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  • gender investing

    Learn About Investing from the Opposite Gender

    Tweet In recent years, there have been a number of studies that focus on the way men and women invest. These studies conclude that men and women do, in fact, invest differently from each other. Whether these differences are inherent because of gender, or whether […]

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  • sony-cyber-shot-w150-digital-camera

    The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of our Shot

    Tweet I’ve never really talked about The Idiot’s Wife have I? She got her degree in Photography where she lived in Mexico City and considers herself to be a professional photographer. The camera she uses is a Sony digital camera that they traveled ESPECIALLY to New […]

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  • right house for you

    How to Choose the Right Home for You

    Tweet Even though buying a home is no longer considered the most important part of the American Dream, it still remains a very important part of many people’s financial ambitions. I currently have a mortgage (although I’m not sure I will ever buy again), and […]

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  • stock-car-red-automobile-driving

    Got a brand new shiny job? Watch out for these pitfalls.

    Tweet Congratulations! You have a shiny new job and you’re going from making $10/hour (minimum wage in Ontario) to $40,000 a year! WOW! $40,000!!!!!! That is DOUBLE what you were making before. ($10/hour x 2000 hours a year = $20,000) But wait. Does this mean […]

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  • Retirement investing

    Are You Saving for Retirement? You Should Be!

    Tweet It’s difficult for us, as humans to visualize the future and plan for it. However, it’s important for us to prepare for the future, or we could find ourselves in dire financial straits. One of the best things you can do right now, before […]

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  • FB guest post2

    Managing Key Relationships with Video Conferencing

    Tweet   Video conferencing has already come of age in this technologically advanced era. Outsourcing is the norm and companies now require video conferencing so that they can talk to their units located all over the world. However, along with connectivity, video conferencing also improves […]

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  • Trulia-Rent-Or-Buy

    Why I don’t want to buy a home and will rent for as long as possible

    Tweet I get the distinct feeling from reading my own posts that I might be too strong on my point of not wanting to buy a home. So to clear the air, what I am really saying is: I want to rent for as long […]

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  • bad driving habits

    Are Bad Driving Habits Costing You?

    Tweet Now that summer is in full swing (at least it is for me), it’s time to consider what you’ll be doing with yourself. Many of us have summer plans to go on a road trip, or even just to drive to the next town […]

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  • stock-wine

    Buying more for cheaper isn’t always better

    Tweet We bought some porto the other day to cook with, and we picked up the small bottle for $13, but we lingered over the 50% larger bottle for $2 more. I mean, 50% more porto for $2 more!? How could you say no? In […]

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  • Summer Plans

    What are Your Summer Plans?

    Tweet My son is out of school, and it’s time for summer fun. Well, sort of. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a bit of difficulty on the family front with a declining elderly relative. Our summer has begun by heading up to my parents’ house […]

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