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  • Net Worth

    How to Use Net Worth to Measure Your Financial Progress

    Tweet As humans, we often like to measure our progress and assure ourselves that we are improving. This is true in the realm of finances, as well as in other areas. If you are trying to measure your financial progress, one way to keep track […]

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  • Tap_Phuong_Knives-Wall-Toronto

    If you don’t ask for a discount, you won’t get it

    Tweet Big thanks to FruGal for letting me guest post: How minimalism improved my finances. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations on the redesign! —————————————————————- Went to buy some knives the other day. I want to point out that we aren’t delusional chef-like people here, […]

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  • Home Investment

    Is Your Home Really an Asset?

    Tweet More than five years ago, as my husband and I shopped for a home, the real estate agent told us over and over again that our home would be a huge asset, and that it would be a great investments. While this has proved […]

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  • chicago-shedd-aquarium-travel-fish-3

    Everyone is a genius..

    Tweet Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. A. Einstein

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  • Price Anchoring

    Do You NEED Price Anchors to Help You Make Money Decisions?

    Tweet One of the more interesting things I read recently was a story from The New York Times web site. The post, titled, “Sometimes, We Want Prices to Fool Us,” deals with anchoring and the idea that we want fake prices to help give us […]

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  • stock-work-career-job-man-laptop-office

    What to bring to an interview

    Tweet Congratulations! You’ve scored a face-to-face interview after months of nailbiting and countless telephone interview screenings. So what should you do to prepare for it? Make a list of things that have to get done before that face-to-face Make a list of interview questions and […]

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  • dollar-steps-money-marriage-wedding-bride-groom-bill

    Would you marry for money?

    Tweet As many women say: love doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table. Love is manufactured and marriage is a business, so why not get the ‘most’ out of it? People generally marry others if they can get something out of it. […]

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  • trans-am-post-secret-never-assume-girl-spoiled-rich

    Learning how not to assume too much

    Tweet I write a lot about things people think are too controversial at times because it doesn’t apply to them (or it does!), such as whether or not men prefer women who make less than they do, and I know readers get mad when I […]

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  • gym membership

    Why I *Gasp* Pay for a Gym Membership

    Tweet A few years ago, I had a gym membership. I went faithfully three to four times a week. Things got a little crazy, we thought we might move, the basement flooded. I canceled the gym membership as part of a re-vamp of our finances […]

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  • stock-work-office-job-career-laptop-woman

    The Philosophy behind Budgeting: Do you do it because you have to, or because you want to?

    Tweet I was thinking the other day about attitudes of people towards budgeting. There are those who hate it (the old me before I realized how COOL it is), and there are those who love it (the current and forever me). I had a recent […]

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