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  • go green

    Go Green, Stay Healthy and Save More

    Tweet When people talk about going green, the main reason for this is usually out of concern for the environment, which is obviously hugely important to all of us. However there are many more reasons for going green which can affect each of us much […]

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  • Vegan-Avocado-Dressing-and-Salad

    Vegan Asian Avocado Dressing and Salad

    Tweet This is seriously amazing stuff. I came up with the recipe because I thought that avocado would be nice on a salad, and then I just tweaked and experimented until I got a recipe I liked. Okay so it looks a bit gross and […]

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  • cheap travel

    5 Tips for Taking First-Class Vacations that Don’t Break the Bank

    Tweet Recently, my husband and I put together a trip to Utah and Idaho to see my family and participate in my brother’s wedding. As we began trying to figure out what it would cost, my husband began to get discouraged. The cost seemed insurmountable. […]

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  • 5 Reasons Why Life Insurance is Denied

    5 Reasons Why Life Insurance is Denied

    Tweet If you find yourself in need of a new life insurance provider, it’s important to know that you are not always automatically accepted. Life insurance companies want more than a monthly premium from you. They need you to be more of an asset than […]

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  • carnival

    The financial irrationality of entertainment at the fair

    Tweet I finally went to the Canadian National Exhibition a.k.a. “The Ex” last summer for the first time since I moved to Toronto, to mostly look (NOT EAT) at this infamous deep-fried butter dish. One word: YUCK. Anyhoo, as I was strolling around the fair […]

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  • discounted gift card

    Instant Gift Card Marketplace Access for Holidays

    Tweet A few years ago, I discovered the joy of discounted gift cards. I found that it was possible to a buy a $25 gift card to a restaurant by paying only $15. I also found gift card marketplaces in which recipients of gift cards […]

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  • dollar-bill-money-diamonds-gem

    It’s easier to make your own money

    Tweet It seems easier to make sure that you can take care of yourself financially instead of relying on others to do it for you. It just seems like a lot of work to make sure others keep their pockets open to you. It would […]

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  • #dreamtogoal

    How to Set Financial and Life Goals

    Tweet Many of the life goals we have require money. Want to travel? You need money. Want to buy a home? You need money for a down payment. From retirement to college for the kids to a new big-screen TV, if you want to enhance […]

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  • stock-shopping-sale

    If I spent it, I wouldn’t have it…

    Tweet Sometimes when my friends get really annoyed shopping with me, because I am taking forever to decide on a $2 pen or something, I get comments from my friends like: “FB, you HAVE the money. Spend it. Gosh don’t fret over a $20 item, […]

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  • Black Friday

    Is Black Friday Really the Best Deal?

    Tweet We’re pretty well conditioned in our society to assume that the best time to get a good deal on holiday shopping is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving has long been associated with good deals and the best sales. However, does that really hold […]

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