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  • marykay girl

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: How it Operates in 15 Points!

    Tweet In the first post of this Mary Kay Black and Pink World series, I went through the approach Independent Beauty Consultants use to make women feel friendly towards the company and themselves. You’ve probably noticed how free samples and products are part of their […]

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  • Career Skills

    5 Career Skills They Don’t Teach You in School

    Tweet School attendance is all about learning certain things. You gain specific knowledge at school, whether you are attending high school or whether you are learning more specialized information in college. However, even though you might obtain useful knowledge and skills that can help you […]

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  • make-money-online-girl-money-cash-smell-smile

    What would I do with a million dollars?

    Tweet If you got $1,000,000 cash, tax-free.. what would you do with it? I’d just save it. Other people replied: Quit their jobs / Work part-time / Start a business Buy a home / New Car / Stuff Pay off their Debt / Mortgages / […]

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  • mary kay logo

    The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: The Approach

    Tweet You’re tired of your job, feel overloaded or you constantly have the impression of running between work and family? Sometimes, you’re wondering if you’d be better changing job. Or you’re simply considering adding an extra income. Before considering Mary Kay – or any direct […]

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  • Travel while working

    Working While Traveling: How to Be More Productive

    Tweet One of the hardest things for me to accomplish when I travel is getting work done. When you travel, you are off your schedule, and you may not have access to your regular work environment. There are distractions all around, and you might not […]

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  • frozen-berries-fruit-food-blueberries-raspberries

    Eating more fruit, the fun way..

    Tweet I have resorted to tricking myself into eating more fruit by pretending it’s ice cream or some special treat. Okay don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I hate fruits or think that they’re disgusting. I don’t! I love mangoes. I could eat them […]

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  • Small Business Funding

    Want to Start a Business? 4 Places to Look for Funding

    Tweet Many of us have dreams of starting a business. Even those who have already started businesses sometimes need a little more cash. In fact, I’m looking to fund a little project I’m working on right now (yes, shameless plug). The fact that I’m trying to […]

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  • Money in hand in the form of many large bills

    10 Key Personal Finance Tips

    Tweet Make the conscious choice to spend as little as you feel comfortable doing because you never know when it won’t be the luxury of a choice any longer Make a budget, but ease yourself gradually into it and don’t feel chained to it (unless […]

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  • Kids and finances

    Parents: Put Your Finances First

    Tweet I have a son. I want what’s best for him. However, I also realize that providing what’s best for him doesn’t mean that he always gets what he wants. On top of that, I don’t plan to ruin my finances just for my son. […]

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  • Paula Abdul Closet Wardrobe

    Falling in love with something all over again

    Tweet You can fall in love with something all over again. But sometimes you just need to accept the flaws of a given product or service that you used to love but then got disenchanted with, and make it work for your life. I feel […]

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