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    Vacation Time! What do You Do For Summer Vacation?

        My guess is that you are like me; I truly love my summer vacation!   It’s not only because I have some time off to disconnect from my job but it’s also because I plan tons of cool things to do. In fact,...

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  • Money Toilet Paper

    10 Wasteful Practices You Should Stop Today

    Normally, I try to persuade readers to plug spending leaks that cost meaningful sums of cash. Housing, transportation, and insurance immediately come to mind. However, that doesn’t mean I think small things are unimportant. For some reason, we’re perfectly content throwing money away on certain...

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  • smoking-cigarettes-pack

    Do smokers make more money?

    I talked about men possibly preferring women who make less money than they do, and if your weight affects how much you earn. But how about smoking? onkel_wart From Barking up the wrong tree, I bring you the answer: NO. Smoking does not make you...

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  • bee

    You Only Change When it Stings

        There is a theory that says the human being is the species with the greatest capacity to adapt. It is probably this incredible talent that enabled humans to go through history and survive while other species have perished. We are gifted with an...

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  • Faith, Colorful words hang on rope

    How Does Your Faith Affect Your Finances?

    As much as possible, I try to manage my finances objectively. That doesn’t always happen. Personal finance is, well, personal. My experiences, my fears, and yes, even my faith, all influence my behavior—good or bad. Today, I want to share with you how my religious...

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  • morning-laptop-black-coffee-mug-cup-paper-news-filing-papers

    Money buys UNhappiness when you are obsessed with it

    “There is a correlation between a person’s wealth and decreased ability to savor pleasant experiences” 374 adults in varying ranges of jobs, were split into two groups. The first group was shown a stack of money and the second group, a blurred money of money....

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  • potstickers


    I keep collecting these links for great recipes, and am slowly going through each of them one by one. Thought I’d share them with everyone, but also make a post out of it so I can keep track! Click on the images to go to...

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  • Debt Free Green Road Sign and Clouds

    How I Paid Off $25K of Debt In One Year

    People borrow money for a variety of reasons. You may take out a loan to go to college, cover a medical emergency, or fund a weekend getaway. I found myself in $25K of debt because I was impatient. And I suspect there are many others...

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  • mint-canada-canadian-household-money-dollars-spent-budget

    How does a Canadian household spend their money?

    Mint Canada ran this last year (July 1st 2011), and I thought it to be fitting to run it again this year as a look back. On average, in 2011 Canadians have about $50,734 to spend each year and here’s were it goes! Provided by...

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  • Reusable sandwich bags

    7 Everyday Products You Didn’t Know Are Reusable

    We’re a wasteful bunch. Our society is so accustomed to chucking certain items when we’re done with them, we never stop to think if there’s another option. But many reusable versions of disposable products exist. By rejecting our culture’s throwaway mentality, we can use less...

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