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    Do poor people have a complex when they climb the social ladder?

    Tweet Before we start, thank you Financial Post’s Ora Morison for featuring me, Money Rabbit & Young and Thrifty in this article: Young bloggers look to spark fin lit passion ———————————————— A reference to “Status and Poverty” from Journal of the European Economic Association, April/May […]

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    Overspending? Watch out for these triggers!

    Tweet Using Plastic If you buy with a credit card instead of cash, it is much easier to pass over the card than if you have to physically count out the bills. The reality of the cash leaving your bank account isn’t as obvious. That […]

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    Link Love from Around The Globe

    Tweet Normally I’d leave all of this until my monthly budget roundup, but they’re starting to pile up in my inbox, so here you go Before we begin, this has been bugging me for a while. On Top Chef Masters episode 2, Kelis showed up […]

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    Do salaries plateau at the age of 40?

    Tweet Penelope Trunk (whom I read on occasion) wrote an interesting post about why salaries plateau at the age of 40. Reading both the article and the comments are highly recommended. Her points: Go where the men are, like in male-dominated industries. Rewrite your resume […]

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    An Investor’s Rollercoaster of Emotions

    Tweet Oh… so true. Via Last Born Child

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    Giving up before even trying: How people let money slip through their fingers

    Tweet Know how you wonder why some people just seem luckier? They just seem to be able to find work like contracts, or things just happen to fall into their lap? Well let me propose something radical: Maybe they just simply ask for it, put […]

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    Would I change my view on money if I made less?

    Tweet Reader Zan wrote an extremely thought-provoking question for me in my post: Do men prefer women who make less money than they do? a while ago: If you are your BF started significantly more money–like double what the other one makes (and not as […]

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    The Stability Argument: Buying a Home vs. Renting

    Tweet On The Monevator, I read about how first-time homebuyers may be paying their mortgage well into retirement. With their parents’ help, they generally buy their first home around the age of 31, but without any help, it’s around the age of 37. (P.S. If […]

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    Generational Poverty: What is your motivation to save?

    Tweet Stellar post by Revanche: Generational Poverty, and how she manages to ‘keep going’ in terms of saving money. Personally, I never want to go back to my college days. Working 80-100 hour weeks, school 40 hours a week, sleeping a few hours a night, […]

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  • Fantastic Field Skirt $88 Anthropologie

    What I bought!

    Tweet ELECTRONICS Picked up a Canon G12 Camera for my trip to Asia. It was $569.99 in the stores, but I basically price-matched and haggled it down over the next 14 days to $479.99. Savings? Around $90. Long story short, I love it. If you […]

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