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    The Other Side of Freelancing

    Story time! I have a friend who has a freelancing wife. She works in a very niche area of the industry, whereas he works at a company doing a completely different job, earning (my guess) around $40,000 a year. She originally used to pull in...

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  • FB-Bee

    Sooo yeah. I think I’m stupid at WordPress

    meee brought up a great point: FB, where the hell is your blogroll on both of your blogs!??! My sheepish answer to that is I don’t know. Something happened to them (I use the same theme on both, along with the same plugins and upgrades),...

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  • my-milk-toof-ickle-lardee-spelunking

    What I’ve Really Liked This Week

    Spelunking (My Milk Toof) – One image from this adorable comic pictured above Broken Promises and Bank Accounts Part One and Part Two (Girls Just Wanna Have Funds) Secondary Income is Hard Work (Finance UR Life) New Blog Love: Single Mom, Rich Mom This woman...

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  • naked-urban-decay-eye-palette

    What I am NOT buying (for now) :)

    Instead of a post on what I want to buy within the next little while, this is what I’m NOT buying. They are legitimate things I want, but am delaying for various reasons.. some out of my control. 1. Roland RD-700 GX 88 Key Stage...

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  • china-money-cash-bills-foreign

    Being your own boss is not the only answer

    Full disclaimer: I am a freelancer who also blogs independently. I used to work for a corporation but then I quit in 2008, about a year before the recession hit. Since the recession, people have been getting laid off from their jobs and starting blogs...

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  • money-jar-coins-cash

    What do you consider “rich”? Comments please!

    Corporette asked this question a while back and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Reading Material Are you rich? (Corporette) Poor You! (Literally) (Sweet Hot Justice) $250,000 does not make you rich in my town (Above the Law) Job Satisfaction vs. a Big Paycheque...

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  • wheredidthemoneygo

    Money, Money, Money!

    QUICK LIFE UPDATE I am in an unusually good mood this weekend. I think it might be the fresh slices of ginger + honey in hot water I’ve been drinking as of late. Accomplished: Did my taxes for my business —— paid less than I...

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  • FB-Budget-September-2010-Pie-Chart_PERSONAL

    September 2010 Budget Roundup +$15,791.64

    I’VE BEEN DOUBLE-COUNTING! *facepalm* Reader David mentioned from my last budget roundup that he was surprised at my low level of income ($15,300 for the month of August) and my high hotel expenses (around $5000 for August). After his remark, I realized that the expenses...

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  • world-map-scratch-map-iwantoneofthose-france

    What countries have you visited?

    Following Asian Pear and Financial Catastrophizer‘s leads, this is where I’ve been so far: Visited 5 states (2.22%) — These is the rough list of countries and cities Toronto, Canada Montreal, Canada Ottawa, Canada Boston, USA New York City, USA Chicago, USA San Francisco, USA...

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  • couple-happy-fantasy-love-man-woman-city-garden

    The Key Factors to Happiness

    Here’s the recipe to happiness folks: read the extensive and very interesting article here (Art of Manliness). Here’s the summary of the whole article, and I made a note for myself of how many things I can check off from it. Things that correlate to...

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