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    Purging your Wardrobe

    Tweet SELL EVERYTHING YOU CAN. Then… 1. Sort everything by it being worn out, tired, torn, pill-y, or faded. Toss. No one should be (or will want to be) wearing those clothes. Even on sale for $2. 2. Now sort by what fits and what […]

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  • diy gym

    DIY Fridays – Do You Workout at Home to Save Money?

    Tweet   Hey people!   I want to try something for the next Fridays. The idea came from a cool discussion I had with one of my friends about saving money. We were discussing how people are trying to do everything themselves (the Do-It-Yourself or […]

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  • White Piggy Bank

    How Money Can Buy Happiness and Why You Want to Believe It Can’t

    Tweet Have you ever shared your desire to amass financial wealth and received the response, “Money can’t buy happiness.“ Is permanent bliss the expected payoff for accomplishing your goals? After achieving your financial objectives, do you think you’ll experience everlasting joy? Through the loss of […]

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    Do you keep a double budget on the sly?

    Tweet I am. But wait, what’s a sneaky spender? Someone who has a budget, has a plan, has categories and still manages to go over budget in areas she didn’t mean to. The Journal of Consumer Research found that most people went shopping with two […]

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  • does age matter

    Does Age Matter?

    Tweet   When I was a teenager, I met my first girlfriend who actually became my wife. At that time, I was 15 and she was 17. This was a huge difference for many people. Even my parents were a bit concerned that I was […]

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  • Multi-colored wardrobe showcase, closeup

    How to Care for Clothes: The Poorly Dressed Grownup’s Guide

    Tweet Spring is here, and it’s time to go shopping. After I shed my winter weight, I’m hitting the outlet and shopping malls. At 5′ 9.5″ tall, finding clothes that fit me well is tough. Plus, my clothes, particularly pants, are pricier than those designed […]

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    Make it easy to eat healthier: Stock your fridge properly!

    Tweet If you are a nibbler, snacker or grazer like I am, you find that a lot of your grocery bill goes towards SNACKS — things you can grab in a pinch, eat quickly and feel satisfied without having to get sweaty and dirty a […]

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  • sabbatical year

    What You Need To Consider Before Going on a Sabbatical Leave

    Tweet       Have you ever thought of slamming the door to your life one last time and never to look back?   Have you ever thought of escaping the9 to 5rat race for a year to find your inner self?   Have you […]

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  • Blonde funny looking woman holding her notebook.

    5 No Cost (or Low Cost) Ways to Update Your Skills

    Tweet Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. ~ John Rohn Is there anything funner than earning money? Well, I can think of one thing: Learning. Fortunately, the enjoyable activity of educating yourself often leads to an increase in […]

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    Starting out: Where should you cut back first?

    Tweet For a first time budgeter, cutting back on expenses can be daunting: where do you cut? why? how? and what is the best way to use that money? I am here to suggest that you start with the hardest categories first, so that you […]

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