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  • story-corps-danny-and-annie

    A Sweet Love Story

    Tweet I love this. From StoryCorps of Danny and Annie, originally shared by Geek in Heels. Totally worth the 6 minutes to hear this told by the actual couple, but animated. ]

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  • value of education

    How Valuable is Your Education?

    Tweet Recently, a report from the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco found that getting a college education can be worth $830,800 more to you over the course of your lifetime than a high school diploma. In a world where the value of a college […]

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  • black rock maui

    Finding a Cheap Flight – Here are my tricks

    Tweet     Not so long ago, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. To celebrate our union and the fact that we barely left our province since we have kids, we decided to book an amazing trip to Hawaii. We stayed for […]

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  • business plan

    Get the Inside Story on a Good Business Plan

    Tweet Setting up a complete business is complicated. Think about it. A business involves finding a location, setting up a shop, manufacturing procedures, sourcing materials, hiring staff and so on. Entrepreneurs sometimes tend to underestimate the amount of time, effort and detail that goes into […]

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  • vogue-australia-gemma-ward

    Would you pay for an unpaid internship?

    Tweet Love me some Gemma Ward. Vogue’s unpaid internship position went at auction for $42,500 (source) Clearly, that person had the money, and really wanted to work there for free. The experience must be incredible, but it kind of taints it if you paid for […]

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  • if only finances

    Are Your Finances Being Stopped By the “If Only” Effect?

    Tweet One of the money pitfalls that many of us trip over is the “if only” effect. We spend so much time thinking in terms of “if only” that we don’t get to work and fix the problems plaguing us right now. I’ve had this […]

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  • office-worker-man-desk-laptop-business-job-career

    The fastest way to make more money

    Tweet This is a generalization, but the fastest way to make more money as an employee is to job hop. For some reason, the company you work for, tends to not appreciate or value you until you’re about to leave. Suddenly, you’re an essential asset to […]

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  • summertime travel

    What are Your Summertime Travel Plans?

    Tweet My son will be out of school in a little more than two weeks, and we’re talking about what we want to do. We had a great trip to San Diego for Spring Break, and my son is excited to plan the next adventure. […]

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  • lincoln-penny-coins-u.s.-funny

    Checking how rich a city is by its pennies on the ground

    Tweet This is a half-joking post, but I almost feel like you can tell how rich a country or city is by how much money you find lying on the ground. Beware, unscientific personal experiences coming up! 🙂 I am one of those people who […]

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  • online presence and your career

    How Your Online Presence Can Help Your Career

    Tweet For years, the Internet has been seen as the the go-to place for messing around. Few people have taken the Internet seriously. However, as technology evolves, and as the Internet becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, the truth is that more and […]

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