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  • Networking at FinCon

    Do You Know How to Network?

    Tweet I’m not the world’s best networker. I’m an introvert, so it takes a lot out of me to get out there and try to connect with others. But I make the effort when I attend conferences like the Financial Blogger Conference. I’ve gone every […]

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  • Home Loan Calculator

    Before You Buy, Decide If You Can Afford the Home Loan

    Tweet Your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you can make. In fact, since a home costs so much, you will likely need a loan in order to buy it. Since you need a home loan to make your purchase, it’s important to […]

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  • modern-mailbox-1

    Modern Nomadism

    Tweet Just read a rather interesting link: Does moving a lot as a child create adult baggage? “My original interest was in cultural differences and well-being,” said Shigehiro Oishi, the lead author, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan, […]

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  • keep calm

    How to Prepare for a Convention

    Tweet Some of you might own or write for a blog just like I do. If so, you might be aware of the FinCon conference taking place this weekend at St. Louis. As you read these lines, I’m already there with many other financial bloggers! […]

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  • Business Conference

    How to Make the Most of a Business Conference

    Tweet No matter your career field, chances are that you will have the opportunity to head to a business conference. A business conference can be a great way to improve your career prospects (if you are working for “the man”), or boost your own business […]

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  • Compounding-Interest-Chart-Calculations-Math-Complex

    Compounding Interest: The Breakdown of How It Is Calculated

    Tweet Compounding interest is actually pretty simple. You just need to learn a bit of algebra and keep your brackets straight.   Simple compounding interest (monthly) just lets you do ONE single amount for the entire length of time. Example: $5000 in 40 years at […]

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  • Investing

    Want to Invest? It’s Easy to Trade Shares Online

    Tweet One of the misconceptions that many have about investing is that it is hard to do. Perhaps 25 or 30 years ago investing was a little more complicated (and expensive), but today it’s not that way at all. The cost of investing has dropped […]

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  • suburbs

    Save $35K: Build Your House with Those Simple Tricks

    Tweet My husband and I met about 6 years ago. We spent the first year together building our future house. We built it ourselves and subcontracted what we couldn’t do. The choices we made were ours. Still, we were young and we surely did make […]

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  • money

    How to Shop For Annuities

    Tweet Making the decision to invest can be scary for a first-timer. With so many options and possible wrong turns, a lot of people don’t even want to try. A great place to start is with an annuity. There are a lot of advantages to […]

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  • holiday shopping

    4 Tips for Avoiding a Holiday Shopping Meltdown

    Tweet One of the most common difficulties associated with holiday shopping is the meltdown. At some point during the holiday season, you reach a point at which you can take no more of the insanity. The lines. The crowds. The endless displays fighting for your […]

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