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    Make choices about your lifestyle

    Tweet The difference between having the money to travel or not, could very well be the cost of what you consider basics, but others consider to be luxuries. Someone who may not seem to make a lot of money but travels a lot may not […]

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  • Emergency Fashion Kits

    Emergency Fashion Kits

    Tweet Whenever I think of all the fashion emergencies I’ve had over the years (no wardrobe malfunctions, but close to them!), I always try to keep a list and update what I think I would need as an emergency fashion kit to deal with anything […]

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  • personal loan

    What is a Personal Loan?

    Tweet One of the ways that you can fund purchases is with the help of a personal loan. Personal loans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And, as with all loans, your personal credit plays a role in determining the type of loan […]

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  • City-Polaroid-Hong-Kong

    5 things learned from traveling in Asia

    Tweet If I had 5 things to tell people before they got onto a plane and dashed off to Asia, it would be: Always bring your own tissue paper when you go out — do not assume you will find toilet paper everywhere or get […]

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  • City-Polaroid-Evora-Portugal

    5 things learned from traveling in Europe

    Tweet Surprisingly, dental floss can be difficult to find — I scoured shops in Portugal & Spain and couldn’t find a single tube! Do not assume you will always find a public toilet for free to use; you may have to pay 1 EUR or […]

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  • Home Improvement ROI

    Is Remodeling Your Home a Smart Move?

    Tweet One of the unfortunate realities of home improvement is that you aren’t likely to get back as much as you put in. Even some of the best home remodeling moves, like installing a deck, probably won’t increase the value of your home enough to […]

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  • money-bill-funny-reality-life-career-job-cash-bill

    How to thoroughly prepare for an interview

    Tweet Even though we all hate interviewing because you have to be ‘on’ and are under a lot of pressure to perform, it is a necessary evil. Hopefully, you will never have to interview more than a few times in your life, but you will […]

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  • Travel

    5 Reasons I Love to Travel

    Tweet I love travel. It’s one of my main spending priorities. When I think of my preferred lifestyle, travel is something that needs to be involved. I’d rather travel than spend my money on almost anything else. As my annual Spring Break road trip with […]

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  • fb post

    Investing 101: When You Have No Clue What You Do

    Tweet     Investing is a crucial part of one’s personal finance. The problem is that many people don’t have a clue on where to start and don’t feel comfortable when they meet with a financial advisor. You can’t become a pro of market trading […]

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  • Get Healthy Save Money

    4 Ways Better Health Can Help Your Finances

    Tweet Too often, we separate our lifestyle choices from our finances. However, one of the money lessons I’ve learned is that the lifestyle choices we make have a direct impact on our finances. One of the biggest ways lifestyle matters to money is in the […]

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