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    Would I change my view on money if I made less?

    Tweet Reader Zan wrote an extremely thought-provoking question for me in my post: Do men prefer women who make less money than they do? a while ago: If you are your BF started significantly more money–like double what the other one makes (and not as […]

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    The Stability Argument: Buying a Home vs. Renting

    Tweet On The Monevator, I read about how first-time homebuyers may be paying their mortgage well into retirement. With their parents’ help, they generally buy their first home around the age of 31, but without any help, it’s around the age of 37. (P.S. If […]

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    Generational Poverty: What is your motivation to save?

    Tweet Stellar post by Revanche: Generational Poverty, and how she manages to ‘keep going’ in terms of saving money. Personally, I never want to go back to my college days. Working 80-100 hour weeks, school 40 hours a week, sleeping a few hours a night, […]

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    What I bought!

    Tweet ELECTRONICS Picked up a Canon G12 Camera for my trip to Asia. It was $569.99 in the stores, but I basically price-matched and haggled it down over the next 14 days to $479.99. Savings? Around $90. Long story short, I love it. If you […]

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  • Why-Chinese-Mothers-Are-Superior-

    Superior Parenting: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior — Are they really?

    Tweet You are in for a long, intense article today. I hope you’re up for it. I’m sure you’ve all read that controversial article on WSJ by Amy Chua — Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior. Few of things first: If you haven’t read it, I’ll […]

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    March 2011 Budget Roundup = +$8945

    Tweet Biggest news for my roundup? I finally hit the $200,000 net worth. By the way, this is not an April Fool’s post. I hate all that, so there are no tricks or jokes hidden in this post. First, I forgot to mention this but […]

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  • Household-Expenditures-Annual-The-Millionaire-Mind-Chart-Ove-90000-Pie-Chart

    What do people spend in an average household budget?

    Tweet As you all know, I’ve been reading The Millionaire Mind. (I’m starting on Millionaire Women Next Door, next!) I was nearing the end, and then I came across this awesome chart breaking down average household expenditures, which I think is interesting enough to re-post here: […]

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    What we buy for a week in groceries

    Tweet I thought I’d follow eemusings‘ example and talk a bit about how much food costs here in Canada. I daresay food is more expensive there, but we still aren’t dirt cheap compared to how much things cost in the United States (not to mention […]

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    For every 5 men who earn a 6-figure income there is 1 woman

    Tweet Am finishing off the book The Millionaire Mind, and came across these facts on pages 265 and 266: For every 5 men who earn a 6-figure income, there is 1 woman Fewer than 10% of those earning 7-figures are women Women even in top […]

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  • Designer-4

    What do you consider “Designer”?

    Tweet Designer can be a very subjective word. When I asked my friends, they told me that designer was a luxury name brand, like Louis Vuitton or Versace. You know, the idea of thousands-of-dollars-for-just-a-shirt? Just check out the Twitter conversation I had months ago with […]

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