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  • not-hummus-tomato-on-french-baguette

    How to cook and eat for cheaper at home

    Tweet I normally hate doing these posts because I always think that as a reader, I’d never want to read it. This is my reaction to cheaper and “healthier” frugal eating: Ugh, people give me advice like eat oatmeal or go vegetarian but if you […]

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  • Mens-Wear-Shirts-Display-Shop

    Women should buy their clothing like men

    Tweet Rather interesting article from The Wall Street Journal: To dress well, women should shop like men. Men focus on comfort, high quality and price. That’s it. They don’t care if it’s a flat front pair of pants or if it is pleated. As long […]

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  • Hands of Time

    Would you let your parents move in with you?

    Tweet Revanche of A Gai Shan Life wrote a great post recently called Parents: The Top Bread Slice. Basically, it’s talking about letting your elderly parents move back in with you if they’re unable to live alone. Full o’ good stuff, that girl. Revanche is […]

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  • attorney-on-board

    Are law schools just a big scam? Students are graduating but not able to find jobs, let alone 6-figure salaries

    Tweet As a society we all assume that lawyers make a lot of money, no? But when I hear from readers who are lawyers, and read other law blogs on occasion, I’ve noticed a trend about how it isn’t what they expected. Not to single […]

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  • obesity-usa-america-stats-weight

    The Cost of Obesity in the United States

    Tweet THE COST OF OBESITY IN A NUTSHELL Obesity costs $73.1 billion dollars a year USA’s economic cost of obesity is $270 billion Canada’s economic cost of obesity is $30 billion Weight discrimination has increased 66% over 10 years Obese women earn 6% less Obese […]

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  • mess-sister-blame-dummies-job-work-career-books-read-funny

    How to combat frugal/debt fatigue

    Tweet Some Shoutouts: First, I want to thank Krystal of Moneyville fame and Give me back my five bucks for featuring me in a post as one of her 8 favourite PF bloggers! How awesome (and cute) is she!? Second, I literally whipped up the […]

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  • Spent-Health-Insurance

    Can you survive on an extreme budget and make tough choices?

    Tweet I know some of you are actually struggling with this in real life, but for those of us who are fortunate enough to not have such a situation, I highly recommend you go play SPENT, created by the Urban Ministries of Durham. The basic […]

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  • faces-average-nationalities-vietnamese-chinese-hungarian

    The Average Face of Different Nationalities: Do you see yourself?

    Tweet You know I have to say it…! Happy Valentine’s Day! We celebrate by hugging more and being horribly sappy to each other. BF also makes this amazing meal each year for the two of us. Then we go for a walk and count kissing […]

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  • Man whispering secret business

    The Art of Being …. Utterly SHAMELESS

    Tweet SIDE NOTE: I’ve never really understood the intention of employers to save on heating costs by turning it down so low, you’re forced to wear your winter jacket in the office. Literally. I’m definitely a tightwad for heating costs, being the one who likes […]

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  • tired-puppy-dog-work-job-career-life

    Are you suffering from frugal or debt fatigue?

    Tweet Anyone who has ever paid down a significant amount of debt, or having to deal with a massive change in spending because of a job loss or something similar would know exactly what I’m talking about. People who suffer from debt or frugal fatigue […]

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