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  • get off internet

    10 Expenses our Parents didn’t Have

    Tweet As I was budgeting with my husband the other day, I started thinking about all the expenses our parents didn’t have when we were young children. We could probably do a list the other way around too, but I found it funny to realise […]

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  • ipad kitchen

    10 Uses for your old iPad

    Tweet Are you set to get a new iPad? If you’re planning on getting one, or if you got one as a gift, don’t let your old one sit on the shelf and collect dust! There are many ways you can breathe life into that […]

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  • choose your row

    What if Having Fun Was a Goal?

    Tweet Let me ask you this: when was the last time you truly had fun? If the answer is not today or at least yesterday, you’re in trouble! 😉 I’m not a social scientist nor a brain analyst, but I wonder why so many people […]

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  • subtle 70s

    Fashion Time! – 2015 Styles

    Tweet Since it’s going on negative one thousand degrees for the third week in a row, I decided to warm myself up looking at spring styles for 2015. Warning to my male readers: this will be all girl talk, but you’re more than welcome to […]

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  • IMG_0394_2

    Small Group Vacations: Win-Win Situation?

    Tweet   My husband and I were planning to go back to the East Coast this summer. It’s not too far from home, considering the idea is to enjoy the beach and oceanfront views. My brother-in-law and his wife suggested we go together. We were […]

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  • Do You Like to Travel Alone?

    Do You Like to Travel Alone?

    Tweet I like to travel. Whether I’m looking for something a little new in my own hometown, or whether I go on a bigger trip, I love to try new things and see new places. And, while it is pleasant to have a companion when […]

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  • Facebook Effect

    How Do You Combat the Negative Effects of Facebook?

    Tweet Over the last few years, a growing body of research indicates that being on Facebook can make us more unhappy. At first, this might seem counter-intuitive. How many of us have reveled in the sense of connectedness we feel on Facebook? I think it’s […]

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  • financial statements

    Why I Still Reconcile My Account Statements

    Tweet In today’s technologically advanced world, it might seem as though there is no reason to reconcile account statements. After all, you can get a view of what is happening in your account in real time, whether you just log in, or, more likely, you […]

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  • bankruptcy

    Huge Debts? Maybe Bankruptcy Isn’t the Right Option

    Tweet As a new year gets under way, many consumers are looking at their finances and trying to decide how to best improve them. When setting financial goals, it makes sense to consider feasibility. For some, the idea of bankruptcy is attractive because it seems like the […]

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  • stock-work-businessman-laptop-cellphone-career-job

    Need to do a group presentation? Read this.

    Tweet First impressions count. A lot. In a group presentation, be it a choir or just a business presentation, the details count. People are visual Look nice. Make sure your shoes are clean and shiny, you don’t look messy and your hair is pulled away […]

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