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  • Financial Freedom Pyramid

    Use This Pyramid to Find Self-Actualization with Your Finances

    Tweet One of the coolest things I’ve run across recently in the world of personal finance is a recent post from Mister Squirrel. This post takes the well-known Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and adapts it to personal finance. Since I’m married to a guy with […]

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  • boxing-fight-boxer

    Don’t be afraid of competition

    Tweet Being challenged sounds like something you should avoid, does it not? And who here wants to fight, even if it’s a mental one? 🙂 I remember when I was in school I would think to myself: *GROAN* I don’t want to study! What I […]

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  • Career Skills

    4 Characteristics that Can Boost Your Career

    Tweet Many of us are looking for ways to improve career prospects. Even I look for ways to improve my career, even though I work from home as a freelancer. If you want to get ahead with the new realities facing many today, you need […]

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  • budgeting tool

    How to Calculate Your Net Worth

    Tweet     Calculating your net worth is a very easy exercise requiring basic financial knowledge. Why should you care about your net worth? – because your bank does! When applying for a loan (especially a personal loan or line of credit) the bank will […]

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  • DABAgirl-money-woman-couple-rich-cash

    I feel rich…

    Tweet Some people may not consider $50,000 in a net worth “rich”, but when you try to live on small amounts of money; have a potential to make much more money in the future if you save… then I do feel rich. I can live […]

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  • Work on vacation

    Working While on Vacation

    Tweet One of the realities of my situation is that sometimes I have to work while on vacation. Right now, I’m on spring break with my son. We are visiting my grandfather in southern Arizona, as well as spending time in San Diego. I’ve had […]

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  • end of the world

    The End of the World I Used to Know

    Tweet I recently gave birth to my second child, a charming little boy. Now, almost five weeks later, I realize it is yet again the end of the world as I used to know it. I first heard this sentence (or similar one) in the […]

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  • Put Yourself First

    3 Ways I’m Putting Myself First — And Feeling Better as a Result

    Tweet We’re often told that we should put others first, and be less selfish. While I believe that we should help others when we can, I have learned that sometimes it’s important to put yourself first. You can’t truly care for others if you run […]

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  • San Diego trip

    A Frugal Adventure: I’m Saving More Than 50 Percent on Spring Break

    Tweet Normally, when I travel, I don’t get too into saving a bunch of money. While I like to take tax deductible trips when I can, and I try not to get completely fleeced, I don’t usually take active steps to be especially frugal when […]

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  • Women and Social Media

    Women are Driving the Business of Social Media

    Tweet One of the more interesting things I’ve seen recently is an infographic at Finances Online showing how women are driving the business of social media. Women are more likely to be on social media, and they are also more likely to interact with brands on […]

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