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  • anthropologie-facile-camp-shirt-green-shopping-blouse

    The Almost Purchase of the Facile Camp Shirt(s) a.k.a How I Curbed My Shopping Temptation!

    Just the other day I was reminded how far I’d come as a former shopaholic. I was (naturally) lusting after something I couldn’t have: a piece of clothing. Specifically, THIS piece of clothing from Anthropologie: The Facile Camp Shirt And it even comes in black!...

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  • Holiday-Gift-Guide-Man-Men-100

    Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Gifts under $100

    By popular demand, I am making a gift guide for guys. Not being a guy and dating a guy who isn’t really into STUFF makes it sort of difficult. That being said, I ended up finding a lot of interesting things I’d want, as a...

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  • Gifts-For-Her-2010-Holiday-Guide-FB

    Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Gifts under $100

    Don’t worry, I threw a nice mix of geek and chic in there with some of my own favourite items. I have a lot of things on the list that are under $50, so don’t be fooled by the title. 2010 LIST OF GIFTS Apple...

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  • lifehacker-paris-desktop-makeover

    A Parisian Office Makeover

    I know some of you *cough* Carolyn of hang on little tomato *cough* are obsessed with France and all things French, so when I came across this office makeover on LifeHacker, I just had to share. I think it’s chic and beautiful. It looks lovely. For...

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  • office-worker-woman-desk-laptop-business-job-career

    Blogging Series: “If I Were a Boy”

    A common complaint among working women, particularly in very male-dominated industries is: Would I make more as a man? BACKGROUND Age: Late 20s Industry: Consulting – Male-dominated Role: Consultant (Freelance) Years of Experience: 5 Country: Canada — No specific place; I’ve been all over the...

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  • 800px-Flag_of_Anguilla

    If my blog were a country..

    If my blog were a country, it’d be larger than Anguilla! Anguilla (pronounced /æŋˈɡwɪlə/ ang-GWIL-ə) is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Find out your own Blog’s Empire Stats here And...

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  • 1964-generational-quiz

    I was born in 1964!

    Okay not really, but this generational quiz says so. To be fair to the quiz, I didn’t really recognize a lot of the famous singers or athletes, and for the toys, I might have picked very ‘old’ toys seeing as I picked the little kitchen...

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  • couple-happy-relationship

    The secret to a happy relationship is in the sharing

    You know how there are parts of meals that someone likes but another doesn’t? For example, I like to eat only the stuffing in turkey, but not the turkey itself, whereas my mom hates the stuffing but likes the turkey. Or take dark or white...

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  • frugal-divorcee-the-atlantic

    $88,000 and a family becomes debt-free after 3 years

    My favourite line of the whole video was Carole Caroll (a slightly difficult name for me to say) saying that they didn’t want to declare bankruptcy: ”We made the debt, we should pay for it!” And Don Carroll — “You learn to live with what you...

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  • university-college

    Questioning Readers: What was/is the cost of tuition in your country?

    All this talk about student loans and tuition made me realize 2 things: We are all paying different amounts of tuition and getting different subsidies (if any) Outside of the States and even in Canada, tuition seems to be more affordable (seems being the key...

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