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    Everything has its limitations: Maxmize the gap between your earning and spending!

    You can only cut back on so much and You can only make so much money! I know everyone talks about both independently as if one is better than the other, and it’s true. If you save a lot of your money, you’re in good...

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  • snowboard

    What is the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

      ~Experience is not a skill. It is an attitude~ Ralph Marston   The way I manage my life is a little bit weird. I tend to handle the chaos of my life and put everything back in its place. It can be at work,...

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    How to Face Your Future…Literally

    You’ve heard it before. Cancel your magazine subscriptions. Eat meatless meals once a week. Pickle your own beets. Do this, and you could save – I dunno – $50 a month. Invest the extra cash in the stock market, and in forty years, you could...

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    Traveling on the Cheap and on a Budget

    Plan the list of attractions ahead of time I make a list of all the attractions I want to visit, and then I list the prices of each attraction. Then I look for bundled packages so that I can save money on a bunch of...

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  • early retirement extreme

    Early Retirement Extreme Idea or Reality?

        As my first “official” post on FB, I thought of sharing one of my financial goals obsessions. As a father of three at the age of 30, I realized early in life that there are a lot more important things in life than...

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  • Retro Housewife

    What’s a Stay-at-Home Mom Worth These Days?

    Every year releases a study detailing what a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) would earn if her duties were outsourced. In 2011, a SAHM was worth about $115K a year. To many a working woman, that figure is abso-fricking-lutely ridiculous. Before I get into why a...

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    The world is full of people making a good living, but living poor lives

    When I first started out in personal finance, I didn’t understand why everyone kept emphasizing to cut back on daily expenses as the #1 rule to building wealth. I mean, isn’t having a large salary and making pots of money being wealthy? Look at all...

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    Cost-Co Kirkland Makeup Wipes meant an 80% savings for me!

    I wear makeup mostly only to work, big events, or when I go out, and I let my skin breathe without it on the weekends. As a result, I need to remove it nightly. I used to buy those little liquid bottles of makeup remover...

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    5 Powerful Tricks to Save More Money and Like It

    Although saving money is a form of deprivation, there are steps you can take to make the process more enjoyable. Fun even. While paying off $25,000 of debt within a 12-month time span, there were times I wanted to spend money so badly I suffered from...

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  • coffee shop

    When TFB Meets FB

        Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been somewhat nervous.   Not nervous like I’m about to apply for a big job.   Not nervous like I’m going to make a speech in front of 2,000 people.   More nervous like I’ve been at...

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