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    How much stock do you put into appearance?

    Tweet A great post by Well-Heeled (one of my favourite blogs) about what your lifestyle projection is. One of the great things about America, I think, is that the way you look might be very different from your actual economic status. Which is to say […]

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  • StyleInspiration_SATCVogue

    Shopping your closet: 5 major style rules to follow

    Tweet Here’s what I follow as general style rules: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel should be The louder the piece, the more neutral the rest of the outfit should be Tight things need to be paired with baggier items so you don’t […]

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    Retirement: Benefits and Interesting Facts

    Tweet My uncle sent me an email that contained a PDF about the benefits of retiring early. Before I reveal to you its secrets (*laugh*) I want to point out the obvious: Not everyone can retire early. Not everyone wants to retire early. Retirement means […]

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  • Marketable Skills

    Career Strategy: How Marketable Are You?

    Tweet One of the things you need to consider as you map out a career strategy is how marketable you are. What skills do you bring to the table? Is there a reason that someone should hire you? You need to be able to answer […]

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  • Skin

    Achieving perfect skin, hair & nails

    Tweet When I was in Portugal, I drank direct-from-the-mountain water. It was so sweet, clear and delicious, it was as they say, just as good as wine. I ate fresh, readily available fruits and vegetables from private gardens, grown without preservatives or chemicals. After a […]

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  • More Money

    Are You Giving Up Too Much Just to Make More Money?

    Tweet The quest for money is one that consumes many people. The idea is that if you work a little harder, and make a little more money, your life will improve. Unfortunately, at some point you are likely to reach a level where making more […]

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    Traveling Essential: The Travel Wallet

    Tweet A travel wallet is essential for travelling. I basically consolidate my wallet into a travel-friendly package and it’s my Go-To, Must-Always-Carry-With-Me Wallet that makes life a lot easier when you’re hopping from one plane to another. What to store/have in a travel wallet Passport […]

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    Effective Advertising: Brand names as names of the products

    Tweet This very unoriginal thought just occurred to me today: people use brand names as the name of the product. Credit Here is the list of words I’d use on a regular basis: Kleenex = Facial Tissue Papers Band-Aid = Adhesive Bandages Chapstick = Lip […]

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  • Fundraising IDeas

    Help Others: Get Involved with Fundraising

    Tweet One of the best ways to ensure that you are well-rounded financially is to do a little good for others. Get involved in a charity, or find other ways to help. You don’t have to just give money, either. There are plenty of ways […]

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    If the lesson was expensive, don’t pay for it again

    Tweet Ever hear the one about that couple who got into consumer debt, consolidated it onto their mortgage, and then racked up their credit cards again? Me too. Here’s what I say: If the lesson was expensive, don’t pay for it again.

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