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    5 jobs you wouldn’t think make a $100,000 annual salary without a college degree

    Tweet Earning 6-figures can be a daunting pipe dream for many, especially those who feel like they don’t have enough education to earn that kind of green. But what about ordinary jobs that earn $100,000 that don’t need college degrees? KEEP IN MIND THE FOLLOWING: […]

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    Review: Pure and Simple Spa (Yorkville Location)

    Tweet In one word? AMAZING. I would definitely go back and if I could, I’d go every month! I contacted Pure and Simple to go in for a spa day but I had reservations not knowing what it would be like (never had a facial […]

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    Consulting: The quick and dirty FAQ from my perspective

    Tweet As of late, I’ve been getting an unusual amount of emails asking me what I do and how they too, can “make big bucks” (their words, not mine), and start freelancing without any experience right out of school or fresh from a job that […]

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    Can you learn how to be a genius?

    Tweet This BBC News Article – Is there a genius in all of us, seems to think so. Talent researchers Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Kevin Rathunde and Samuel Whalen agree. “High academic achievers are not necessarily born ‘smarter’ than others,” they write in their book Talented Teenagers, “but […]

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    Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

    Tweet Okay folks, if you are on shopping bans or a guy then move along! No money talk here, and there are a LOT of girly shopping pictures. Food pictures to follow but in this post I’ll be chatting a lot about shopping, and purchases. […]

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    Carnival of Personal Finance: The March Break Edition

    Tweet Welcome to the Carnival of Personal Finance #299 (so close to 300!!) Take a load off and take a break. EDITOR’S PICKS I tried to keep it to 10 but I couldn’t. The submissions were too good!! Being shy about how much I make […]

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    Cutting out the “I deserves” in my daily routine

    Tweet Lindy of Minting Nickels (one of my absolute favourite blogs) wrote a thoughtful post about entitlement: Weren’t we ENTITLED to live like newlywed young professional grown up parents-to-be? All of our married friends from back home were doing it. Wasn’t it supposed to be […]

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    February 2011 Budget Roundup = +$17,706.18

    Tweet TRAVEL GEAR ALMOST DERAILED MY BUDGET So as you might already have deduced, I am going to Asia for a month and a half to 4 countries and 7 cities. If you want to see how that $10,000 is broken out for my Asia […]

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    How to cook and eat for cheaper at home

    Tweet I normally hate doing these posts because I always think that as a reader, I’d never want to read it. This is my reaction to cheaper and “healthier” frugal eating: Ugh, people give me advice like eat oatmeal or go vegetarian but if you […]

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    Women should buy their clothing like men

    Tweet Rather interesting article from The Wall Street Journal: To dress well, women should shop like men. Men focus on comfort, high quality and price. That’s it. They don’t care if it’s a flat front pair of pants or if it is pleated. As long […]

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