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  • angry man woman relationship

    Ranting: Is it different coming from a man or a woman?

    Tweet Methinks so. A ex-reader who wrote in a comment and told me that even though I warned everyone I would be ranting in a post, he was to become an ex-reader because one of my former rants from almost 2 years ago or more […]

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  • Godiva-Box-2-naming

    Godiva Chocolates, Shawarma Cravings and Other Observations

    Tweet HAVING A SEINFELD MOMENT Okay so my drycleaner around the corner (never used them before), seems to not be able to find my winter coat that I dropped off for pre-winter cleaning. Wassup with that? I feel like I’m having a Seinfeld moment, and […]

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  • Jersey-Shore

    I feel downright awkward sometimes.

    Tweet Inspired by Paranoid Asteroid’s “Getting Old” post, it made me realize that sometimes I feel downright awkward around people my age. (Jersey Shore morons.) Update: I think some people are getting really hung on up on my bashing of the show, but I am […]

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  • comic-vlad-how-the-internet-works

    How the Internet Works (super cute comic)

    Tweet Click on the image to make it larger if you are squinting. Courtesy and I found it via Labnol Speaking of awesomeness, Google just gave their employees a 10% raise and a $1000 bonus (tax free). Freaking. Awesome.

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  • man-stress-frustrated-work-career-job

    I don’t know enough about my parents’ finances

    Tweet Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but my parents have a history of being clueless about money. Recently, I’ve been slacking off in the Mom & Dad Money Monitoring department, and letting other siblings take over the reins of responsibility for that. It wasn’t until […]

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  • Christmas-Tree-Fire-Fireplace-Holiday-Cheer

    So, what do you want for Christmas? (Also, read on for how to make a cheap protective cover for your handheld devices)

    Tweet This question is BOUND to come up: What do you want for Christmas?* I know it’s only the start November, but I am seeing a lot of sparkly red, silver and green decorations going up in stores. (*Apologies to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. […]

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  • SATC

    Women on TV and the Industries they work in

    Tweet I was watching some of my favourite shows on video the other day and noticed something interesting: None of them work in Engineering or the Sciences, and only a few are in sort of very male dominated industries. Check it out: Sex and the […]

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  • job-satisfaction-majors

    The most unsatisfying degrees ranked by college degree

    Tweet Psychology majors have it rough. They have the lowest job satisfaction of all the college degrees out there. Just check it out! Ms. Seidman said that the least satisfied career changers she works with tend to be those who fell into general majors, such […]

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  • unemployment-rate-statistics-usa-august-2009-september-2010

    Unemployment rates over the past year or so: August 2009 – September 2010

    Tweet FOR THE UNITED STATES Is it wrong for me to quickly mention how pretty this graph is? I know it’s dealing with unemployment (boo!), but they did a great job. Via Flowing Data AS FOR CANADIAN DATA This just released on The Globe & […]

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  • bachelor-of-science-phd-postsecret-secret-postcard

    Is all that higher education worth it?

    Tweet Out of curiousity, I asked my family member if going to school, getting her PhD and all that education was worth it in the end. She hesitated (not a good sign). Then she replied: Well I make $110k/year.I also have a flexible schedule and […]

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