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  • Small, tiny houses

    The Case for Small Spaces

    As a self-proclaimed personal finance enthusiast, people frequently ask me for tips on how to combat debt and pump up anemic bank accounts. You can strip down my top wealth building secrets to two rules: 1) Stop spending money, and 2) Live lean. Let me...

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  • stock-cash-money-bills-bahrain

    Money is not evil

    I’ve mused a couple of times half jokingly that if I could just do without money I’d be happy (these musings were mostly when I was in debt). Now my views have changed because I’m out of debt, and I’m really understanding on a deeper...

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  • Processing Fees

    Are You Financing Your Favorite Store?

      “Credit card transactions cost American merchants six times as much as cash transactions. Why, then, do consumers pay the same price for purchases, regardless of the means of payment?”   Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about my summer vacation. In that post,...

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  • Hope Despair

    Worry – The Biggest, Most Useless Time Suck on the Planet

    A few weeks ago, the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Twittersphere was ablaze with enraged Americans who vowed to escape the tyrannical regime that’d force “socialized” medicine on a free people. So where were the angry masses...

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  • Marissa Mayer

    Can Women Have It All? We Sure Can

    Recently, Yahoo!, Inc. introduced Marissa Mayer as their new President and CEO. Mayer is a brilliant, 37-year old former Google executive who’s–get this–six months pregnant. Naturally, everyone wants to know how the young, charismatic leader will balance her role as head of a struggling company...

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  • piggybankglasses

    Saving when you’re young: Why do it?

    When you’re young and fresh out of college, presumably, you’re earning the bottom of what your career can potentially yield after 20 more years in the business, but that doesn’t mean you should bank on making more money in the future as your savings plan....

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  • vacation

    Vacation Time! What do You Do For Summer Vacation?

        My guess is that you are like me; I truly love my summer vacation!   It’s not only because I have some time off to disconnect from my job but it’s also because I plan tons of cool things to do. In fact,...

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  • Money Toilet Paper

    10 Wasteful Practices You Should Stop Today

    Normally, I try to persuade readers to plug spending leaks that cost meaningful sums of cash. Housing, transportation, and insurance immediately come to mind. However, that doesn’t mean I think small things are unimportant. For some reason, we’re perfectly content throwing money away on certain...

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  • smoking-cigarettes-pack

    Do smokers make more money?

    I talked about men possibly preferring women who make less money than they do, and if your weight affects how much you earn. But how about smoking? onkel_wart From Barking up the wrong tree, I bring you the answer: NO. Smoking does not make you...

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  • bee

    You Only Change When it Stings

        There is a theory that says the human being is the species with the greatest capacity to adapt. It is probably this incredible talent that enabled humans to go through history and survive while other species have perished. We are gifted with an...

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