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    The fastest way to make more money

    Tweet This is a generalization, but the fastest way to make more money as an employee is to job hop. For some reason, the company you work for, tends to not appreciate or value you until you’re about to leave. Suddenly, you’re an essential asset to […]

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  • summertime travel

    What are Your Summertime Travel Plans?

    Tweet My son will be out of school in a little more than two weeks, and we’re talking about what we want to do. We had a great trip to San Diego for Spring Break, and my son is excited to plan the next adventure. […]

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  • lincoln-penny-coins-u.s.-funny

    Checking how rich a city is by its pennies on the ground

    Tweet This is a half-joking post, but I almost feel like you can tell how rich a country or city is by how much money you find lying on the ground. Beware, unscientific personal experiences coming up! 🙂 I am one of those people who […]

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  • online presence and your career

    How Your Online Presence Can Help Your Career

    Tweet For years, the Internet has been seen as the the go-to place for messing around. Few people have taken the Internet seriously. However, as technology evolves, and as the Internet becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, the truth is that more and […]

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  • 401K Management Techniques | 3 Smart 401K Management Practices

    401K Management Techniques | 3 Smart 401K Management Practices

    Tweet     There are affective 401K management techniques that every account holder needs to know about. The best 401K advisers are constantly endeavoring to maximize the value of their clients’ accounts, click here to learn more. In order to achieve this perpetual goal, these […]

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  • village-100-people-Toby-Ng-Money

    In A Village of 100 People

    Tweet By Toby Ng, it’s an imaginary village of 100 people who represent the 7 billion of us (and counting) in the global village. Here’s the one for money:   See more images here

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  • kids activities

    How to Save Money on Kids’ Activities

    Tweet Our modern world offers a number of options when it comes to activities for kids. Unfortunately, many of these activities cost money. From sports to music to the arts, there is usually an outlay of cash when your kids participate in activities. The more […]

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  • luxury-dress-rental-woman-daba-rich-income

    Do designer logos improve your life?

    Tweet The start of luxury was based on refinement and restraint in business. It was unseemly for the brands to push products onto their clients, and some found it distasteful to do so. Nowadays, luxury is a billion-dollar business, both legally and illegally with their […]

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  • money decisions

    Are You Making Money Plans Based on Future Income?

    Tweet When I first started as a freelancer, times were lean for my family. I had just finished grad school, and my husband was still working on his Ph.D. We knew that I didn’t want a “real” job, and that I would stay home and […]

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  • depression-family-3

    I’d rather have nothing from my parents

    Tweet …than to have parents who were unfair to their kids in terms of doling out cash. I keep coming back to this subject because it really seems to affect a lot of my other friends around me. I hear stories on a regular basis […]

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