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    Is blogging a waste of time and money?

    This blog post is blatantly inspired by Jacq of Single Mom Rich Mom who writes so eloquently: Without a goal, a blog is a huge time suck.  And blogging is not a goal – or a means to a goal for 99.9% of people. I...

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    Singapore – Transportation and Getting Around

      Singapore is really known for their public transportation, and while they had some good ideas overall, I think they might have made it a bit too complicated/confusing for NON-Singaporeans to understand at first glance. That said, it’s fairly organized, extremely clean and wonderful.

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    Should a freelancer look flashy or frugal?

    I know a lot of freelancers particularly in sales, have to look like they are well off. Well-to-do, and their cars show that they are good at their jobs — selling. That being said, I’ve never found it wise to be flashy with your money...

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    October 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(3361.53)

    Google Reader Changes WHY OH WHY did Google change Google Reader to not allow me to share items any more? Now I have to use this Google+ thing? I hated Facebook and this Google+ thing sounds a lot like Facebook, just with a sexier twist....

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    How I keep my grocery expenses down so low

    A common question people are asking me is how I keep my grocery spending to a minimum, but when I look back and what I’ve spent in the past year, it doesn’t look extraordinarily frugal to me. In fact, it looks like in the month...

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    Beijing – Shopping and Life

    More shots of Beijing Life and Shopping. It’s really a new experience to be in the middle of such pollution and to see SO MANY BIKES everywhere. (Actually I meant to write “smell a whiff of a cop”, not spot. Not going to change it...

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    Wage Gaps between Genders: Who’s responsibility is it to fix it?

    Article: The Glass Hammer — “Whose Responsibility is Fixing the Wage Gap?“ Good article in general, but I want to highlight a few points for discussion. Please, if you are going to disagree with me or especially with any of my readers commenting, I totally...

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    How much does your pet cost in a lifetime?

    Click on the image to enlarge. Source: Visual Economics The fish is clearly not a saltwater fish (those are EXPENSIVE to maintain and buy), and they’re not counting medical emergencies like surgeries or bone replacements.

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    Closet Cleanout #2 — Purses, Clothing, etc

    First come first serve! Another great closet clean out, although not as big as last time *laugh* These are all the items that I couldn’t bear to let go the last time, but alas.. their time has come because I NEED MORE SPACE.. as in,...

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    Perceived Value: The cornerstone of conscious spending (a.k.a. “frugality”)

    When you evaluate and go over every purchase you make, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s a $2000 item or a $2 item. Perceived value of the item to your lifestyle is a big factor. For me, if I need to spend $300 on...

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