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    The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of The Photograph

    Tweet I’m just about on my way back to Canada, but if you want to see a sneak preview of the pictures to come from my Asia 2011 trip, head on over to my Everyday Minimalist blog — Trip to Asia 2011 photos and preview. […]

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    Top 5 Stupid things I Waste My Money On

    Tweet 1. Bank fees Most notably when I write a cheque and they take forever to cash it. I. Hate. Writing. Cheques. I like keeping a $0 balance in my chequing account and I always forget that I have a cheque out (even if I […]

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    Finding substitutions

    Tweet I had wanted a pair of traveling chopsticks for a while. Why, might you ask? Because I have sturdy plastic forks, spoons and knives when I travel, but it just doesn’t taste or feel the same if you have to fork a piece of […]

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    Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs

    Tweet In case you missed it, here are the Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs. CNBC also came up with a list of the Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs What makes a job not stressful? They are jobs that involve little danger and minimal physical demands. […]

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    Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

    Tweet CNBC came up with a list of the top 10 most stressful jobs. What makes a stressful job? Factors that weighed into stress include work environment, job competitiveness, physical demands, deadlines, on-the-job dangers and even the job’s growth potential. 1. Commercial Airline Pilot Average annual […]

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    Sockless in the City: How to help prevent food odour

    Tweet I ADORE wearing sandals and shoes in the summer without socks. For one thing, I just hate putting them on, and for another, they tend to add an extra layer of warmth that is not needed on a super hot, humid day. But foot […]

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    Saying “No”, even to yourself

    Tweet As with everything in life, there are limits. Bank accounts have a limit of how much you can withdraw based on how much you actually have. Credit cards and lines of credit have limits on how much you can borrow. Your time is no […]

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  • Credit: Streetroots

    Overspending is like a drug addiction

    Tweet On TV the other night, there was a story about a guy who was a workaholic beggar in Portugal. I know this sounds strange “workaholic beggar” but the guy worked a lot harder each day compared to his compatriots. The only difference is that […]

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    Why are we always rushing?

    Tweet I am not a huge fan of driving in big cities. I am not scared of it, I am just annoyed. I hate it when people rush from one red light to another. What’s the point? Why are you slamming on the gas pedal […]

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    Living within your means: What does it mean?

    Tweet What does “Living within your means”, mean? It means you cannot afford your lifestyle without borrowing from someone or somewhere. 3 Indicators: If you are relying on credit (lines of credit, mortgage consolidation, credit cards, friends/family) to get by each month, you are living […]

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