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    Acting rich is not the same as feeling rich

    Tweet The typical idea of acting rich is to drive a huge Mercedes or BMW, live in a posh condo in downtown Manhattan, or a huge McMansion in Silicon Valley. The only problem is that people who aren’t millionaires, and own huge McMansions with BMWs […]

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  • fish-dollar-cash-money-art

    Cut back without cutting out something from your budget

    Tweet Whenever we talk about trying to save a buck in our spending it’s always about cutting back and cutting something out of your budget. The other part we all seem to forget is that we don’t have to cut something out. We can just […]

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  • Red Balloons

    What if money wasn’t in the picture at all?

    Tweet In preparation for a new year and a fresh start, I thought I’d throw a question out there: What if you had so much money (millions, MILLIONS) that you could pretty much buy and do whatever you wanted? What would you do first to […]

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  • Hong-Kong-Streets-Signs

    Hong Kong – Food, Wet Markets and Delicious Things

    Tweet It’s no secret that Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities in Asia, now. BF and I wish we could go back but we’re planning other trips, which means we may not go to Hong Kong for another year or two. Or longer. […]

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  • checking-card-tracks-spending-credit

    Why you should check your bills regularly

    Tweet I reach gaily into the envelope, but my fingers don’tquite pull out the bill. They remain clutched around it while my mind is seized – as it is every month – by my secret dream. Do you want to know about my secret dream? […]

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  • changed-priorities-ahead-goal-goals-debt-saving-money

    Going bananas on my debt: A look back at how debt-obsessed I was

    Tweet BF made an observation the other day that took me back to the days of being in debt. We had been talking about a friend who is going through a rough time financially. The guy has a lot of debt, is on the brink […]

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  • girls-women-laptop-blogging-computer-career-shopping-online

    Is blogging a waste of time and money?

    Tweet This blog post is blatantly inspired by Jacq of Single Mom Rich Mom who writes so eloquently: Without a goal, a blog is a huge time suck.  And blogging is not a goal – or a means to a goal for 99.9% of people. […]

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  • Singapore-Parking-Lots

    Singapore – Transportation and Getting Around

    Tweet   Singapore is really known for their public transportation, and while they had some good ideas overall, I think they might have made it a bit too complicated/confusing for NON-Singaporeans to understand at first glance. That said, it’s fairly organized, extremely clean and wonderful.

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  • stock-fashion-style-shoes-heels

    Should a freelancer look flashy or frugal?

    Tweet I know a lot of freelancers particularly in sales, have to look like they are well off. Well-to-do, and their cars show that they are good at their jobs — selling. That being said, I’ve never found it wise to be flashy with your […]

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  • sushi-memo-pad-paper-post-its

    October 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(3361.53)

    Tweet Google Reader Changes WHY OH WHY did Google change Google Reader to not allow me to share items any more? Now I have to use this Google+ thing? I hated Facebook and this Google+ thing sounds a lot like Facebook, just with a sexier […]

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