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    How to Minimize Your Life Finances

    Tweet Finance is involved in every aspect of your life, whether it be directly or indirectly. Managing your money wisely and deciding what you really need to survive helps you manage your life finances better. It is helpful to create a monthly payment schedule on […]

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  • Chickpea-Potato-Cake-Asparagus-Garlic-Recipe-Cook-Food

    Weddings: What do you remember the most after it’s done?

    Tweet I got married over 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve attended at least one wedding per year. I’m about to turn into a wedding planner! 😉 Sure I’m joking, but I must admit I really enjoy looking at the details, how different or similar […]

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  • pay here

    4 Smart Way to Borrow Cash This Winter

    Tweet If you want to pad your budget with some extra cash, but are short on funds, you can borrow money to cover your shortfall. The four smart sources of winter cash include loans from family, banks, credit cards, and personal loans. Free and Low-Interest […]

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  • 6 figures

    Running an ecommerce Website on a Budget

    Tweet Online shopping has increased dramatically with 85 per cent of the world’s population choosing to shop online. For those of you looking to run an ecommerce website, it can be an easy way to make money but only if you know how to budget. […]

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  • madame-bovary

    Lesson learned from “Madame Bovary”

    Tweet “Madame Bovary” written by Gustave Flaubert is a wonderful example of what happens to us when we get consumeritis. To get money she began selling her old gloves, her old hats, the old odds and ends, and she bargained rapaciously, her peasant blood standing […]

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  • Everyday Finance

    How to Budget and Set up a Saving Plan when you’re in your 20’s

    Tweet Being in your twenties means that it’s officially time to wave goodbye to your childhood years and start growing up. Sad as it may be, the days of and blowing your entire payslips on whatever you wanted are over. Now that you’re in your […]

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  • debt2

    How Best to Budget and Save in 2016

    Tweet We’ve only just got started with 2016, but most people’s New Year resolutions have probably been broken already! While the promises to get to the gym more or cut down on alcohol are easily swept under the rug, there are some resolutions worth sticking […]

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  • stock-closet-wardrobe-clothes-clothing

    Do you use your job to justify your spending?

    Tweet I remember when I first started working I thought: OMG! I need all of these new clothes 😀 😀 😀 So I went shopping. I picked up way more of what I wanted in the items I didn’t need. Suits? Why did I buy […]

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  • budget

    Look amazing on catwalks: on the tiniest budget

    Tweet You want to be decked out in the finest couture, clothed in garments from Paris, Milan and Rome, and smothered in the kind of skincare products that make you look like the finest glamour-puss to grace the Earth. But the reality of your finances […]

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  • City-Polaroid-Stockholm-Sweden

    Don’t wait to retire before you travel

    Tweet A new year has just started and I’m asking you: what will it be fulfilled with? If you are able to save up money to take a small trip (a week) to a dream destination like Paris, don’t wait! Do it when you are […]

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