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    Cut everywhere, not just what you want to buy

    Tweet When people don’t have money, they tend to cut out what they want to buy. New couch? We’ll hold off on that. Daily coffees? We’ll stop that too. Upgrade to a new car? Maybe net year. But where people should really cut, is everywhere […]

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    Google Reader Shared Items: How to find your URL to share with others

    Tweet I share a lot of articles from around the web (like real-time Link Love) via my Fabulously Broke’s Shared Items RSS Feed, located here: 1. In Google Reader at the very top under Add Subscription, open the + sign on All Items in […]

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  • martin-margiela-money-shoes

    Does holding or wearing designer anything, automatically mean you’re a high maintenance shopaholic?

    Tweet I firmly say: NO WAY! to that. I once had a friend carry a Louis Vuitton purse to a bar, only to have a guy lean over and slur: “You’re too expensive to maintain for my tastes!” And to elicit that, all she did […]

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  • Shanghai-Cat

    Shanghai – Signs and Marketing

    Tweet     More interesting pictures and photos from Shanghai. Engrish 🙂 I love it! Plus I love that adults dress up like animals to sell what I am presuming are sandwiches. Or food of some sort.  

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  • FB-Closet-Range-of-Shirts-to-Wear

    Shopping your closet: How to mix and match colours

    Tweet I’m going to try something out where instead of creating a whole other style blog, I’ll do little bits of what I wear and how I figure out what to do under a new series called: Shopping your closet. I don’t want to create […]

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  • Silk-Kimono-EM-Shopping-Japan-Embroidered-Crane

    Shopping: Makeup, thrifting for designer clothes and buying wearable art

    Tweet WARNING! HEAVY SHOPPING UP AHEAD. If this bothers your sensibilities and frugal bones, then stop reading immediately. You have been warned… 🙂 MAKEUP This tanning-from-traveling-to-hot-countries-for-so-long-even-while-wearing-long-sleeves-and-a-hat thing has really turned my skin the darkest it’s ever been. All my other concealers and foundations are REALLY […]

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    The smallest details can really ruin something

    Tweet You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: “The devil is in the details”? It’s so true, it isn’t funny. What you wear, is really important — not that it’s necessarily the right outfit, super fashion forward or polished, but that you have addressed […]

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  • Beijing-Signs-Donkey-Meat

    Beijing – Signs, Marketing and a Canadian Hangout!

    Tweet     These were signs I saw in Beijing. Some are definitely half jokes, but I am not certain about the donkey meat?     I’m sure they meant touching the fabric but… :)… maybe not!

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  • hoard-collect-exhibition-nyc-bottles-clutter-stuf

    Collecting: Hobby or Money Pit?

    Tweet I used to collect unicorns as a kid. No, not REAL unicorns, but anything with a unicorn on it. I didn’t want a normal real-live animal to collect likenesses of. No no. I wanted a UNICORN. Especially if it was purple. I had a […]

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    Own up to your actions and words

    Tweet Take responsibility for your actions and words. I know that if I go to a store, and if I am justified in being upset about something, I’m willing to argue to get properly compensated. That being said, I know when I do that, that […]

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