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    Are you suffering from frugal or debt fatigue?

    Tweet Anyone who has ever paid down a significant amount of debt, or having to deal with a massive change in spending because of a job loss or something similar would know exactly what I’m talking about. People who suffer from debt or frugal fatigue […]

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  • man-suit-money-bill-cash-wall-street-smile

    What would happen if guys didn’t have to impress women with their salary?

    Tweet Of course I am going to come out and say the obvious: Not every woman is after a man for his money, and not every man is looking to make the big bucks to impress a woman. Now that’s over and done with, what […]

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  • Wired-Scratch-lottery-Ticket

    Can you really get rich off playing the Lottery?

    Tweet I once wrote an article called: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but I may just have to eat my words! Or at the very least, modify them to say: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but a Scratch Lottery […]

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  • laziness-and-working-statistics

    Working Hard or Hardly Working? Statistics about Workplace Productivity

    Tweet Here’s a fun little infographic on working Or should I say.. NOT working? Via Good Feed

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  • La-Maison-du-Macaron-Montreal-QC

    January 2011 Budget Roundup -$(8154.88)

    Tweet Let me just say that this kitten has clearly done more yoga than I have in January 2011. Cute kitten originally seen on Never Niche! To be fair to myself, I’m not a cute little kitten, so how can I expect to be able […]

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  • secret-world-of-shoplifting

    The Secret World of Shoplifting

    Tweet Big thanks goes out to J$ of Budgets are Sexy for posting: True Life — I live in a hotel, my guest post on his blog today. —————————————————————————————————- I was watching a CBC documentary last night called The Secret World of Shoplifting, one of […]

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  • library-college

    Kate, a Graduate Assistant Budget and Future Goal Breakdown

    Tweet Reader Kate (very nicely) asked me to help her out with this budgeting thing and cash flow. I cannot do every single budget that comes along, so I’ll tend to do big budget and my notes for each situation and hope that it helps […]

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  • FB-Outfits-Flickr-Gallery-All-Wardrobe-Closet

    How I am Shopping Smarter: Cataloguing my clothing onto my iPod Touch

    Tweet Now that my 2010 shopping ban is over, I came up with the idea of cataloguing my clothing onto my iPod Touch for easy access. Before I started the process, I didn’t realize how many grey sweaters I had until I did this. To […]

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  • Food_FB_Short-Ribs-Glazed-Korean

    Food Feasts: December 2010 and January 2011

    Tweet Okay so here are all my pent up food pictures from December 2010 to January 2011. BF cooked most of the meals you will see below (he loves it, it’s his thing). We make a great team because my thing is to sit there, look […]

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  • girl-shopping-woman-bags-store

    How does it feel after going through a year long shopping ban?

    Tweet Before we start…some companies I’ve been annoyed with lately: rant/ Starbucks Why the hell are some franchises (like ones in a hotel) not under the Starbucks Rewards program? That’s just a load of CRAP. The girl told me: We’re not a normal Starbucks. We’re […]

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