

    So what’s been going on lately? I feel like I haven’t updated everyone on what’s been happening. I miss writing my random life posts. (ME + BF) BAD BACK & DIZZINESS. GREAT. So.. I basically have been bedridden for two weeks. Why? Because I pinched...

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  • lemon-car-drive-driving

    Image all boils down to the car you drive, apparently

    By now, everyone knows  I drive an old, old, OLD car. Like past a decade old and still kicking. It isn’t pretty, it’s scratched up, it doesn’t have automatic anything (except windshield wipers) and I have to drive at 50 km/h so it doesn’t rattle...

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