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    Do You Have 11 Days To Control Your Finance?

    Tweet I’m very excited today as I am launching an 11 days program to help you finally take over your personal finance and to start keeping the money you earn. You work very hard for your bucks; do you feel that you get what you […]

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  • Coral Snake L.A.M.B Ilane

    5 Simple Tips to Stretch Your Shoe Budget

    Tweet Shoes are the foundation of a fabulous outfit—literally and figuratively. Think about it. Nothing you wear carries a bigger physical burden than your shoes. While your body carries your clothes; your shoes carry you. Clothes are easy. As long as they fit well, you’re […]

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  • Draft_Europe-2010_Jewellery-FB-stash-necklaces-rings-bracelets

    How I decluttered my closet

    Tweet Everyone seems to want to know the secret to decluttering my closet, so here’s my behemoth overview. How I decided to take action one day How did you get rid of all your sentimental items? How did I cut down my wardrobe by more […]

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  • livingroom02

    DIY Fridays – Home Staging: There Is a Pro Inside You!

    Tweet       2 weeks ago, I discussed how I put my home for sale by myself. This was an important decision to make since my wife and I were a bit scared of doing everything by ourselves. On the other hand , I […]

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  • The Procrastinator's Keyboard - Shop, Social Network, Watch TV. . .

    How to Procrastinate . . . the Right Way

    Tweet Given two choices, one that’s ridiculously fun and one that’s insanely boring, which would you choose? In her book Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Mignon Fogarty gives the best solution I’ve ever heard for dealing with procrastination. If you’re going to […]

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  • stock-cash-money-bills-bahrain

    New Age: Transumerism — Why own when you can rent?

    Tweet Renting is cool. At least, I think it is. Of course, it’s a fine balance between what I can afford to rent, and what I cannot (*cough* rental cars *cough*), but if I had billions of dollars, I won’t have to worry about owning […]

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  • calculator

    Payoffs versus Tradeoffs

    Tweet When deciding if someone should stay home or go to work, there are a couple of questions that go through someone’s mind, namely: What if… He/She loses her job? He/She is the sole breadwinner? He/She won’t be home often enough? He/She won’t make enough […]

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  • Nutella crescent rolls cooked

    Fun With Nutella

    Tweet A few months ago, I went to Italy with a couple friends. There, I tried Nutella for the first time. Fortunately, it didn’t taste at all like I expected. It was, well, kind of good. Even though I think of myself as a fairly […]

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  • man-suit-money-bill-cash-wall-street-smile

    Saving a lot of money is not necessarily the best thing

    Tweet Controversial title, right? What I mean by that, is many people (myself included) are under a general belief that saving as much as you can in every area, is the best PF thing you can possibly do. What we fail to mention is that […]

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  • home owner selling

    DIY Fridays: Sell Your Home By Yourself

    Tweet   In this DIY Friday, we will talk about one of the most lucrative DIY activities you can ever do in your life. Some DIY tasks will help you save a few pennies while selling your home by yourself and shortcutting the Real Estate […]

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