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  • God-Tithing-Money-Hand-Reach-Spiritual

    Can you really afford to tithe?

    Tweet This is inspired by Financial Uproar’s post: “God wouldn’t approve of this post.” He wrote: Giving away 10% of your income is a pretty poor way to get rich. It doesn’t matter who you give it to, it’s gone. It can’t be invested for […]

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  • Shanghai-Museum-Water-Vessel-2

    Shanghai – Shanghai Museum (Part Two)

    Tweet *snicker* A chamber pot. You pee in its mouth 🙂 Then you sit it upright on its flat edge… We saw a lot of different styles of chamberpots. A pillow! A very cool pillow.   A steamer. This is a wine vessel, you can […]

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  • potatoes

    The War Menu: Living with $100 a month for food

    Tweet Inspired by my West Coast girl Krystal, who caught some flack for mentioning wanting to try out an emergency food budget of $100 a month, I thought I’d post BF’s war menu. See, this idea came about when he saw our food budget rise […]

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  • watch-time-debt

    Waiting for our debts to disappear

    Tweet Ever think to yourself: When I am 65 and ready to retire, I’ll be debt-free? I just have to clear this car/mortgage/line of credit all in due time. Well I read in the August 30th’s issue of the Toronto Metro that CIBC (a Canadian  […]

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  • Burberry-Regimental-Wool-Trench

    August 2011 Budget Roundup -($2089.15)

    Tweet WHAT I BOUGHT IN EUROPE Ahh shopping. Is there anything cooler than finding stuff you’d never find in your own home country, let alone continent? 🙂 Okay perhaps saving money is a better option but .. these are wearable souvenirs, folks! I’ll actually use […]

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  • Shanghai-Museum-Statue

    Shanghai – Shanghai Museum (Part One)

    Tweet This museum my favourite price (FREE!!!!!!!) It’s located across/near the area of People’s Square. Quite easy to find and get to, but it doesn’t really have a big sign exclaiming: SHANGHAI MUSEUM HERE! It was packed after 11 a.m., which is why we were […]

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  • stone-home-house-old

    Living the Dream

    Tweet There is a family we met in Portugal who are blue collar workers – a mechanic and a school assistant. They have a small farm on the side with 600 olive trees to import to the States, and a smaller home farm. They make […]

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  • Portugal-Beans

    The Crisis Climate in Europe: Portugal

    Tweet Just a short note on what’s going on. Yes, I am on vacation but how can you resist a request like this from a fellow Canadian blogger? 🙂 To say that people are concerned about the debt crisis and the Euro is an understatement. […]

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  • Burberry-Regimental-Wool-Trench

    What I am currently eyeing

    Tweet Eying, not buying. 🙂 These are just on my Sort-of-Wish List, but I am not committed to buying anything. Yet. WOOL TRENCH COAT A lower-priced trench coat similar to this Burberry Regimental Wool Trench coat. It’s $1600, so I am not keen on spending […]

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  • cat-animal-surprised-surprise-caught-ashamed

    Flaws. Here are mine, what are some of yours?

    Tweet I have them, you have them, and Amy from Rainy Saturday has ’em. (She inspired me for this post) Credit So my flaws? Here goes! I’m tough on myself. Like really tough to where I randomly replay my foibles from Grade 2 in my […]

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