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  • Change is Good: Ways to Bust Your Bad Money Beliefs and Start Saving

    Tweet Some people are in complete control of their finances and find managing them a breeze. They live debt free, stick to their budget every month and can plan their finances ahead of time. But not all of us are good at managing money, which […]

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  • Identifying Your Biggest Financial Struggle

    Tweet Hi, my name is Vero. I am 33 years old and I’ve been a financially active person for 20 years without knowing what I’m doing wrong. What if your financial difficulties were caused by your ignorance on that matter as well? I read over […]

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  • Real Estate Decisions: Timing Your Home Purchase or Sale Perfectly

    Tweet Buying or selling a home is a big transaction and can be very stressful. While your decision to put your home on the market or purchase a new one shouldn’t be made in haste, you can’t afford to drag it out either. Since every […]

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  • 10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

    10 Money Saving Tips for College Students

    Tweet Is there a more difficult time to save money in life than during time in college? College students operate on a shoestring budget given the high cost of living and ballooning tuition fees and it can be very easy for anyone to fall into debt. […]

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  • Tips That Guarantee Financial Freedom for Young Adults

    Tweet Many young adults graduate from college with a lot of debt in the form of student loans among others. What’s worse is that the subject of personal finance is yet to be set as a compulsory course in colleges; therefore, many people come out […]

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