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  • Carnival of Personal Finance #385 — Favorite Junk Food Edition

    Carnival of Personal Finance #385 — Favorite Junk Food Edition

    Tweet Mmm pizza. Oops sorry! Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. As much as I love to train and eat well, there’s nothing like pigging out. The way I see it is that if you eat well all week and train hard, you deserve […]

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  • how to say no

    How To Say No With Class

    Tweet     Aren’t you tired of feeling like your boss’ slave?   Don’t you want your colleagues to do more work instead of dropping THEIR pile of work on YOUR desk?   Do you sometimes feel you do things nobody else wants to do? […]

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  • Steak on BBQ

    How to save money on meat

    Tweet I hear meat is a side dish in many third world countries. Unlike in the United States and Canada, meat isn’t the centerpiece of practically every meal. Although I admire some of the customs and values ingrained in other societies, I’m not prepared to […]

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  • DABAgirl-money-woman-couple-rich-cash

    Earning a high income and having a great education doesn’t make you automatically rich

    Tweet I used to believe that if I earned a lot of money, at least $75,000 – $100,00 I’d be set for life financially. It wasn’t until I was in $60,000 debt from my fancy degree, earning $65,000 a year (a very good salary in […]

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  • work-life-balance

    Work, Live What’s Most Important?

    Tweet   Some people work to live and some people live to work, which one are you?   I recently found an interesting study done by the OECD showing how many hours employees work per year and how many hours they spend for personal care […]

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  • woman watching television in robe

    Childhood vs. Adulthood – Which is better?

    Tweet Having the power to write your own rules is pretty awesome, but I gotta admit, adulthood sucks sometimes. You have to engage in all sorts of mundane activities such as working, cleaning, and filing tax returns. Yuck! As a kid, I longed for the freedom […]

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  • stressed-men-man-worried

    Are your obligations false, or real?

    Tweet False obligations are things that you think you NEED to do It’s things like having to make sure that your bathroom is cleaned every Sunday, or else the home inspector will come along and give you a failing grade. Or that you NEED to […]

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  • before after urban girl wellness

    Now that I’m a mother; Will I feel Sexy Again?

    Tweet Now that I’m a mother; Will I feel Sexy Again?   A word from Mike: “The author of this post is my sister-in-law, a girl I have lots of fun with, a caring godmother for my children as well as a devoted wife and […]

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  • dumpster fashion model

    Millionaires are disgusting

    Tweet Victoria Hunt, ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ Star, Urinates In Bottle And Eats From Dumpster To Save Money ~ The Huffington Post “Eeew! This chick is insane!” That was my initial reaction to learning Victoria Hunt, a 51-year old, Columbus, Ohio resident, uses an empty jar as […]

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  • stock-work-office-job-career-laptop-woman

    Nice people earn less money… but what’s considered ‘nice’?

    Tweet Apparently if you’re nice at work, you are most likely earning less than someone is considered a bitch or a jerk. (I read this in the Metro News in August 2011 and drafted a post, but never got around to posting it until now […]

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