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  • evilqueen

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: Would I recommend it?

    Tweet After reviewing The Approach, How it Operates in 15 Points and My Own Experience, time to conclude on this series has come! Will I recommend it to you dear readers? Did I make money as an Independent Consultant? –>How to resume the Mary Kay […]

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  • Penny Pinching

    Would You Give Up What You Like to Pinch Pennies?

    Tweet One of the tenets of the frugality movement is that little expenses can add up. Over time, the pennies you pinch could make you rich. While I don’t have a problem with penny-pinching and frugality if that’s your thing, I do struggle with the […]

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  • graduate-graduation

    What did you receive for your college graduation?

    Tweet When I graduated, I received major pressure from my mother to attend my graduation (I skipped it, as I find ceremonies horribly boring). In contrast, everyone else in my family was in favour of me SKIPPING my graduation, getting pictures taken on the near-empty […]

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  • black and pink make up

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: My Own Experience

    Tweet Up to now in the series, I discussed The Approach of Mary Kay and How it Operates in 15 Points. It’s now time to have a look at My Own Experience as a Mary Kay Independent Consultant from July 2009 to November 2009. I’ve […]

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  • Money

    One Person’s “Waste” is Worth the Expense to Someone Else

    Tweet Not too long ago, I read an amusing post written by Kevin at Thousandaire in response to a comment from someone who called him “crazy” and indicated that he had lost all credibility as a PF blogger because he plans to spend $20,000 on a […]

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  • dirty-dozen-cheat-sheet

    The Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet

    Tweet It’s so cute, I won’t forget it the next time I go to a grocery store. If I do forget it, I just have to remember: very thin, edible skins = always buy organic. Via Cool Hunting

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  • marykay girl

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: How it Operates in 15 Points!

    Tweet In the first post of this Mary Kay Black and Pink World series, I went through the approach Independent Beauty Consultants use to make women feel friendly towards the company and themselves. You’ve probably noticed how free samples and products are part of their […]

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  • Career Skills

    5 Career Skills They Don’t Teach You in School

    Tweet School attendance is all about learning certain things. You gain specific knowledge at school, whether you are attending high school or whether you are learning more specialized information in college. However, even though you might obtain useful knowledge and skills that can help you […]

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  • make-money-online-girl-money-cash-smell-smile

    What would I do with a million dollars?

    Tweet If you got $1,000,000 cash, tax-free.. what would you do with it? I’d just save it. Other people replied: Quit their jobs / Work part-time / Start a business Buy a home / New Car / Stuff Pay off their Debt / Mortgages / […]

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  • mary kay logo

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: The Approach

    Tweet You’re tired of your job, feel overloaded or you constantly have the impression of running between work and family? Sometimes, you’re wondering if you’d be better changing job. Or you’re simply considering adding an extra income. Before considering Mary Kay – or any direct […]

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