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  • Cost of Living

    Before You Move: Consider the Cost of Living

    Tweet I’ve been thinking a lot about cost of living lately. At some point, my husband will get a full-time job as a professor, and leave the world of adjuncting behind. He likes being an adjunct, but he thinks that, with a little more experience, […]

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  • family-money-xkcd-946-comic-funny

    Making money needs to have a point

    Tweet If you are making money, you need to have a point of why you’re making that money: To pay the rent so you can live in a city To eat good food (not Food Bank donations) To save for your future so you can […]

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  • Facile-Camp-Shirt-Examples-Sartorialist-Rumer-Willis-Paris-Fashion-Style

    Stylist Secrets for Women

    Tweet I had this list lying around for a while, collecting bits of quotes from a bunch of very fashionable folks from magazines and the like. Enjoy! Observe who looks good and figure out why you like their style Know your body shape Get out […]

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  • Splurge

    What are You Willing to Splurge On?

    Tweet I’m not the most frugal of people. I don’t particularly enjoy pinching pennies; I’d rather increase my income than try and figure out how to cut expenses. That said, I don’t consider myself a spendthrift. I have specific spending priorities, and I live within […]

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  • stock-glasses-work-career-read

    Faster than you can say ‘child abuse’

    Tweet I had a few comments on a post called: The King of Cheap, which I wrote in a tongue-in-cheek manner about my parents not buying me glasses to save money when I was a kid. To recap, my father wanted to save money on […]

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  • Vanessa-Jackman-Allis-Street-Style

    Spend your money where you spend most of your time

    Tweet When should you splurge and when should you save? For me, it’s always where I spend most of my time. In sales? On the road a lot? Buy a nice, comfortable car. Splurge, so that you’re COMFORTABLE in the car when you are driving […]

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  • Style-Uniform-Most-Stylish-Girls-in-Europe

    Shopping your closet: Looking stylish with 10 key wardrobe pieces

    Tweet Over my years of fashion and style obsession I’ve noticed key things pop up across the board, and they are what I consider stylish essentials that seem to make every outfit perfectly unruffled and effortless: Via Vanessa Jackman 1. Sunglasses I have one pair […]

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  • Choose your lifestyle

    Have You Thought about Your Preferred Lifestyle?

    Tweet Have you really stopped to think about your lifestyle? Have you stopped to consider whether you are living a lifestyle that you enjoy? Too many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what life is “supposed” to be: House bought […]

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  • woman-career-job-laptop-computer-pen-working

    When should you ask for more money?

    Tweet Apparently, if you are willing (able?) to leave your job, it is the best position to be in to ask for more money. This paper studies the ex-ante effect of worker separations on wage negotiations using matched worker–firm data from The Netherlands. We find […]

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  • bird-fly-freedom

    We are all ‘slaves’ to our jobs, it just depends on your mindset

    Tweet Someone once made an astute observation that even though I was a freelancer working for myself, I was still a ‘slave to my client’. This, is very true, but not entirely accurate. NOTE: This is just from my perspective as a freelancer. This does […]

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