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    When is paying more for quality a big deal for you?

    I was thinking the other day about my rah-rah attitude towards paying more (slightly more, not 500% more) for quality. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t if I would pay for quality, but when I would consider paying for quality. There are products...

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  • Driving vs. Flying: How to Decide

    Driving vs. Flying: How to Decide

    This is a very exciting time of year for me. It’s not just the excitement of a new year, and the opportunity to set new goals and figure out what I plan to do with my career and my money. No, the real reason that...

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    3 House Myths I used to believe

    Before I started talking about money, as a pseudo-moneythropologist, I always thought these 3 sentences were solid gold, true. Now? Not so much. Myth #1: “Buying a home = Only Building Equity” This is true to some extent. But if you haven’t paid off the...

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    How to deal with angry people

    I have definitely been in the position of coming across an angry person (or angry people), and being a very angry person on some occasions. BEING THE ANGRY PERSON Every time I get angry and someone diffuses me effectively, I step back after the heat...

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    Should you attach a photo to your CV or resume?

    Apparently for men, yes. Women, no. CVs with pics of attractive men garnered more callbacks from employers than CVs with none — and nearly twice the callbacks of resumes showing plain-looking men. But for women, CVs with photos (whether of attractive or plain faces) yielded...

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  • Do You Have Spending Priorities?

    Do You Have Spending Priorities?

    Every month, your paycheck is divvied up, and you spend the money on various expenses. From paying for housing to buying a new book, your money is claimed. And, when the month comes to an end, there is a reckoning. How much do you have...

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    The Idiot: When should you go for the job with the lower salary?

    The answer? When its other benefits are worth it to you. It’s an idiot story coming up. If you hate reading about me railing on other people, I suggest you skip this post. THE IDIOT STORY TIME So The Idiot whom I’ve written about a...

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    Why can’t we be pretty AND smart?

    It goes without saying that we are all, biologically attracted to beauty. Cuter babies get more attention, more attractive kids in high school or college are put on a pedestal of sorts. Even babies during studies were shown to stare at more beautiful people longer...

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  • Faucet Money Leak

    How to plug money leaks when you’re surrounded by idiots

    Since arriving at my childhood home for the holidays, I’m constantly reminded of two traits I dislike about my family: 1) They’re really loud and, 2) They’re wasteful. The former bugs me a lot, but not nearly as much as the latter. On several occasions,...

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    Judging intellectual and non-intellectual expenses

    There are always expenses that are deemed more intellectual and better than others, examples: Intellectual: Books Travel Higher Education (MBA) Not-Intellectual: Clothing Cars Electronics What’s funny is I buy/bought in every category, and while people are okay with me spending $$$$$ on traveling for a...

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