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  • Empty Wallet

    5 Common Sayings Loved By Penniless People

    Voluntarily broke people keep an arsenal of clever excuses handy to justify dumb financial moves. Instead of practicing self-denial and amassing wealth, they rationalize themselves into a web of maxed out credit cards, overdrawn checking accounts, and underfunded retirement assets. Apparently, it’s easier to pacify...

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  • twitter

    Twitter 101: What is Twitter and How Do I Use It?

    WHAT IS TWITTER? It is like an instant messaging system of sorts, except you don’t have to be online all the time, or even or specifically interacting with anyone you are following to join in on conversations. You just read a whole bunch of things...

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  • Worried Couple

    How to Live on $250K a Year

    With the Bush tax cuts nearing expiration and President Obama threatening to veto any bill that extends lower tax rates for the wealthiest among us, folks on both ends of the political spectrum debate over what constitutes rich. President Obama believes individuals and married couples...

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  • stock-makeup-girl-face

    How much is your face worth?

    Every morning I go through a routine of products, and I thought I’d revive an old discussion: How much is your face worth? All prices are in $CAD MORNING Cleanser: Korres White Tea Fluid Gel – $27 Primer: CoverFX – $39 CAD [OPTIONAL] Eyeshadow Primer:...

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  • Woman with Christmas Gifts

    The Bastardization of Christmas

    For years, I’ve refused to participate in the Christmas madness. I gradually came to this decision. One evening, during my freshmen year of college, I overheard a young man proudly state, “I don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s a pagan holiday.” After learning the definition of pagan,...

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  • stock-girl-work-concentrate-office-job-career

    Are you teaching others to be mean to you?

    There’s an article via Psychology Today that highlights something I have thought for years – there is such a thing as being too nice sometimes. The events that follow an action will weaken or strengthen the likelihood it will occur again. In behavioral psychology, this...

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  • financial steps

    The Road to being Financially Solid By 30 or 7 Steps to Buy the Shoes You Want By The Age of 30

        From what I can tell (I’m 31), the 10 years in your 20s pass by like a rocket. This is also a very important space in your financial life. Most people ignore these 10 years and only start thinking about their financial future...

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  • Hideous at Home

    How to Slash Your Heating Bill and Stay Warm in the Winter

    When I worked as an auditor in Orlando, Florida, I’d sometimes spend 12 to 14 hours a day in the office. During the winter, I whittled my electric bill down to $35 a month by leaving the heat off while I worked. As soon as...

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  • stock-exchange-spa-feet-soak

    What kind of frugal personality are you?

    Frugalette of Super Frugalette listed out 4 types of frugal folks: Non-Frugal Selectively Frugal Categorically Frugal Exclusively Frugal Non-Frugal = No budget but they instinctively don’t overspend, but they don’t try to be frugal. Example: They need something and will buy something mid-priced and reasonable,...

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  • financial priorities

    Financial Priorities In Order And Disorder

        What will your next dollar earned be used for?   Have you ever thought of putting your financial priorities in order? What’s the most important thing to you? Paying off your debts? Thinking about your retirement or simply buying a house? I don’t...

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