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    The Money Gap in Relationships: Where one partner earns more than the other

    Tweet The “Money Gap” refers to the gap between the earning income between two partners. Generally (stereotypical but true), it is the man that earns more than the woman, sometimes it’s just a little bit more (no more than $5000 – $10,000) but other times […]

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  • Stacks of coins

    A Fresh, New Way to Look at Budgeting

    Tweet With any goal, whether short, long, intermediate, or ongoing, you need a plan. It’s one thing to resolve to save for that swanky Bora Bora vacation, obliterate student loan debt, or put 20% down on your first home. It’s another to take the steps […]

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  • life insurance

    Life Insurance by Age

    Tweet     Did you know that insurance should be the base of all personal financial plans? It is so important and yet often not considered. Why? Probably because it’s complicated and pretty boring! Nonetheless, we should take care of our insurance coverage as a […]

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  • stone tower

    Stop the money shaming!

    Tweet I find it very interesting that everyone has such different views on what is a comfortable amount of money to spend on living expenses. People who are fairly frugal are usually categorized as ramen-eating, penny pinching, student-like cheapos who don’t have any fun at […]

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  • 6 figures

    Earning 6 Figures at 30, Is It Possible?

    Tweet     When I was a kid, one of my goals in life was to make $100K. I thought that by earning a low 6 figure income, I would have more than enough to live a great life and not lack for anything. For […]

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  • broke man

    Does a Man’s Money Matter?

    Tweet Although I firmly believe women and men deserve fair and equal treatment in the public sphere, in my personal life, I’m a mess of contradictions. Through hard work, focus, and dedication, I achieved career success and to a certain extent, financial independence. Like many […]

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    Do you have $600 worth of shoes you never wear in your closet?

    Tweet Jezebel reports: Apparently, the average British woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, eleven of which she barely wears. The total value of the average lady’s shoe closet? £720, or around $1,189. That means about $660 worth of shoes are sitting idle. Women buy an […]

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  • personal finance

    Sometimes, You Get Ripped For Asking for Help

    Tweet     For this “Do-it-Yourself” Friday, I thought of talking about personal finance. This post is not about how to do it yourself but more about what is good to DIY and what’s not. Managing your money is like raising a child; it’s very […]

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  • Small, tiny houses

    The Case for Small Spaces

    Tweet As a self-proclaimed personal finance enthusiast, people frequently ask me for tips on how to combat debt and pump up anemic bank accounts. You can strip down my top wealth building secrets to two rules: 1) Stop spending money, and 2) Live lean. Let […]

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    Money is not evil

    Tweet I’ve mused a couple of times half jokingly that if I could just do without money I’d be happy (these musings were mostly when I was in debt). Now my views have changed because I’m out of debt, and I’m really understanding on a […]

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