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    How Your Loan Application is Analyzed from a Banker’s Perspective

    Tweet   I’m sure you already heard that from a friend or from a family member: “the bank declined my loan, they don’t know what their doing!”. Banks and other financial institutions are often seen as the bad guy who doesn’t understand. This situation often […]

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  • Olive Oil and Shea Butter

    Going back to Basics: What I’ve replaced in my beauty regimen

    Tweet A very similar version was originally posted as a guest post on And Her Little Dog Too. “Chemicals”  vs “Organic/Natural” Products: By the word “chemicals” in this post, I am not referring to “H20” which is water, or “Citric Acid” which is Vitamin C, […]

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  • dad and daughter fishing

    How Will Your Finances Change As You Get Older?

    Tweet The decisions you make now will ultimately dictate your future. This is very true, especially when dealing with finances. A person who is financially aware and savvy will have an increased chance at building a brighter future than a person who haphazardly spends money […]

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  • millenials 2

    Millennials & Credit

    Tweet Millennials have made their mark on mainstream culture, but what about when it comes to personal finance? See what effects an increase in higher education, waiting to start a family and technology have all had on America’s largest generation. I found this great info […]

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  • stock-money-bills-cash

    How to buy happiness

    Tweet Everyone says you can’t buy happiness, and I am here to flash a study in your face that says you can. The catch? You can only buy happiness if you spend it on others, not yourself. 😉 “Just because money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t […]

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  • spend money

    Making the Most of Your Structured Settlement

    Tweet Most people will never receive a structured settlement. And most of this group isn’t even totally sure what a structured settlement is. If you are a little murky on the subject yourself, structured settlements are actually a pretty simple concept. Let’s say you sue […]

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    How to Make the Most of Your Home-Buying Budget

    Tweet   Your home represents one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make, so it is important to stretch your savings to maximize this important investment. Fortunately, there are proven tactics available to help you save money on your next home buy. Home budgets […]

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  • las-vegas-night

    A Great Weekend in Vegas without Breaking the Bank

    Tweet   There are so many things to do when visiting Las Vegas.  It is definitely one of the most fun places to visit, whether you are visiting with friends or family.  You are able to partake in anything from the exciting shows, including concerts […]

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  • budget

    Spend a Little Extra Time Looking Around to Save Money on Fun

    Tweet   My friends joke that I am their personal travel agent when it comes time for booking trips or even buying tickets to concerts or sporting events.  It comes natural to me and seems like common sense, but you would be surprised at those […]

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  • skinny

    How to Get Skinny on a Budget

    Tweet   Every few months there is a new celebrity fad diet to try, or direct to consumer marketing of fitness programs and protein shakes.  Being a young women who is trying to save money, it is hard to decide what is the best option […]

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