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    What are considered one-off expenses?

    Tweet I have a horrible habit of doing this. “Oh that’s a one-off.” “So is this expense.” “And this one too.” But quite frankly, if it isn’t a daily occurrence, I consider it a one off expense. Even if it’s a YEARLY occurrence like renewing […]

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  • Comparison Shopping

    Are there Downsides to Comparison Shopping?

    Tweet One of the biggest pieces of advice offered to savvy shoppers is to do a little comparison shopping. You need to do this to get the best bang for your buck, right? But what if there are downsides to comparison shopping? Before you decide […]

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    What to buy for your first apartment

    Tweet Thinking back to my very first adult apartment after getting out of college, I thought I’d do a post on what I think would be handy for a first-timer. I remember moving out and thinking: Wait a minute. What do I need? I don’t […]

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    Small Family? A Warehouse Club Membership Can Still Work for You

    Tweet When I was growing up, my parents shopped at Sam’s Club. This made a lot of sense for our family, since there were five kids. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. My parents could pay a monthly membership fee to the warehouse club […]

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  • yoghurt-and-honey

    Green Deep-Conditioning Techniques

    Tweet Method #1: Straight up plain ol’ Coconut oil Coconut oil Melt it in your hands (it melts VERY quickly, and turns into a consistency similar to mineral oil), and rub it through your hair. Tie your hair up and leave it for at least […]

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  • Career Gameplan

    What’s Your Career Gameplan?

    Tweet I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately. When I say that, people who know me look at me funny. “But, Miranda, don’t you already have the career you want?” Besides, where else can you go when you are a freelance ladder. I’ve […]

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  • 617~Dora-The-Explorer-Posters

    Could you, would you want to be a stay at home parent?

    Tweet Background into my own immediate family My dad was the stay at home father for the most part. Granted, he worked part time and my mother didn’t work at all, but she was a struggling, more-than-full-time adult student who had a lot of learning […]

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  • Yard Sale

    5 Tips for Maximizing Your Yard Sale Profits

    Tweet Summer is traditionally a time for yard sales. You can clean out your house, and sell what you don’t need or want. While a yard sale can be a quick source of cash, the reality is that it’s probably not going to be very […]

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  • Moving Day

    Are You Ready for that Move? Tie Up Your Financial Loose Ends

    Tweet During the first six years of my marriage, I moved six times. We pretty much moved each year — and that included two cross-country moves. However, we’ve been fairly settled in our current home for the last six years. I’m a little out of […]

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