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    When should you ask for more money?

    Tweet Apparently, if you are willing (able?) to leave your job, it is the best position to be in to ask for more money. This paper studies the ex-ante effect of worker separations on wage negotiations using matched worker–firm data from The Netherlands. We find […]

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    We are all ‘slaves’ to our jobs, it just depends on your mindset

    Tweet Someone once made an astute observation that even though I was a freelancer working for myself, I was still a ‘slave to my client’. This, is very true, but not entirely accurate. NOTE: This is just from my perspective as a freelancer. This does […]

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  • Wedding Gowns

    How to Save Money on a Fabulous Wedding Gown

    Tweet One of the most expensive days of your life could very well be your wedding day. If you aren’t careful, the cost can add up fast. When you consider flowers, food, venue, and the dress, it all starts to become overwhelming. It’s possible to […]

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    Do men and women become entrepreneurs for different reasons?

    Tweet Short answer? Yes. For women who become entrepreneurs, they have the genes that push them to do it, and they are not influenced by others around them to become entrepreneurs. Women are also taking into account what other people would think of them if […]

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  • Negotiation

    5 Tips for Effective Negotiation while Shopping

    Tweet One of the practices that seems to be making something of a comeback in the United States is bargaining. When you are shopping, whether you are at the department store, or whether you are shopping for a car, negotiation can help you get a […]

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    Recipe: Perfect Beginner Brownies made from scratch

    Tweet Isn’t she pretty? Cake-like on the inside, a nice crispy crust on the outside. Not oily, not too sweet, and dense, chocolate-y goodness. Actually, brownies in general are not that hard to make, but I didn’t know that until I tried making them myself. […]

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    When is paying more for quality a big deal for you?

    Tweet I was thinking the other day about my rah-rah attitude towards paying more (slightly more, not 500% more) for quality. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t if I would pay for quality, but when I would consider paying for quality. There are […]

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  • Driving vs. Flying: How to Decide

    Driving vs. Flying: How to Decide

    Tweet This is a very exciting time of year for me. It’s not just the excitement of a new year, and the opportunity to set new goals and figure out what I plan to do with my career and my money. No, the real reason […]

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    3 House Myths I used to believe

    Tweet Before I started talking about money, as a pseudo-moneythropologist, I always thought these 3 sentences were solid gold, true. Now? Not so much. Myth #1: “Buying a home = Only Building Equity” This is true to some extent. But if you haven’t paid off […]

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    How to deal with angry people

    Tweet I have definitely been in the position of coming across an angry person (or angry people), and being a very angry person on some occasions. BEING THE ANGRY PERSON Every time I get angry and someone diffuses me effectively, I step back after the […]

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