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    The True Cost of Purchases (Anatomy of a Shopping Spree)

    Tweet Just heard a story the other day. A couple we know went on a vacation and saw the most amazing handmade wall covering for $1000. Think of it as like a quilt, just.. hung on the wall. They brought it back, placed it on […]

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    June 2011 Budget Roundup -$(818.66)

    Tweet Just came back from 5 weeks in Asia I had a pretty good trip overall. No bug bites for either of us until we hit Singapore, which is a miracle. My favourite cities in order, and the ones in blue are the only ones […]

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    Interesting Articles from around the Globe

    Tweet When I am on vacation, I still read a bit of my Google Reader Favourites and Shared Items and I always email interesting stuff to myself that I want to share with everyone. Here’s Part One of the links I’ve collected over 5 weeks. […]

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    When your actions define who you are: Blogging and Personal Finance, how did I ever get here?

    Tweet eemusings did an awesome post called when writing is in the blood. She always knew she wanted to be a writer, and it was just in her blood so to speak, so blogging is just the natural extension of that. I think that’s amazing, […]

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  • Hong-Kong-Fruit-Stall

    Asia 2011: What my trip cost in total = $7807.38

    Tweet For my half, I spent a total of $7807.38. Without the shopping, it would have been around $7000. BF only spent $100 on shopping for some gifts for his family. I’m the one that went overboard and spent $1000! Here’s the budget breakdown: Click […]

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    How to achieve lasting wealth

    Tweet Here are my own personal 10-points to build lasting wealth not only for myself, but for my future kids. Spend less than what you earn (and save the rest) Save at least 10% of your gross income each year Have an emergency fund of […]

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  • Lotus-Silk-Scarf

    Shopping in Asia: What I Bought

    Tweet I’m BAAAAAAACK!!!! I’m in Toronto for about 3 weeks and then I’m leaving for Europe for 2 months (Portugal and Spain). And yes, there’ll be more shopping and spending 😛 😛 On that note, I figured I’d start off with a little post on what […]

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  • Sephora-Cleansing-Pad-Review-Exfoliator-Package-Front

    A cheaper alternative to face scrubs and exfoliants: The Sephora Cleansing Pad

    Tweet Now that my skin has calmed down, is “normal” (not oily or dry) and is relatively clear, and a bit sensitive to all harsh or irritating chemicals, I am loathe to do anything to it that will destroy its balance. For once in my […]

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    How much time do you spend on budgeting or thinking about your money?

    Tweet Every week, I spend about 3 hours a week going through my budget, checking my expenses, my balances, my transactions and thinking about the next steps for my money. (That doesn’t include taxes, by the way. That’s a whole other set of time, set […]

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    Why do you budget?

    Tweet Forget about people telling you that you should budget, you should do this and do that. If you don’t want to budget, you will feel like you are being forced to… and this will make you resent it even more. Why do you budget? […]

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