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  • closet organization

    Turn Into an Organization Master

    Tweet Alright, so spring is finally here in Canada! Did we wait long for this one! Made me realize it’s been too long since I did some good organization around the house. I know, I’m a little freaky when it comes to cleaning, but I […]

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  • dividends

    Planning our 2016 Investment: Introducing Dividends

    Tweet Already 2016, some might say. I’d argue that it’s never too soon nor too late when it comes to savings. 😉 Truth is, last year was a hard one from a financial aspect. That’s why Mr. My Husband and I decided to make things […]

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  • brain development

    Low Family Income Affects Kid’s Brain Development

    Tweet Lately, an NBCNews article highlighted a study that demonstrates being poor affects the development of kid’s brain. I was literally shocked by this finding. Past research had already told lower income had impact of kid’s success at school or sports. But somehow, I always […]

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  • happy woman

    Is It Possible to Not Change A Thing And Still be Happy?

    Tweet I know of many people who set strong goals to reach over the years. For example, they’re aiming to have more money, to improve or change their house, to live in another country or to have a better job. And I’m here, wanting to […]

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  • mains couple

    Bling on a Budget

    Tweet Recent studies show that the average wedding costs about 30 thousand dollars. Right. I don’t know about you, but I question their mathematics and who their test subjects are! Yes, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but […]

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  • cocktail dress

    Things I Can’t Help Buying

    Tweet As I wrote earlier this year, I made a tight budget for my couples finance this year. It forced me to take on new habits and make better choices in regards to my spending. However, you can take the girl out of the shopping […]

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  • value of education

    Is a Masters Degree Worth It?

    Tweet Going to school is simple, so to speak. The work itself may not be easy, but the idea of having a set plan that you follow to achieve a goal is attractive. It’s completely different from life, where you’re completely on your own. You […]

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  • comfort zone

    Sentences for Losers: My Reply

    Tweet It may be because of my resilient personality. It might also be explained by the fact I smile a lot in my everyday life. Or because I rarely complain. Whatever the reason, I sometimes get tired of hearing false sentences. Sentences that should be […]

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  • music and brain

    Pumping Productivity with Music

    Tweet It’s Tuesday afternoon, the day is not over and as I’m used to each day, I turn the music on to boost my energy up a little. My youngest woke me up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t sleep anymore… Guess who’s lacking some […]

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  • bored guy

    Overcoming the Lack of Inspiration

    Tweet It doesn’t happen very often, but I sometimes suffer from a lack of inspiration. It might be because I’m committed into writing more this year than I’ve never been in my life. Writing has always been fun for me. The only difference is I’m […]

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