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  • keep your job

    How To Keep Your Job Forever

    Tweet     The economy is tough.   Companies are asking more from their employees while cutting costs.   Everybody feels that they are walking on egg shells.   In some States, rent is more expensive than a mortgage payment. Still, people are not buying. […]

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  • I hate my job

    How to Thrive in a Job You Hate

    Tweet Disgruntled workers have a tendency to slack off in their jobs. After all, if you’re under appreciated, unfulfilled, and overworked, then naturally, you’re underpaid, right? What’s your motivation to cheerfully bounce into work early, voluntarily increase your workload, and quickly finish your assignments? Your […]

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  • college

    Why you should pay for your own retirement instead of your child’s tuition

    Tweet Ideally, I’d love a situation where you can do both — cover your own retirement comfortably AND fund all of your children’s education. Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes, there simply isn’t enough money to go around. Retiring in Singapore? I met […]

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  • stock-credit-card

    Paying down a debt? Think of the interest rates as returns.

    Tweet I know it sounds stupid, but it might help to think of the interest rates on your debt as returns on your money. Let’s say you have 2 credit cards: One card with a $5,000 balance at 9% interest The other with a $10,000 […]

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  • What Everybody Should Know About Living with Roommates

    What Everybody Should Know About Living with Roommates

    Tweet Housing is the largest expense in most budgets. More than any other bill, it can keep you from accomplishing other important financial goals. How about reducing your housing expenses by getting a roommate or moving in with your parents? It doesn’t have to be […]

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  • 50s-couple-money-spend-rich-man-woman-cash

    The Money Gap in Relationships: Where one partner earns more than the other

    Tweet The “Money Gap” refers to the gap between the earning income between two partners. Generally (stereotypical but true), it is the man that earns more than the woman, sometimes it’s just a little bit more (no more than $5000 – $10,000) but other times […]

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  • Stacks of coins

    A Fresh, New Way to Look at Budgeting

    Tweet With any goal, whether short, long, intermediate, or ongoing, you need a plan. It’s one thing to resolve to save for that swanky Bora Bora vacation, obliterate student loan debt, or put 20% down on your first home. It’s another to take the steps […]

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  • life insurance

    Life Insurance by Age

    Tweet     Did you know that insurance should be the base of all personal financial plans? It is so important and yet often not considered. Why? Probably because it’s complicated and pretty boring! Nonetheless, we should take care of our insurance coverage as a […]

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  • stone tower

    Stop the money shaming!

    Tweet I find it very interesting that everyone has such different views on what is a comfortable amount of money to spend on living expenses. People who are fairly frugal are usually categorized as ramen-eating, penny pinching, student-like cheapos who don’t have any fun at […]

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  • 6 figures

    Earning 6 Figures at 30, Is It Possible?

    Tweet     When I was a kid, one of my goals in life was to make $100K. I thought that by earning a low 6 figure income, I would have more than enough to live a great life and not lack for anything. For […]

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