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    Could you, would you want to be a stay at home parent?

    Tweet Background into my own immediate family My dad was the stay at home father for the most part. Granted, he worked part time and my mother didn’t work at all, but she was a struggling, more-than-full-time adult student who had a lot of learning […]

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  • Yard Sale

    5 Tips for Maximizing Your Yard Sale Profits

    Tweet Summer is traditionally a time for yard sales. You can clean out your house, and sell what you don’t need or want. While a yard sale can be a quick source of cash, the reality is that it’s probably not going to be very […]

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  • Moving Day

    Are You Ready for that Move? Tie Up Your Financial Loose Ends

    Tweet During the first six years of my marriage, I moved six times. We pretty much moved each year — and that included two cross-country moves. However, we’ve been fairly settled in our current home for the last six years. I’m a little out of […]

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    Could your maiden name be worth over $500,000?

    Tweet A recent Dutch study at the University of Tilburg is concluding that women who keep their maiden names after marriage are seen as more professional and more likely to win good jobs and earn higher pay. The University professors estimated that this would equal […]

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  • Pay off debt

    Could Slow and Steady Be a Better Way to Pay Off Debt?

    Tweet When you have a lot of debt, the first reaction is to decide to pay it off as quickly as possible. In some cases, making the radical changes necessary to pay off your debt very quickly can, in fact, allow you to stay out […]

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  • turmeric

    Reciple: A Simple Turmeric Chicken

    Tweet BF thinks I’m such a weirdo for loving turmeric, but then I call him out on his cumin obsession and he quiets down. This is a horribly simply recipe that tastes incredible to me. The turmeric gives a sort of flavour that is light […]

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  • financial dishonesty

    Are You Being Financially Honest With Yourself?

    Tweet Sometimes, we hide things from ourselves. We even hide from our own financial realities sometimes. It’s hard to be honest with yourself sometimes, but if you want to improve our finances, it’s important to be honest — even brutally honest — about the way […]

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  • pilot-plane-fly-airplane-plane

    Emergency Fund Talk: When it becomes a BIG DEAL

    Tweet There’s a guy I know who has a good paying job ($120,000 a year), lives with his second wife plus he still has alimony and child support and is starting to feel the financial pinch. Where do I begin? His mom is sick and […]

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  • Poor paying careers

    Should You Go Into Debt for THAT Career?

    Tweet A little more than two years ago, one of my bloggy buddies wrote a blog post about getting a degree in communications, and the debt that can be incurred. What happens when you have a large amount of debt from your communications degree, but […]

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