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    Don’t wait to retire before you travel

    Tweet A new year has just started and I’m asking you: what will it be fulfilled with? If you are able to save up money to take a small trip (a week) to a dream destination like Paris, don’t wait! Do it when you are […]

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  • car accident

    Basing Car Insurance Decisions Off Rates Alone? Think Again

    Tweet No matter what you’re buying, price is always a major factor. However, don’t choose a car insurance policy based on the rate alone. While it’s not easy to let go of each extra dollar spent, it’s worthwhile to spend a bit more if the […]

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  • start investing

    How Your Investments Impact Your Taxes

    Tweet Outside of selling in-demand goods and services, the next best way your business can produce income is through worthy investments. There are certainly no shortage of investments you can leverage to increase your profits; accordingly, all investments have advantages and disadvantages, and all of […]

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    Ingredients to avoid in your products

    Tweet A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Tricks to Cook Healthy and On Budget. I mentioned how I cook more and more at home to avoid chemicals. But which chemicals am I referring to? Here are ONLY a couple… Note: I know water (for […]

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  • one-day-the-poor-will-have-nothing-left-to-eat-but-the-rich-sign

    One day, the poor….

    Tweet     …will have nothing left to eat but the rich. Found it to be an interesting picture and quote. Via Pundit Kitchen   Definitely something to think about in the new year coming tonight! Is money only an individual responsibility? Do we, as […]

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  • christmas make up

    Merry Christmas + Makeup: Why do we wear it?

    Tweet First of, let me wish you a Merry Christmas for those celebrating it! Surely is a special one for me as I’m expecting our third child to be born in a couple days! 😉 Wish me luck! Hope yours if fill up with joy, […]

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  • trading_fxt

    Breaking Down Alternative Investment Options for Beginners

    Tweet The market is saturated with alleged methods for making substantial returns on your money. Knowing the ups, downs, and sides of each form of investment is challenging for many in the business let alone average members of the public. This is perhaps no truer […]

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  • 100_1240

    From Spending $500 for Kids Gifts to a $200 Bill: How To!

    Tweet I have two nephews and a niece. We’re also very close to a couple who have three kids. I used to spend at least $500 on Christmas gifts for them (they were less in number at the time too!). The more I thought about […]

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  • trading_fxt

    Share Trading Strategies

    Tweet Share trading strategies are numerous in nature.  Some investors use long term strategies to purchase undervalued stocks, while other employ short term technical strategies to capture small to medium term trends in share prices.  All public companies issue financial results which generally generate volatility […]

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  • insurance policy

    What Makes a Life Insurance Company Good?

    Tweet When getting a quote online from InsureChance, you’re likely to see a lot of different life insurance companies mentioned. It can even be overwhelming to try and figure out what separates one from another. That’s why we have broken it down for you so […]

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