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    The Meaning of Values: Resale versus Retail

    Tweet Retail = The cost of what it is on the shelf in stores today. This is also what I consider as “Replacement Value”. Resale = The amount of money you can get if you sell it today The difference between the two can be […]

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  • stock-crime-bloody-fingerprint

    The dirty secret of designer logo chasing

    Tweet Millions around the world buy and sell counterfeit. You may even own a counterfeit bag, yourself. It is not a victimless crime Don’t fool yourselves. I am far from being able to judge anyone for owning a counterfeit anything, but do not kid yourself. […]

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  • totoro-cat-bus

    Still More Interesting Articles from around the Globe

    Tweet Japanese pensioners (engineers) offer to brave radiation risks This made me cry. Volunteering to take the place of younger workers at the power station is not brave, Mr Yamada says, but logical. Mr Yamada has been getting back in touch with old friends via […]

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  • 50s-couple-money-spend-rich-man-woman-cash

    What is “Success” exactly?

    Tweet Imagine this… A guy with a great family, a high-paying high-profile job he enjoys, pots of money banked, wonderful friends and the golden touch with anything he decides to take up (learning a new instrument, sport, language…) Got it? As a society, we’d call […]

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  • Hong-Kong-Ladies-Market-5

    Hong Kong – Ladies Market

    Tweet Hong Kong was a lot of fun to visit and to SHOP! 🙂 I cannot say that I bought very much in any of these markets (I’m a freak about quality and fit for clothing these days), but I enjoyed visiting the markets, nonetheless. […]

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  • chocolate-box

    Does how you eat a box of chocolates determine your will to save or spend?

    Tweet If you had chocolates like this in front of you, how would you eat them? BF would eat the whole box so he wouldn’t have to think about them. I’d eat some and save some for later to “enjoy”. Would you eat all your […]

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  • Portugal-Lisbon-Pasteis-Natas

    Officially on Vacation Part Two: Portugal and Spain

    Tweet Just a quick post to let you know that I am on vacation…. again. This time, I’m in Portugal (Lisbon and surrounding cities) and Spain (Madrid, only). I’m probably already stuffing my face with these cream tarts (natas) in Lisbon as you’re reading this. […]

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  • 30-Items-Wardrobe-Minimalist-Essentials

    The Minimalist Wardrobe: 30-Pieces would be my Barest of Bare Minimums!

    Tweet The Background: I probably have quadruple what I am listing as my potential “Minimalist Wardrobe”, because I love variety too much. And this is after cutting back my wardrobe by 50% in 2007/2008!! So just imagine what I had in there before that I […]

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  • Singapore-Orchid-Garden-Orchid-16

    Singapore – Singapore Orchid Gardens

    Tweet These were in the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and the National Orchid Garden cost $5 SGD to enter, however it was totally worth it for me! If you want to see even more photos of the garden, head on over to my other blog — […]

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  • Macau-Shop-Keeper-Napping

    Retirement is not a right

    Tweet Maybe retirement should be a right, like high-speed internet that is written into the constitution in Finland (Thanks for that bit of info, AP!), but it simply isn’t. Just the other day I was talking to my sister and trying to coax her into […]

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