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    What do you consider “Designer”?

    Tweet Designer can be a very subjective word. When I asked my friends, they told me that designer was a luxury name brand, like Louis Vuitton or Versace. You know, the idea of thousands-of-dollars-for-just-a-shirt? Just check out the Twitter conversation I had months ago with […]

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    Ordinary Pleasures: The Well-Kept Secret of little things that make you feel RICH

    Tweet Pleasure really doesn’t cost a lot. Savouring the basic pleasures and not taking everything that we do for granted as “what we deserve to get because we work hard”, can work wonders to help our pleasure quotient. Our brain tends to be extremely sensitive […]

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    Desserts, Desserts, Desserts

    Tweet LA MAISON DU MACARON MACARONS! From La Maison du Macaron in Montreal. (This is over a period of about a month. Yes, I’m addicted. And no, I haven’t had any since mid-March after sharing with some friends in Toronto). I got a nice range […]

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    What should your Net Worth be? Net worth by age and by income.

    Tweet I’ve been re-reading The Millionaire Next Door lately (what!? it’s an annual tradition), and I’ve been revisiting the idea of net worth benchmarks. To read the Wikipedia Notes on the book, check out their “The Millionaire Next Door” summary here. WHAT IS “NET WORTH” […]

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    Everyone has a pricetag.

    Tweet THE YEAR OF TRAVEL I proclaim this year to be The Year of Travel. I kind of half-mentioned this in passing on my other blog, but I am not working for the rest of the year. I don’t mean I’ll stop blogging or anything, […]

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    Keeping my “Eating Out” monster in check

    Tweet I actually don’t enjoy eating out. I’ve done it so much as a consultant when I was on contracts, that the idea of going to a restaurant every breakfast, lunch and dinner makes me slightly nauseous. See, as a consultant, you end up excitedly […]

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    Food, Food, Food

    Tweet Before we begin, if you’re interested in buying brand new Urban Decay Eyeliners for $9 USD each, check out the 10 colours I’m selling right now. ————————– My last food post was really well received, so as promised, here’s what I’ve been eating lately […]

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    5 jobs you wouldn’t think make a $100,000 annual salary without a college degree

    Tweet Earning 6-figures can be a daunting pipe dream for many, especially those who feel like they don’t have enough education to earn that kind of green. But what about ordinary jobs that earn $100,000 that don’t need college degrees? KEEP IN MIND THE FOLLOWING: […]

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  • Pure-and-Simple-Yorkville-Spa-Location

    Review: Pure and Simple Spa (Yorkville Location)

    Tweet In one word? AMAZING. I would definitely go back and if I could, I’d go every month! I contacted Pure and Simple to go in for a spa day but I had reservations not knowing what it would be like (never had a facial […]

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    Consulting: The quick and dirty FAQ from my perspective

    Tweet As of late, I’ve been getting an unusual amount of emails asking me what I do and how they too, can “make big bucks” (their words, not mine), and start freelancing without any experience right out of school or fresh from a job that […]

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