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    Overspending is like a drug addiction

    Tweet On TV the other night, there was a story about a guy who was a workaholic beggar in Portugal. I know this sounds strange “workaholic beggar” but the guy worked a lot harder each day compared to his compatriots. The only difference is that […]

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    Why are we always rushing?

    Tweet I am not a huge fan of driving in big cities. I am not scared of it, I am just annoyed. I hate it when people rush from one red light to another. What’s the point? Why are you slamming on the gas pedal […]

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    Living within your means: What does it mean?

    Tweet What does “Living within your means”, mean? It means you cannot afford your lifestyle without borrowing from someone or somewhere. 3 Indicators: If you are relying on credit (lines of credit, mortgage consolidation, credit cards, friends/family) to get by each month, you are living […]

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    Brand Loyalty and The People Who Identify with One or the Other

    Tweet Ever feel like sometimes there are camps of loyal brand followers? I’ll readily admit that I only drink hot drinks from Starbucks and not from Tim Horton’s. Note to all non-Canadians: I believe that Tim Horton’s is the brand equivalent to Dunkin’ Donuts in […]

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    If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it: Why I feel like an outsider in my family

    Tweet Everyone in my family owns a home, of at least 1500 square feet. No, they’re not all paid off, and yes, I’m an outsider for not owning one, and more importantly, not wanting to own one. They all understand in my mother’s words, that […]

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    Link, links links…

    Tweet Isn’t this bed kind of neat & girly without being obvious at first? Been sitting on these links, and thought I’d share: One item of junk food could be your 3-days worth of sugar intake Not surprising, but interesting nonetheless. Food Co-Ops What a […]

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    What is in a dollar?

    Tweet A dollar saved, is more than a dollar earned. Ergo a dollar spent, is more than a dollar spent. But a dollar spent on credit, is much more than a dollar spent. A dollar saved, is more than a dollar earned Credit When you […]

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  • 500-budget-wardrobe-business-casual-tops

    Business Casual Wardrobe on a Budget

    Tweet If I had $500 to spend on a business casual wardrobe from scratch, this is what I’d buy: 2 pairs of pants – $79 Assuming you won’t wear skirts or dresses to work (like I do, for some clients), I’d definitely pick up 2 […]

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  • Asia-2011-Trip-Cash-Money-Bills-China-RMB-Yuan

    May 2011 Budget Roundup -($11,230.19)

    Tweet GOING ON VACATION FOR 5 WEEKS!! I am doing this post mid-month because I am leaving for a month. I’ve booked all my flights, hotel and converted cash, so I have a rough idea of what I will be spending for the rest of […]

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  • ninja-elephant-worth-1000-animal

    Ninja Elephants and other awesome stories

    Tweet NINJA ELEPHANTS Many young elephants develop the naughty habit of plugging up the wooden bell they wear around their necks with good stodgy mud or clay so that the clappers cannot ring, in order to steal silently into a grove of cultivated bananas at […]

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