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  • Everyday Finance

    Your Everyday Finance Habits Can Help You Plan for the Future

    Tweet Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now that we forget to think about how our everyday finance habits and money choices can impact a plan for the future. What you do now can influence whether or not you meet […]

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  • cocktail-drink-party-alcohol

    How do you handle birthday bashes?

    Tweet Whenever my friend has a birthday, I always try to make it to their dinner or at least to the bar afterwards (even though I loathe very dark places that play too-loud music). The problem always boils down to money: What should I pay […]

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  • bottles caps

    How Good Are You At Recycling?

    Tweet Today November 15th is World Recycling Day. This originally US day was started back in the 90’s when the goal was mainly to promote buying good made with recycled materials. It has surely evolved since then. With the world population growing, wastes of all […]

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  • Financial Peer Pressure

    Is Peer Pressure Leading You to Spend More Money?

    Tweet Most of us like to be liked. In some cases, that means going along with activities that we don’t particularly care for, or expressing opinions that we don’t necessarily agree with. In the name of peer pressure, we’ll often do things we wouldn’t normally […]

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  • calendar

    The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of The Calendar

    Tweet We went over on a different occasion, to meet all of their friends.. It was near the time when BF and I were first dating. It was at a time when my French was horribly shaky and it was difficult for me to understand […]

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  • terrible two

    How a Terrible Two Can Help You at Your Job

    Tweet My son turned two years old last August. Since he’s about 18 months, we’ve been experiencing tough periods of his “terrible two” mind. The last couple days have been the hardest though. Being pregnant with a high peak of hormones made it even harder […]

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  • Make changes

    Make Small Changes to Improve Your Overall Satisfaction

    Tweet Every now and again, we all feel trapped. It’s common to feel as though you are trapped in your life. Sometimes, I feel trapped in my work, hemmed about by all that I need to do, and unable to enjoy myself. Other times I […]

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  • stock-car-red-automobile-driving

    An Open Letter to Pedestrians of what NOT to do

    Tweet Let me preface this with: I am not those types of drivers who speed up to try and make the orange light. I used to be, but it just wasn’t worth it, and quite frankly what’s another 30 seconds or so? I am also […]

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  • maria kang

    The Pressure to Stay Fit

    Tweet Kindness could be my second name, most of the times! ;- ) I’m the smiley type of person, one that others probably describe as “energetic” or “passionate”. It’s all-in, almost always. But I must admit that I feel a little fed-up today. It might […]

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  • Divorce

    Could You Financially Handle a Divorce?

    Tweet Divorce is not a Fun Subject. However, it’s something that many people have to deal with — and it’s something that can have a big impact on your finances. Understanding your situation, and preparing yourself to deal with the possibility is a requirement if […]

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