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    Childhood vs. Adulthood – Which is better?

    Tweet Having the power to write your own rules is pretty awesome, but I gotta admit, adulthood sucks sometimes. You have to engage in all sorts of mundane activities such as working, cleaning, and filing tax returns. Yuck! As a kid, I longed for the freedom […]

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  • stressed-men-man-worried

    Are your obligations false, or real?

    Tweet False obligations are things that you think you NEED to do It’s things like having to make sure that your bathroom is cleaned every Sunday, or else the home inspector will come along and give you a failing grade. Or that you NEED to […]

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  • before after urban girl wellness

    Now that I’m a mother; Will I feel Sexy Again?

    Tweet Now that I’m a mother; Will I feel Sexy Again?   A word from Mike: “The author of this post is my sister-in-law, a girl I have lots of fun with, a caring godmother for my children as well as a devoted wife and […]

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  • dumpster fashion model

    Millionaires are disgusting

    Tweet Victoria Hunt, ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ Star, Urinates In Bottle And Eats From Dumpster To Save Money ~ The Huffington Post “Eeew! This chick is insane!” That was my initial reaction to learning Victoria Hunt, a 51-year old, Columbus, Ohio resident, uses an empty jar as […]

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  • stock-work-office-job-career-laptop-woman

    Nice people earn less money… but what’s considered ‘nice’?

    Tweet Apparently if you’re nice at work, you are most likely earning less than someone is considered a bitch or a jerk. (I read this in the Metro News in August 2011 and drafted a post, but never got around to posting it until now […]

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  • Written Budget

    How to Whip a Spending Plan Back Into Shape

    Tweet My spending has ballooned out of control. Normally, I’d seek out ways to enjoy my lifestyle for less money. But this time, that tactic won’t do. Real sacrifice is an unavoidable necessity. To remain a member of the self employed masses, I need to inspect my […]

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  • writing-studying-school

    Do your homework before you quit your day job

    Tweet I am a firm believer of working at a job that makes you happy most of the time (no job is perfect, after all). EVERYONE should have a chance to follow their passions and be happy at something that sucks up at least 35 […]

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  • Handyman

    How I Almost Got Ripped Off

    Tweet Last week, I somehow managed to knock a sizable hole in a friend’s wall who was away on business. So I did what any sensible person in my position would do, I set out to cover up my mistake. Immediately, I raced to the nearest […]

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  • stock-catering-coffee-cup-latte

    Not planning for retirement is like cramming for an exam

    Tweet Remember the good ol’ days in college where you’d stay up to pull an all-nighter, drink 15 cups of coffee* and type in a frenzied haze of caffeine? Then after you stalk a Kinko’s (printing shop) that opens at 7 a.m. to print your […]

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  • Fatigued Shopper

    18 Free and (Too Often) Forgotten Ways to Beat Boredom

    Tweet How do you put the breaks on boredom? Do you keep an arsenal of no-cost activities at the ready? Or do you rely on your wallet to snap you out of a funk? Clever marketers have duped us into believing life is a snore […]

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