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  • Luxury_HungryForLogos

    The Insatiable Lust for Logos not Luxury

    Tweet We can all agree, that the true sense of the word “luxury” is not the same today, as it was in the past. In the end, if anyone and everyone can just walk in with enough money and buy whatever they want, is it […]

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  • 2014 resolutions

    New Year’s Resolutions… to Win!

    Tweet Every time a year is ending, I think about what I could do better for the year coming. I’m surely not the only one! About 45% of Americans usually make resolutions. I’m quite sure statistics are similar for Canadians. According to a researchers group […]

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  • Christmas Tradition

    What is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

    Tweet If you celebrate Christmas, chances are that you have some sort of tradition. The holiday season comes with a number of things that many of us have enjoyed since we were kids. I enjoy the tradition of sending Christmas cards. I think it offers […]

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  • kim-wong-keltner-dim-sum-of-all-things-novels-books

    Weird MBA Questions that are fun to answer

    Tweet These are some of the strange MBA Admissions questions thrown to applicants, and I thought it’d be fun to answer a couple (without the whole pressure of wanting to become an MBA student, of course). If you were a tree, what kind of tree […]

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  • romantic supper

    5 Free (Yet Romantic) Gifts for Your Lover + What to Avoid

    Tweet With the Holidays coming, we often wonder how to please the loved one. Over the years, I discovered that the best “gifts” given or received were always the ones that cost nothing. The actual gift was: quality time spent together. This is why we […]

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  • Holiday Travel

    Traveling for the Holidays? It’ll Cost You Extra

    Tweet Many people choose to travel for the holidays. It’s a time to be with family, and if you don’t live close to family, it’s only natural that you want to find a way to bridge the distance. My small family doesn’t travel in time […]

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  • sushi-raw-rice-3

    Everything is impossible until you try it

    Tweet We are all scared of what we don’t know or understand. In fact, it’s a common belief! Look at when sushi first debuted. I was the first one in my school to even talk about it, much less bring it in my lunch. I […]

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  • christmas stress

    Christmas Financial Stress

    Tweet Last week has been a tough one. We had the winter tires installed on our car and it came back with a $900 bill. Front brakes and other maintenance stuff were essential, apparently. I say apparently because I simply know nothing about mechanics. Then, […]

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  • Wealthy

    Does the Thought of Wealth Scare You?

    Tweet One of the things I read recently in The Week was that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling still sometimes worries that she won’t always be rich. Additionally, she also feels a bit guilty about all of her wealth. There are days when the idea that […]

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  • office-worker-woman-desk-laptop-business-job-career

    What does it take to become a Consultant?

    Tweet The #1 question I get, aside from asking me what I do, is how to become a consultant or get my job. Disclaimer: I am not saying that I am an expert on all consultants, so this is just from my own perspective as […]

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