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    How do people think other people get rich, anyway?

    Disclaimer: I am fully aware that this is a First World problem, to complain about prices and money in general, but as I am living in a First World and not a Third World, this is my reality for now especially as a PF blogger....

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  • Bionic-Dress-Shape-Military

    FB Spring Cleaning Closet Sale

    New year, new clothes.. right? Okay no really, I need to make more space for my wardrobe (this closet purging is getting harder and harder, I tell ya) because I don’t want my suitcases to look like they’re bulging. I want to leave about 25%...

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  • vacation-suitcase-travel-woman-headphones-airplane

    Thinking about retirement: Why I think I may not want to fully retire

    I spent about a year in 2011 faking what my retirement might be like, and I traveled quite a bit. To recap, for about 8 months I went to the following cities around the world: Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Macau Singapore Lisbon Evora Madrid Salamanca...

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  • budget-piggy-bank-break-coins-cash-money

    Why people think $20 is more expensive than a $20 increase

    If that title didn’t make sense, it will after I explain! So where I work, you can buy a parking pass for $100. If you decide not to, the cost of parking is $6/day, and if you consider there are about 20 working days, that’s...

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  • best-pho-ever-at-pho-linh-on-dundas-and-college

    What is ‘comfort food’?

    What is comfort food to you? For me, it’s foods I am familiar with from my childhood, or tasty things that make me feel all warm, fuzzy and satisfied when I eat them. Tartiflette is a comfort food for me — sliced potatoes covered in...

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  • fabulously-broke-blogging-stats-review-2011--wordle

    The Fabulously Broke in the City Year 2011 in Review = – ($30,138.59)

    I shall name this year: THE YEAR OF SPENDING (Because let’s face it, that’s pretty much all I did this year.) Past Years in Review 2009 Year in Review = – ($22,484) 2010 Year in Review = +130,101 2011 GROWTH IN REVIEW Worked 3 months...

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  • funny-sushi-sleeping-art

    December 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(1872.06)

    More than a little awesome David Beckham action for you Yes, it’s a shill for Pepsi, but frankly I am both surprised and not at all cynical that it is a fake and all this other BS. He is that good, period. He may have...

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  • Diane-von-Furstenberg-Video-Bearable-Lightness-of-Packing

    Diane von Furstenberg: The bearable lightness of packing

    “If you can figure out your suitcase, you can figure out your life” – DvF Diane von Furstenberg makes the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen, see the few I like from her collection below: She did a very whimsical, fun video about traveling and...

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  • Asia-2011-Trip-Cash-Money-Bills-China-RMB-Yuan

    Are you upgrading your lifestyle, or simply trying to only buy quality items?

    The problem I always have is this conflict between the struggle to NOT upgrade my lifestyle and to stick to being minimalist, which means buying much less but in higher quality. Upgrading your lifestyle: is when you COULD live/make do with the cheaper option, but...

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  • clothes-beyond-closet

    Shopping your closet: Mixing styles and making pieces work double-duty

    This is a follow-up post to: 10 steps to get your wardrobe to where you want it to be from my other blog. I had a couple of readers tell me that they knew what styles they liked, but they seemed to be all over...

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