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  • Beijing-Street-Cart-Breakfast

    Beijing – Food Stalls and Food

    Tweet Beijing and Asia in general is all about street food. Here are some of the things that Beijing-ers chow down on.

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  • BeatHolidayStress-woman-couch-shopping

    A True Story: The Dark Side of Financial Insecurity

    Tweet Two years ago, my friend contemplated suicide. She had a husband and two kids, she was $50,000 in debt from living expenses, the only one holding down a job, and her husband spiraling deeper into depression, cutting himself off from the world. He’d shut […]

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  • woman-grocery-shop-cart-food

    What are you NOT spending on groceries?

    Tweet I had this question posed to me by a fellow colleague who was stumped as how we could live on $300/month for the two of us eating in groceries. He says he spends about $700/month just for the two of them. I basically said […]

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  • baby-feet-hands-small

    What’s in a baby name?

    Tweet There is an American-Australian couple (white, if you must be specific), who named one of their three kids, a boy: Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles. (Read article here) Or for short, “Yo Xing”. He is not adopted at all. It sounded […]

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  • Beijing-No-Diapers

    Beijing – The People and the City


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  • stock-glasses-work-career-read

    The King of Cheap

    Tweet Story time! My father was the King of Frugality. I like to call it being the King of Cheap because there were some pretty questionable things he did when I was a kid that appalls people (especially BF) when he hears of what my […]

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  • woman-money-cash-coins

    The sooner you start the better: Why procrastination just delays the inevitable

    Tweet As it is with life, finances and things everyone hates to do — the sooner you start, the better. Procrastination just delays the inevitable. If you have $4000 worth of debt and one Saturday night you think: OMG I should clear that!, then you […]

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  • rocks-stone-zen-balance-calm

    No one is in competition with each other: it’s all in your head

    Tweet I certainly don’t feel like I fit into a neat category. (Maybe I do, and I just can’t see it objectively.) See, I love clothes and shopping, but I am not in debt for it, nor have I paid a cent in credit card […]

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  • Singapore-Shoes-Happy

    Singapore – Signs and Marketing (Ads)!

    Tweet I found Singapore to have the most creative, interesting ads out of all the cities. Granted, I don’t read Chinese so I cannot judge China fairly, but even so.. 🙂 It is definitely a city of fines and prohibited actions. That said, I appreciate […]

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  • stock-zen-flipflops-bamboo

    How I got out of debt

    Tweet I think the question people ask me the most is: How did you get out of debt? These are the 7 steps I followed: 1. Deciding one day, to get out of debt & stay out of it 2. Tracking all my debts down […]

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