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  • financial priorities

    Financial Priorities In Order And Disorder

    Tweet     What will your next dollar earned be used for?   Have you ever thought of putting your financial priorities in order? What’s the most important thing to you? Paying off your debts? Thinking about your retirement or simply buying a house? I […]

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  • Smartphone Money

    Money well spent

    Tweet Mason Cooley (whoever that guy is) once said, “Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.” And according to Benjamin Franklin, “Time is money.” If you agree with both men, then naturally, you believe regret for wasted money is more wasted money.  I dedicate […]

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  • christmas-gift-ribbons

    The psychology of gifts

    Tweet With the holiday season fast approaching, do you ever feel like you can never find the perfect gift? Do you feel like it must be a Personalized Creations gifts for it to be the best? Or you feel like if someone asks for money, […]

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  • Female carpenter at work

    Should women work in male dominated professions?

    Tweet With income comprising a huge chunk of the wealth building equation, I’m constantly on the hunt for ways us gals can boost our earnings. If your career pays just enough to cover your basic necessities, you love what you do, and couldn’t care less […]

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  • british-flag

    If it bothers you, it bothers me too

    Tweet What am I talking about? SPELLING IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. I was raised with British spelling. Colour, not color. Cheques, not checks. Neighbour, not neighbor. …and so on. It’s not something I can change because I’d have to mentally stop myself from adding “u”s […]

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  • Naturally Smokin’ Hot

    Naturally Smokin’ Hot

    Tweet When you look good, you feel good. Even in the midst of a nightmarish breakup, you can stare in the mirror, through red, weeping, swollen eyes and honestly say, “Well, at least I’m still sexy.” Who doesn’t want to be physically attractive to the […]

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  • Carnival of Personal Finance #385 — Favorite Junk Food Edition

    Carnival of Personal Finance #385 — Favorite Junk Food Edition

    Tweet Mmm pizza. Oops sorry! Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. As much as I love to train and eat well, there’s nothing like pigging out. The way I see it is that if you eat well all week and train hard, you deserve […]

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  • how to say no

    How To Say No With Class

    Tweet     Aren’t you tired of feeling like your boss’ slave?   Don’t you want your colleagues to do more work instead of dropping THEIR pile of work on YOUR desk?   Do you sometimes feel you do things nobody else wants to do? […]

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  • Steak on BBQ

    How to save money on meat

    Tweet I hear meat is a side dish in many third world countries. Unlike in the United States and Canada, meat isn’t the centerpiece of practically every meal. Although I admire some of the customs and values ingrained in other societies, I’m not prepared to […]

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  • DABAgirl-money-woman-couple-rich-cash

    Earning a high income and having a great education doesn’t make you automatically rich

    Tweet I used to believe that if I earned a lot of money, at least $75,000 – $100,00 I’d be set for life financially. It wasn’t until I was in $60,000 debt from my fancy degree, earning $65,000 a year (a very good salary in […]

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