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    Sometimes you just want a big piece of cake

    Tweet You know how people say: Hey, I’m totally fine with eating only fruits as being my only form of sugar? I can eat an apple and have my sweet tooth satiated (Meg I am looking at you!) 🙂 Well that doesn’t seem to work […]

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  • europe-2011-fb

    September 2011 Budget Roundup -($15,277.09)

    Tweet Truer words were never said: what teachers really want to tell parents, a nice follow-up article to my earlier post: fighting our own battles. EUROPE: THE SECOND ROUND Getting excited about my upcoming trip to Europe!!! That’s all I can think about right now. […]

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  • Macau-Street-Sign-Shop

    Macau – Signs and Marketing

    Tweet  Macau was interesting for me because it was Portuguese… but CHINESE! 🙂  I loved the signs. So Old World, and traditional all around. Lots of great photo-taking opps.

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  • career-woman-work-business-job-employment-meeting

    Do you live to work or work to live?

    Tweet Do you live to work or work to live? Many will quickly say: I work to live! I want to take time off, relax, it’s just a job, it’s just money, and my family matters a lot more Anyone who says otherwise, that they […]

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  • 5-cities-europe-2011-round-two

    Europe 2011 – Part Two (Traveling again)

    Tweet As I mentioned, I’m leaving for Europe (again) pretty soon and I managed to get some numbers out this time because I’ve just booked everything. Where I am going: Paris, France London, England Vienna, Austria Brussels, Belgium Stockholm, Sweden Where the money is going: […]

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  • Hong-Kong-Chinese

    Hong Kong – Signs and Marketing

    Tweet   Hong Kong had such an interesting vibe. I loved the huge signs in the streets, and the whole city was incredible.     I know they’re using the word like in Latin, but still. *childish giggle*      

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  • stock-cash-money-bills-bahrain-currency

    Cut everywhere, not just what you want to buy

    Tweet When people don’t have money, they tend to cut out what they want to buy. New couch? We’ll hold off on that. Daily coffees? We’ll stop that too. Upgrade to a new car? Maybe net year. But where people should really cut, is everywhere […]

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  • Google-Reader-Shared_4

    Google Reader Shared Items: How to find your URL to share with others

    Tweet I share a lot of articles from around the web (like real-time Link Love) via my Fabulously Broke’s Shared Items RSS Feed, located here: 1. In Google Reader at the very top under Add Subscription, open the + sign on All Items in […]

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  • martin-margiela-money-shoes

    Does holding or wearing designer anything, automatically mean you’re a high maintenance shopaholic?

    Tweet I firmly say: NO WAY! to that. I once had a friend carry a Louis Vuitton purse to a bar, only to have a guy lean over and slur: “You’re too expensive to maintain for my tastes!” And to elicit that, all she did […]

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  • Shanghai-Cat

    Shanghai – Signs and Marketing

    Tweet     More interesting pictures and photos from Shanghai. Engrish 🙂 I love it! Plus I love that adults dress up like animals to sell what I am presuming are sandwiches. Or food of some sort.  

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