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  • dream job

    You don’t Have to Live in Mumbai to Be a Successful VA

    Tweet About 3 years ago, I took a big decision. I left a promising yet successful career in marketing and advertising to become a virtual assistant. The idea was actually brought by the owner of this blog, who is also my brother-in-law. At the time, […]

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  • Identity theft

    This Holiday Season, Protect Your Identity

    Tweet The holiday season is in full swing, and that means that the identity thieves are also in full swing. This is a great time for scammers and others to unscrupulously claim your identity and try to make a little extra money. This can be […]

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  • spending-cash-money-hand-fist-bills

    “Poor” is not a standard definition

    Tweet If you have a million dollar income but you borrow money from someone who makes less than you do, you’re poor. I know it sounds offbeat and not quite right but think about it: Who borrows? Those who don’t have any money. And who […]

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  • small joys quote

    Downside of Travelling: Missing Out on Your Real Life?

    Tweet These days in Québec, we hear a lot about Mylène Paquette, the first North American woman who has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a paddle boat. No one, including myself, can deny her determination. Ms. Paquette truly has surpassed herself in the venture and […]

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  • YOLO

    My Modified Approach to YOLO

    Tweet One of the recent phrases tending right now is YOLO, which means, “you only live once”. In some ways, I understand this concept. After all, it makes sense to enjoy life. But you have to be careful about how you apply YOLO to your […]

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  • seven-billion-nat-geo-income-distribution

    Distribution of the World’s Income

    Tweet Love this interactive map and graph by National Geographic. Blue = Richest Yellow = Poorest Very interesting stuff. Also if you click on the image above, you will see more stats for other things like Life expectancy at birth and so on.

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  • love texting

    Pros and Cons of Love Texting

    Tweet Now that smartphones are litterally part of our lives, texting for a couple is quite frequent. Most couples actually text on a daily basis. However, a study from the Brigham Young University shows it comes with pros and cons. Serious and Emotional on the […]

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  • Everyday Finance

    Your Everyday Finance Habits Can Help You Plan for the Future

    Tweet Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now that we forget to think about how our everyday finance habits and money choices can impact a plan for the future. What you do now can influence whether or not you meet […]

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  • cocktail-drink-party-alcohol

    How do you handle birthday bashes?

    Tweet Whenever my friend has a birthday, I always try to make it to their dinner or at least to the bar afterwards (even though I loathe very dark places that play too-loud music). The problem always boils down to money: What should I pay […]

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  • bottles caps

    How Good Are You At Recycling?

    Tweet Today November 15th is World Recycling Day. This originally US day was started back in the 90’s when the goal was mainly to promote buying good made with recycled materials. It has surely evolved since then. With the world population growing, wastes of all […]

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